Co-Op Mutation #270: Cremation

Super easy with Swann like normal ME usually is. Had a good Tychus ally that made the early part even easier.

Agree Swann was a fun option.
I like how P1 can splash down cloaked Banshees and wipe out the attack waves before they unload.

Also did as P2 and turrets can hold launch points and wall off animators as map gets cleared. Scorched earth…most stuff doesn’t survive long enough to reach turrets.

In both cases still had enough minerals to get a good force of wraiths going. (edited wraiths not banshees)

Any dehaka players who want to give P1 and Primal Igniters a try now’s a pretty good chance. Tyrannosaurs pair up exceptionally well with Primal Igniters and as melee units will soak up most of the damage from abberations. Genetic mutation and buff duration masteries are recommended but you should be fine. Have a small amount of creeper hosts (preferably with double locust to make them more supply efficient) on standby in the middle of the map. Creeper hosts are extremely effective against air units and enemies that die inside dropships should not leave corpses for void reanimators.

Even if everything fails at least you should not have to worry much about fires destroying the main objective.

Among the best units to devour, other than obviously any psionic units, are tenderised abberations because they are massive and infested banshees because they are low hp flying units that are biological and mechanical at the same time (and also light). Twice the range means four times the area of effect for Primal Igniters, which is absolutely hilarious if you’ve never seen it before.

Indeed, and I also like how it helps my cyclones focus on air units.

You’re forgetting about the 200 shields, champ.

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Easier than I espected :slight_smile:
Done as P2 Kerrigan with Nova (P0 I think), vs Classis Air Protoss (zralot, scout, corsair,Carrier).
Did not clear buildings; I used lurkers (+some spores and worms) to defend, Kerrigan alone to kill waves and bonus.

Renimated attack waves that run into expansion without warning are a little bit annoying, but manageable.

It’s funny that reanimators can reanimate just interceptors (which then just sit in the air) :smiley:

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