Co-Op Mutation #247: Perfect Storm

Slayn’s climate is as merciless as the Tal’darim. Visibility is reduced as a titanic storm rages across the killing fields, freezing its victims solid and sweeping them up into dangerous twisters. Brave the elements and win the challenge at all costs.

Blizzard - Storm clouds move across the map, damaging and freezing player units in their path.
Twister - Tornadoes move across the map, damaging and knocking back player units in their path.
Shortsighted - Player units and structures have reduced vision range.


Video Replays on Brutal difficulty:

Player 1                                   Player 2
[CtG Legendary Outlaw] Arcturus Infested Admiral
[CtG Queen of Blades] Piky Matriarch of the Nerazim
[CtG Dark Prelate] jjoaker Dominion Ghost
[CtG Primal Pack Leader] Arcturus Emperor of the Dominion

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  • The blizzards and tornadoes both go into the players’ expansions. However, the expansions are designated mutator safety zones, where the blizzards deactivate and deal no damage, and the twisters never enter.
  • Time stop freezes [wink wink] blizzards, tornadoes, and hybrids.
  • Raynor’s scan + Hyperion + Dusk Wings seems to be a good way to quickly respond to opponents pushing Ji’Nara back.
  • I think this one is easier to solo than to beat as two players, if only because you can always support when you want, and not have to wait on an ally.
  • Melee units are actually effective vs shortsighted.
  • Teleport abilites like deep tunnel, omega worms, griffin airlift, tactical jump, and Artanis’ Nexus Legate power field help your army move to where they need to be, without risking getting stuck in the weather effects.

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I’ll go P1 Zagara and call it a day. I dont think it will be difficult for anyone tho.

#12, #81 and this week… 3rd…
1st clear Raynor P2+Vorazun P1
time stop bug & bonus object bug. GG.
Mutation (Perfect Storm) play list.

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Let us know how it goes. Thought of doing that too but I imagine lings, banes, scourge caught in any blizzard = dead before they can get out or it passes. You could rally them safely but when attacking, I don’t think it’ll go as planned.

Blizzard is a bit of an anti-light units mutator. Even Vora’s DT’s need to be babysat to move/blink them out of blizzards.


Blizzards slow down unit movement speed to 12% over the span of 5 seconds. It also deals 5 damage per second to all units in its range. The debuff lasts for 2 seconds.

Lings have 35 HP (+10 with the upgrade), Banes 30 HP, Scourge 25 HP. With the reduced movement speed, you lose everything in 5-7 seconds.


Each Twister does 25 damage and knocks all units back.

That’s all Scourge dead, banes almost dead and lings 2/3rd’s of the way to dead.

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I would suggest P2 as the heavy units can self heal better if caught in a blizzard.

guess I’m going with Abathur P2, lol.

The difficult part of this used to be Blizzards forcing you to go 1 base. Now that Blizzards are disabled when passing through the expo, it shouldn’t be an issue at all.


Why use an army when you can use a hero.

Karax, the chad phasesmith !
Playing P1 :3

With limited vision range i am not sure how useful Karax will be.

Tempted to try Nova P3 for this… Nova can act as a spotter and those nukes do nice damage to those big bases in the path. Or as usual I guess I can steam roll over it with Tychus P3 and not have to worry about screwing my ally over if I make a mistake.

I think burrowed units should be safe from blizzards and tornadoes but what do you guys think.


Safe from tornadoes blowing them away maybe, since they’re sieged. But they’ll still take damage from it. Blizzard is also AoE so they’ll take damage from that too.

It would be neat if burrowed units were safe because normally they’re ideal for keeping the objective pushed, but I was mostly just being facetious because it’s just bad weather and aren’t burrowed units completely sheltered? Unless it’s precipitating nukes bunkers should be safe too or get a reduction in vision at worst.

“How come our bunkers can’t even handle a bit of snow?”

“That’s not snow, mate, that’s nuclear fallout.”

If you play twister on cradle of death you’ll know what that looks like. Safe from tornadoes blowing them away is quite a beautiful oxymoron. Luckily trucks come in endless supply.

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Cleared this easily on the first try with Mengsk lvl 10.

Earthsplitters built near your expo are safe from the storms and can reach every objective on the map except the final hybrid spawn (you can use Nuclear Annihilation or a combination of Zerg/Contaminated strike to clear it).

Besides being able to solo the objectives, you can also provide vision for your teammate using ESO targeting.

Tried Tychus P2 in Normal on this one, and won.
Good thing my ally (Dehaka) didn’t pick a higher difficulty level, because it was an idiot leecher (sigh those are more endless than Stukov reserves of infested terran :unamused:), and he just abandoned me because I didn’t carry fast enough.

I got Nikara to babysit Dehaka and Ji’nara while other outlaws dealt with various things.
Could not have fun destroying bases though, even if decreased sight would already have made that more difficult to begin with.

So I ended up going with Tychus P3, and it is a good thing I did… ended up with a stukov p0 who was… less helpful than I would of liked. The storms tore his forces to shreds, so did the terran siege tanks. We managed to get both bonuses as well, although partly because my ally prioritized them more so than the mission itself.

Cannonball was a hero this day, bravely soaking up all that damage while serving as a spotter.

To be honest, I meant Zagara P3, not P1 (I got them wrong, thought P1 was Hero Zagara) but I actually challenged myself and used P1. I beated it first try in brutal with a random P3 Nova. I thought she did more than me, but actually I managed 600 kills against her 441 (vs Terran bio). I honestly just spammed bane all day and didn’t bother too much. Was more fun than other weeks tho, so there’s that.

I might try weakest commanders for the next mutations, since they seem easy compared to 4 years ago.


Cleared it with P3 Kerrigan and P1 Tychus ally.

Cleared all side objectives as well.

Blizzard is annoying but thanks god I have Omega Worm to store my armies into it.

Not hard at all. Because of this map has a lot of units due to buggy wave, my assimilation aura actually made a lot of resources for my ally where he can maxed up everything for his heroes before the final push/wave.

Did it with Stetman P2 but not sure it was such a great choice. The blizzard just kept de-activating my stetzones and my units kept getting freezed. Not a big deal with constant heal but tiresome.

Strong (had most of the kills by far with a Tychus ally) but not that fun.