Co-Op Mutation #206: Explosive Hunt

The enemy has placed mines all around the field to stop you from collecting valuable resources. These traps are difficult to kill, so move with care but intent.

Slim Pickings - Player worker units gather resources at a reduced rate, but resource pickups spawn throughout the map.
Minesweeper - Groups of Widow Mines and Spider Mines are buried throughout the battlefield.


Video Replays on Brutal difficulty:

Player 1                                   Player 2
[CtG (Swann)] Ancalagon (Vorazun)
[CtG (Alarak)] Ancalagon (Kerrigan)
[CtG (Stetmann)] Iswald (Fenix)
[CtG (Han and Horner)] Iswald (Stukov)
[CtG (Zeratul)] Ancalagon (Karax)
[CtG (Dehaka)] [Spohky (Abathur)]
[CtG (Artanis)] [Hunter (Tychus)]
[CtG (Nova)] [Hunter (Zagara)]
[Lilarrin (Raynor)] (TRUE SOLO)

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  • Workers gather 1 resource per trip on Brutal difficulty.
  • Each pickup give 50 resources to both players [mineral or gas].
  • Large groups of Widow Mines and Spidermines are spawned on the map. Players can destroy these to clear them out.
  • Widow Mines have 180HP, deal 250 damage each with 5 range, and replenish their charges.
  • Spidermines have 25HP, deal 250 damage each, and do not respawn upon detonation.
  • Air units can pick up the parts, but not the resource pickups.

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i thing… this week best. Nova.

#206 Mutation Explosive Hunt play list…


I felt like Nova solo would be good for this Brutation.

Lol if you’re on top of resources and put workers on patrol slim pickings is actually much easier than normal. How the hell is this brutal +4?

The mines. 20charslol


+1. Not being careful for a moment can wipe your entire army in a second. It will also prevents you from picking resources in areas you haven’t cleared yet.

Did it as Mech Nova (goliath + tank) + Karrax. It’s arguably the most A-move strategy with this brutation, but still requires some effort. Your units will prefer to attack Amon’s forces instead of mines, which can easily lead to disaster if you fight in a minefield.

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“Explosive Hunt” mutation with

  • Moment of Silence

  • Laser Drill

  • Scorched Earth


I was so focused on my gameplay, until the 3rd minute I didnt even notice that something is wrong. I queued a regular mutation as you can see on the loading screen. Played it a few times, got a bugged version once


How is stukov for this week? I think his zombois can eat mines for breakfast

Your partner queued for the weekly mutation on brutal+1 difficulty, which causes the b+ mutators to override the weekly ones.

TLDR your partner cheated with a glitch.


Did it as Nova with a Tychus partner. Took 3 tries though. A careless mistake can cause your army to be wiped out by mines.

This week was a challenging week, but not a rage inducingly so one. I quite enjoyed it.
Beat it with Nova/Artanis. Covert Banshees and Ravens are REALLY good for this. Played vs Immortal/Colossus/High Templar with a lot of MonkaS moments.

Played Mengsk with a Nova ally, he did more than me, but overall it wasn’t a really hard mutation. I just made ESOs and the ocassional calldown here and there (not sure if ESO can target mines, but even if it can’t, without enemy units around they’re not that hard to clear).

We skipped bonuses and didn’t expand, I think expanding is kinda pointless with Slim Pickings. We had only 18 seconds at one point before the second hybrid, but it wasn’t too big of a problem since parts were standing around from my ESOs, we just needed to pick them up. We rolled protoss archon-reaver comp, versus zerg should be easier since you get more parts.

As a side note, I saw my friends playing with or using Tychus… I really don’t think he’s good for this week. He requires quite a lot of resources to be effective, and those aren’t really available in this week’s muta (even for 3 outlaws you still need a decent amount of resources). Plus it’s a bit hard to get detection early AND keep your heroes alive, you most likely have to sacrifice one or the other. Just my opinion.

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If your 1st hire is Sirius you will have detection at 3 min.

Failed couple of times until I played Artanis and have Tychus as my ally. The enemy is Terran so I was able to clear this mission using mass Dragoon army and have uncompleted bonus objectives. If it is Zerg, those Zerglings can tear your Dragoon army apart.

I think any commanders can beat this as long you’re being careful going around the map and always picking up resources with worker. Don’t go running around and be aggressive.

Went in as Zeratul, got a number of allies who don’t understand that the mines require detection so lots of rage there. Had a Tychus and we almost had the last boss, but the incoming wave destroyed one of our bases and we lost. Few more tries and got another Tychus where we pulled it off.

Well placed Marines and steadily massing BC’s. Nice!
Here it is with the Rockslapping Champions’ commentator’s umm… commentary (same person, but not RsC’s theme.) Helped me better follow what was being done/observer view.

Yeah, Arrin just flexed on us all for the sake of him showing off. FeelsBadMan

A real toughy. No need to flex nuts and claim otherwise. These mutators have a surprising synergy that make it feel like you’re playing in wet sand. Even the posted replays are quite slow.

This is completely killing my fun. One tiny mistake kills your entire army and you won’t be able to rebuild it.
But yeah, I am bad at the game, I admit it.

Meh, this mutations are easy. Not worth the +4 rating.