Co-Op Mutation #270: Cremation

Amon has weaponized the infested. The ground is set ablaze as each one dies, and Void Reanimators raise them anew without remorse. Withstand the flames and guard the ships with your lives.

Void Reanimators - Void Reanimators wander the battlefield, bringing your enemies back to life.
Scorched Earth - Enemy units set the terrain on fire upon death.


Video Replays on Brutal difficulty:

Player 1                                   Player 2
[CtG Heavy Weapons Specialist] [Nostrebor Wing Commanders]
[CtG Keeper of Shadows] [Piky Devouring One]
[CtG Folly of Man] Spohky Lone Puppy
[CtG Frightful Fleshwelder] Robust Rebel Raider

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  • This was the first mutation ever on Miner Evacuation.
  • A [Void Reanimator] is a ground unit that walks around the map and instantly revives a single random unit every few seconds.
  • The Void Reanimator has 200HP, runs around without any minimap indicator, and cares not whether you killed an enemy a minute or an hour ago. He will revive it.
  • Void Reanimators spawn from enemy buildings. Once you have cleared all enemy buildings, the Reanimators will no longer spawn.
  • Scorched Earth does not damage enemy units.
  • The infested and revived enemies will also set the ground on fire, so prepare for lots of heat.
  • Up to four [4] Void Reanimators can be active on the map at any given time. If you lock them away somewhere, they will not be able to revive any more units.
  • Abathur’s vipers can abduct ships in the fog of war. This will prevent ships from panic-launching, but normally results in severely-delayed games.

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Clearance first if you want an easy game, otherwise enjoy the necro-toss.

35,104 … this week 3rd…

this week 1st clear Raynor P3+Tychus P1

Mutation(Cremation) play list

Funny that the story thing that used to come with the mutation, that is quoted at the start of ctg’s post, says reanimators will revive the infested, but ingame they only revive Amon’s units and not infested.



There’s a lot to say about this mutation, so I decided to make a guide. Check it out!

Note: There’s nothing about reanimator zoo (because I learned how to do this after I made this guide).


Also, I have VODs for each commander in my channel.


Simple mutator Alarak P3 and Stukov mass tanks.

Did it in Hard++ with Tychus P2.
++ is for the mutation understanding from my ally:

  • Void Reanimators? Let’s not build any defense.
  • Scorched Earth? Let’s not make a single ranged unit and only make melee units.

It was a noob Kerrigan without prestige, that dared throwing a disgusting gg at the end.
Lost a ship (Outlaws may be strong, but once the enemy start ignoring them, they can destroy the objective just fine, especially when the ally retreated (in death?) additionally) and almost missed the Eradicators.
Got my expansion assaulted badly over and over again too :sob:

It was unnecessarily straining.

Did it as P0 Fenix with mass Scouts. Fenix can warp around the map to defend the bases and kill void reanimators. Cleared all buildings on the map but missed both bonuses.

Nova soldier of fortune can solo this pretty easy, including the bonus. Start with 4 marines and 1 raven… they can take out the enemies in between your main and expo. When nova spawns walk her to the expo with 3 SCVs. Demolition drone one bunker and stance dance the other. Then spam ravens and libs. Leave nova at your expo to deal with Reanimators. Later I put few turrets and 2 tanks there, so I don’t need to leave nova there. Both bonuses can be done with 4 libs and few ravens.

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Well this was fun. Done as Alarak P3. Went around clearing the map while my Lv 12 P1 Swann ally held the shuttles. After the map was cleared, I launched a shuttle on my own, went for an attack wave, and afterwards we defended the final shuttle together.

Since he only spammed Siege Tanks and Hercs, I provided some Destroyers for air support and Havocs for bonus range and detection.

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This is a fun one. Because the animator isn’t combined with something else that could make it cancer. Fun map to hunt those guys on.


I’d figure Void Reanimators here wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world, since there’s not much beyond attack waves to revive, and zombies aren’t exactly threatening. :stuck_out_tongue: Can’t wait to try!

I was feeling both depressed an lazy this week so I used Tychus P2. Had a Karax P1 ally. Got both bonuses. Tychus P2 should be pretty self explanatory.

cleared the entire map and both bonuses with alarak p3 while my ally was defending the 2nd shuttle. Then we did the 3rd and 4th shuttles at the same time and then we both teleported to the 5th shuttle afterward and started it early. We wrapped it real quick like it was a joke.

Swann P2 makes this map dumb. Build turrets with flaming Betty first, followed by spinning Dizzy, and then in the rear with blaster Billy. You will not need tanks until the fourth ship. Just fill up the Scotsman with 8 siege mode tanks. drop them behind your wall. for science vessels I just rallied 8 of them to the Scotsman and just had them follow him.

The only drawback is setting up the center base needs to be done quickly which can cut a bit into your mineral production. Also, because you have structures all over the map the announcer will never shuts up, so mute that to keep what is left of your sanity.

Had 3 Reanimators at one point camping out north of the center base they could not do anything.

Edit: I forgot 4 SCVs for the first 3 ships, bring 6 for the last two if you are doing them one at a time, and 8 if you are doing them at the same time solo. You want more SCVs towards the end so you can get those defenses up sooner since you will be dealing with ships that have a wider area they need to defend. Also, you will be waiting on your coop partner at this point. Since you will have so many minerals since you spent in on a handful of turrets instead of units.

Edit Edit: If you want to grind out Swann on this Mutation you can do this in your sleep at level 11.

I’m a Swann player. And I’ve never, and never will, abuse flying siege tanks. It is the most retarded thing ever added into this game.

Correctly, it was taken out of ladder. Swann shouldn’t have it either.

Wait until you see what Mengsk’s second-worst unit is /kappa


Interesting. I think a mass tank drop that evaporates everything on the ground in a blink of an eye is one of the most satisfying things in coop.

Regarding this mutation, Tychus Lone Wolf is really easy. As soon as an outlaw is out, you can just a-click him in one direction, and buildings will be gone before the 2nd or 3rd shuttle.

Or Salvage for both peace of mind and pockets full :heavy_dollar_sign:_ :heavy_dollar_sign:

If you leave them attack waves will go after it away from your base, same goes for Reanimators. But hey it’s your call as a player I just left them, because I wanted the above to attack them.