Co-Op Mutation #268: Rumble in the Jungle

Concealed enemies stalk through the jungle’s mists, ready to pounce on Stetmann’s harvesting bots and tear them apart without warning. Keep your eyes open both for Amon’s minions and the traps they have set to ensnare you.

We Move Unseen - All enemy units are permanently cloaked.
Aggressive Deployment - Additional enemy units are periodically deployed onto the battlefield.
Temporal Field - Enemy Temporal Fields are periodically deployed throughout the map.


Video Replays on Brutal difficulty:

Player 1                                   Player 2
[CtG Soldier of Fortune] [Spohky Khalai Phasesmith]
[CtG Frightful Fleshwelder] Ziemson Rough Rider
[CtG Valorous Inspirator] Ancalagon Signal Savant
[CtG Desolate Queen] llllllllll Tunneling Horror

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  • Starting at 4:55, Aggressive Deployment sends a full wave of enemies every 130 seconds on Brutal.
  • The extra waves always drop near your units. If you have no units, it will drop in your base.
  • Even the first wave [3:30], and each aggressive deployment drops are cloaked.
  • Temporal Field renders units completely immobile, and slows down heroes, until it dissipates.
  • Area of effect attacks and spells can damage cloaked units even if you don’t have detection. You just need to know where they are, and be able to hit them.
  • If both players have only air units that consume supply flying deep over unpathable terrain, the Aggressive Deployment will not be able to locate a pathable spot for the drops, and would effectively be cancelled. The players can then complete the rest of the map using their hero units and top bars without having to deal with extra waves.

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Gaaaaaryy! Time to rumble, Garyyy!

33,102 … this week 3rd…

this week 1st clear Swann P2+Kerrigan P3

Mutation (Rumble in the Jungle) play list.

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1st clear. Nova P1 and Stetmann P2.

  • The extra waves always drop near your units. If you have no units, it will drop in your base. I had 4 Tychus mercenaries and units teleported to my base twice. Why? Bug?

Welp, it’s time to play as Twinhaka and break out that neat “out of bounds” trick.

I’ve had this happen with Tychus on other maps too. Even though all my outlaws were far away from my main, the aggressive deployment dropped there too. My partner wasn’t affected.

Ok, did it on my second try with Nova P3… first try I had a… umm… “special” level 12 P2 stukov who left the game because he thought we could not get detection out in time for the first wave. (I actually did, had the missile turret and two rail turrets up as soon as he left the game.) I could not manage his base and mine at the same time because of aggressive deployment so I quit.

Next try I had a P2 Tychus who was not bad despite keeping his outlaws together the entire game. That went a lot smoother and we got both bonuses. We did end up losing a bot to a glitched aggressive deployment that dropped outside the base as the bot was arriving back, that was annoying. Guess Tychus glitches that mutator.

So interesting week for me I guess?

All you need to beat this is early detection and a tiny bit of awareness on defense. Otherwise this should be easier than 90% of the Brutal + random combinations I play against.

Yup, easy 1 shot clear. I used Fenix, but I could easily recommend Nova, Kerrigan, or basically any CO with a hero unit for this. CO’s with access to easy early detections (Aka ANY Zerg) would also be good.

Did it as Zeratul P1 with an Alarak.

Zeratul can rush detection before the first wave via a photon cannon, and one observer before the first harvester moves out.

Did it with Tychus P2.
1st attempt I rage-quitted as an idiotic Nova P1 in Hard would glue a bunch of ground vehicles on my units, and wasn’t playing well. Seems like that leech still managed to win the map eventually sadly, anti-game creatures like those should just grow tomatoes then eventually quit the game entirely instead :poop:
2nd attempt wasn’t great with an Abathur in Hard, but he managed to carry himself a bit and knew how to make detectors, so it was possible to reach the end of the game.

Could have been much easier, but the worst enemy in Coop has always been and will remain your “ally” most of the time.

Lost the 1st try with p0 arty, guess what, again my p3 alarak ally busy clearing the enemy base while we need defend the 4th bot wave, and we already lost 1 bot on 3rd bot wave. I keep my armies at the ramp, so I can cover at least 3 enemy path, but still not fast enough to cover the far right side and we lost that bot, enemy is zerg.
2nd try with level 9 alarak ally, didn’t check my ally prestige, we just stick to objective and managed to beat the mission with both bonus objective as well.

Yup, it happens. Check out CtG vid above as Kerri, his ally has his camera glued to the bonus while the bots are under attack. :laughing:

Thought I’d go Karax P1 since I hadn’t done that in brutation yet. Got ling/muta and first ally who wanted to stay in base so that didn’t go well. 2nd was an aggressive brohaka so we cleared and spawn camped. It was fun, but would have been so much easier with super-dooper-Gary, lol.

got 2 levels on level 10 p1 artanis (though I played as p0). also did it with p3 vorazun; use the cloaked units to destroy the cloaked units! both of my allies had a tendency to abandon the main objective at crucial moments to attack the bonus making the mutation more troublesome than it should have been😑

Artanis’ Prestiges are trash. P0 is all you should ever play with.


How dare you! The Daelam shall burn you to the ground :fire:.

I hear p3 is nice. i’m only grinding for p3.

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Hopefully he’s just joking and not trolling.

Nah, they’re not. Artanis is among those commanders that actually have good designed prestiges that are all useful, and don’t make the base commander completely obsolete.

As for this mutation, P1 and P2 are both better than P0, and P3 is probably the worst because lack of GS on Observers will really hurt against certain compositions.

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I don’t think P1 is good for this mutation at all as what you need is not a good mid-lategame army, what you need is any army and fast while also rushing detection. The more expensive units of P1 certainly don’t help that.

And as an aside, P2 is boring, I probably won’t even play a game with it, just as I didn’t with Nova P2. I don’t care if it’s a good prestige or not :stuck_out_tongue:

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