Co-Op Mutation #281: Field of Screams

Bel’Shir is littred with mines, and each one can only be destroyed by either you or your partner. You must work together in order to clear a path for Stetmann’s bots. Communicate, coordinate, and conquer.

Polarity - Each enemy unit is immune to either your units or your ally’s units.
Minesweeper - Groups of Widow Mines and Spider Mines are buried throughout the battlefield.


Video Replays on Brutal difficulty:

Player 1                                   Player 2
[CtG Soldier of Fortune] [spohky Anakh’Sun]
[CtG Hierarch of the Daelaam] Ancalagon Desolate Queen
[CtG Best Buddy] [Lila Rebel Raider]
[CtG Legendary Outlaw] 달빛오름 Soldier of Fortune

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  • The mines can and will hit the Harvesting Bots, so you need to clear them out.
  • Sometimes there are mines between your bases. Move carefully.
  • Artanis’ Guardian Shell, Karax’s Unity Barrier, Nova’s Defensive Drone, and Stetmann’s Overcharge are literal life-savers for mines.
  • Observers’ and Overseers’ surveillance mode and scanner sweep are helpful for seeing mines.
  • Time stop and Immobilization wave reveal all cloaked enemy units and mines.
  • There is a [visual indicator] for the units that you cannot attack in the form of a little shield icon above the units.
  • Immobilization Wave, Time Stop, and other movement/attack restricting spells still work on enemy units immune to you, but they deal 0 damage.
  • You can manually target the enemy units immune to you, but it will do 0 damage.
  • Mind control works on units immune to you.
  • Widow Mines and Spidermines do not target structures and turrets.
  • Blaze and Stetmann’s Zerglings will cap mine damage to a small amount when they receive their respective upgrades.

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Oh hey, Minesweeper can be pretty f-



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46,115. this week 3rd. I hate Polarity !!!

this week 1st clear Tychus P1+Nova P3

Mutation (Field of Screams) play list

Internally screams


there are cancerous mutations. and then there is this one…


Only one good way to play this one… don’t play it set up a game where your partner leaves at the start.

#46 Field of Screams – Couldn’t solo, but here’s the next best thing

Mutators: Polarity, Minesweeper

Polarity: forced co-op – everyone’s favorite mutator.

Minesweeper: Need invisible units, expendable units, or long range units (6 range or more).

Communication (or mind reading/game sense) is really important. If you don’t trust your pub ally, then do your best to stall while he slowly crawls to the battle. If you have expendable units, you can sacrifice a few to get rid of the spider mines that you can’t kill.

In the MM maps, the -ally command allows you to control the cpu ally, but not their spending. The –share command allows you to control the cpu ally and spending, but you will share the same resources, so you can actually spend resources you don’t see (because the cpu is also mining). I didn’t want to spend resources I didn’t have, and I didn’t want to use two computers for every run, so I decided to go for “ally no mining” runs.

Nova (p1) and Zeratul (p3) [Zeratul doesn’t mine. Invisible army]

Artanis (p0) and Zagara (p3) [Zagara doesn’t mine. Guardian shell for hunter killers was great]

Tychus (p1) and Kerrigan (p3) [Kerrigan doesn’t mine. Stall stall stall. Use all the stall tactics]

Stetmann (p2) and Stukov (p3) [Two computers. One cpu is definitely better than the other.] (Weekly Mutation #281: Field of Screams (Stetmann & Stukov) - YouTube casted by aommaster)

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arty 0 + stukov p3 can be good here. ofc it depends on your luck, I managed to get a good stukov ally so I had at least one headache-free run.

I remember the player spawning on the right could get widow mines and spider mines hitting their workers at the start. Good times.

Aight I’m sitting this one out boys.

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Nova P1 and Artanis P0.

If you do want to do it then remember that it really helps if you find a friend/ally who communicates well.

so… are we getting the much awaited ‘Sudden but Inevitable’ next week?


oh look, it’s another literraly impossible mutation in pub game. <_<

I wonder if anything in the modern version of coop would be able to beat Alarak… Maybe Karax P3.

Did three game and they all failed. Fourth try and it was a success. Got both the bonus and we lost one bot. I beat it with my Lv 8 Tychus P3 and my ally Steteman P2.

This week can be frustrating so good luck to those who attempt to beat it.

So with mind control that destroy the unit at the end of a timer, does it effectively provide a way to kill units otherwise immune?
Or does it make the control last forever, or just free the unit at the end?

First try (Karax P3 Tychus P1) failed at the 4th set of vespene geysers.

Second try (Artanis P0 Tychus P1) was a success. Just went mass dragoons against Zerg Mutalisk composition

Artanis op on this mission, dragoon + cannon + some thrown away warp in.

Managed it on the 5th attempt. Sometimes it was really close (Yamato BC sniping a bot 10 seconds away from the end of the round etc. :D).

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