Check anyone who plays multi race Terran will be lowest MMR

80% of players I come across has terran as lowest MMR , not even by alittle its a long shot. Z and P are just easy races its pathetic.

And don’t make the excuse “off race!” , similar games played . This game is so imba


lol, i love watching terrans whine, there always so delusional. Terrans can easy win any game by just turtling up and building mass planetary tank and libs and turrets and just sit the entire game with out ever attacking. yeah z and p are soooo imba …smdh


I played Tereran for years, then got tired of the poor effort to results ratio and switch to Protoss. Now I can strictly focus on macro while a-clicking my 200200 army of mostly stalkers for an easy win at the same rank that I was expected to micro like Maru to win vs Zerg and Protoss 2 ranks below me.


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I mean, if you’d been paying attention, Terran’s been all but proven to be by far the most difficult.

And by the way, since you’re determined to sounds as stupid as possible

THEY’RE. English isn’t that difficult of a language.

no matter how you type it bud you still read it the same in your head. This isnt english class last i checked, and your not a teacher giving me a grade.

That was Terran lvl stupid lie


According to your nephest account you are doing worse with your protoss tho. Your terran was stronger.

The moment I saw how stupid easy it was to a-move I stopped playing all together.


I think you mean:

“The moment my mmr crashed to the bottom i stopped playing altogether”


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I guess you are in bronze or low silver with Protoss. Because later this is impossible to do. Stalkers are only good if you micro them.

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Switch to Zerg or Protoss and you will see for yourself that what you are writing here is not true.

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Just focus on macro. Stalkers and a few immortals can be a-clicked to the enemies expansions until they die without even looking them.

Learned how to do this trick from Vibe bronze to masters series.

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A guy did it to diamond, once. Just Stalkers. Wouldn’t even look at the screen. He was just trying to prove that macro was the most important skill.

While things like that are interesting and wouldn’t be possible with Terran, it’s certainly not a viable way to play (and likely won’t get you far these days, as players have gotten far better).

whizy pizzy is right. the terran in general might looks like an easy noobs reace beacuse of mules etc but they has so much disadvantages. for example they dont have free win card like zerg has ultralisks and also you got the mule right but you dont build a base with one scv like probe plus add chronoboost lol no thx i dont want fries or fried chicken with that. bananalance the game already. its been 13 years, come on. nerf ultralisk, nerf protoss late game, and buff terran late slightly. problem solved

Yes, it’s a fact that Terran Bio takes the most skill talent in the game, everyone has known this fact since 2010, same is true for sc1 too.

Don’t even bother with the zerg and protoss noobs that say Terran is the strongest race or OP, they are just bad at the game and stick to one race. GM random players will tell you that Terran is the most difficult race to play.

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arent you here on the forums whining about the other races being over balanced. I mean thats exactly what your doing here, right crying about zerg and toss. lol. its fun watching you guys cry like babies.

lol when there are tears then it means there is a problem. simple logic. if zerg and protoss wouldnt be extremely overpowered then there wouldnt be tears. understand?

You make a many complaint threads, and you’re still here.
No different from GhostHydra really.
So um… yeah…


So what? If you don’t like it move along boy

If you don’t like StarCraft 2, “move along boy.”