Co-Op Mutation #221: The Longest Night

Particularly tenacious infested have swarmed all around you. They take twice as long to put down and they attack from further. Even their buildings shoot back at your forces! Burn them down to save the colony.

Just Die! - Enemy units are automatically revived upon death.
Long Range - Enemy units & structures have increased weapon and vision range.
Photon Overload - All enemy structures attack nearby hostile units.


Video Replays on Brutal difficulty:

Player 1                                   Player 2
[CtG (Vorazun)] Piky (Kerrigan)
[CtG (Han and Horner)] Iswald (Stukov)
[CtG (Stetmann)] Piky (Artanis)
[CtG (Zeratul)] Piky (Alarak)
[CtG (Raynor)] Ancalagon (Nova)
[CtG (Dehaka)] Punisher (Swann)

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  • The infested buildings do not revive.
  • The revived infested still burn out during day time.
  • Photon Overload has 10 range and outputs a total of 240 damage each.
  • Photon Overload benefits from Long Range.
  • Enemy creep tumors will have Photon Overload. Bring detection vs Zerg.

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1st clear. Han and Horner+Mengsk. very EZ.

#221 Mutation (The Longest Night) play list.

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Yeah, this should be no problem at all.

HH + Mengsk was exactly the combo I was thinking about too, altough I guess any commander that has a decent defense should work just as well.

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Zeratul Solo TheLongestNight :slight_smile: 480P on yt (I don;t know what’s wrong lol) 1080P version on bilibili If u can open this website

Another DoN that can be cheesed by static EO and Strike Fighters.


Or if you and your ally are working together, You can cheese even harder by flying your buildings to the edges of the map.


Was this even meant for me? Or another forum reply bug?

I don’t follow…

You mentioned cheesing with fighters or ESOs, and I meant you can cheese even harder by flying away and using either topbar or a few capital ships to kill the buildings.

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Strike Fighter or ESO + Swann would be a good combo for this.

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Ah, lol yeah hahahaha, for sure.

Hello Karax, although, I’m going to try Kerrigan first to get some achievements for her.
This is gonna be fun!

Karax kinda sucks for this mission… If you want to go defender you want Swann

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This is a really neat post. Has it been a weekly thing that I’ve been missing this whole time? I like the format

CtG has been doing this for the best part of 4 years.


Did this as Abathur with a Swann ally. It was pretty easy. I just made a lot of swarm hosts to help defend with roach/queen/brute combo for my offense in taking down buildings.

Beat it twice,
1st as Nova with zeratul ally
I killed the structures and helped Def with tanks while he went defense with cannons and used them as support against buildings
Most of the time we both used our heroes to clear buildings
2nd was me as H&H with mengsk ally, I bomb, he Def, ez
Edit: spelling

Yeah, I can tell you first hand that trying to work Karax on this is very rough. Especially the special infested with long range will make it extremely difficult to hold out, and even the first night without losing too many cannons can be a challenge.

hmm…thanks for the tips and info

Sad but true … Karax the #No1 defending commander, not so good at defending … Swann, Mengsk, Raynor, Nova, Zeratul seem all better at that

Beat it with Karax on my first try, early in the morning.

With the help of a top stukov player :slight_smile:

We won by a thread in 51 minutes, finished in the 7th night.

Maybe later i upload 4x faster video


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