Cerberus attack where is the story?

Im actually interested in this part of the stories because I have made side stories and things around them thru the years, and try to align them with the main lore.

[Spoilers for Nova missions in this paragraph]:
In Nova missions Tyrador IX gets attacked by Zerg, feral Zerg attracted by the planted Psi emitters.

Often, and I like that, the comics are kind of like continue of what happens beyond Nova missions, canon or not I use this as the natural continue of the stories.

Defenders of Man get split/cease with the defeat of Davis… I still can’t get are Knights of Tyrador their continue or still separate from DoM?

Let me add that I got a BC model called mini replica with that logo and I like it, if I played more actively the game, I’d use it a lot as I already do. I like the decal, I relate to it and its stories in couple of ways. It comes with a comic that is before SC2 times I think from year 2499, comic is issue #0, so it doesnt shed any light about the topic.

Shadow Wars
This is the natural continue of Nova missions to me, it shows what Nova does after she flies away in the epilogue of Nova Covert Ops.

Nature Of The Beast
is like a continue of the story of Nova after Shadow Wars. This story is incomplete by the writers.

Skin Stories
Metallic Zerg (Simulant) their story is that they are created by Stettman on terrazine drugs in
This Sacred Land

Cerberus Zerg, that other skin, based on unit descriptions are created from secret projects. They mention an attack on Tyrador and the coming of Ihan-Rii.

So, 2 attacks

  1. In Nova missions Tyrador is attacked by Feral Zerg and Taldarim come to take part
  2. Cerberus attack Tyrador and Ihan-Rii, come and even settle on the planet reclaiming some part of it back. I want this part of the story, it would be nice if they made a comic or something out of it .

Some info about these things I know from the SC Wiki

The question is, is there such content already made about them? Just like This Sacred Land was for the Simulant Zerg, it is not clear if the story about Cerberus and Ihan-Rii is just from unit descriptions, I don’t recall that, so I wonder what the source was.


For the record, Simulant Zerg and the Mecha Swarm of Stetmann are not the same thing.
Simulants have their own story visible through the descriptions in Skins, and are genuine metallic/robotic version of the Zerg.
The Mecha Swarm borrowed or used as base some simulant models in the game, but also got original stuff, like the missile launchers of the hydralisk and corruptor, not zerg-like anymore.

How they got so much info about Cerberus and Ihan rii just from skins ? It must have happened shortly after nova missions.

Wiki writer here, yes everything listed there is from the skins. If you scroll over the skin every single unit has a blurb, and in the case of the Tyrador/Cerberus/Ihan-rii skinset, most of the skins come together to tell a cohesive story if you piece them together. Similar to how the Simulants got a story in their skinset.

Since there’s so many units and buildings, it’s easy to piece together a cohesive plot if you read them all, hence there being a good amount of detail. There is no comic associated with them.

The time period is unclear, given the fact post-LotV has some pretty wide timeframes compared to SCII. It could be anywhere after NCO, but I always got the implication it was a couple of years.

And yeah as mentioned, Simulants =/= Mecha Swarm. Different projects and creators. There were hints that they may have eventually connected the two but we never got that.

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Yes I’ve read those skin stories, and that’s nice to confirm from someone that writes the wiki that there is no existing comic/book/other that was missed about Cerberus and Ihan-Rii. Though it would be great if they made one, which is hard to say if they will create anything again but imo deserves to have at least a comic, but since Mecha and Simulants are different they haven’t featured the skins in a comic either.

Im making side missions that could be described in my own wikia if I ever got the time to write it, that continues post NCO events and I try to align everything how it would be. That includes whatever has happened after NCO including the comics.

For example im curious about some current state of places:

  • I’m not sure if Knights of Tyrador are some continue of Defenders of Man ruling the Terran part of Tyrador, also are they some dependent on the Dominion or completely independent
  • Ihan Rii are common occurrence on Tyrador since they settle there
  • And about Antiga Prime, it is currently infested, what do you think, is it still populated with Zerg after Nova’s mission? She was just making way not obliterating them entirely, maybe.

Timeline probably goes like that, without specifying years, well it should still be happening during Nova’s youth years, I mean not some old white haired woman:

  1. Nova covert Ops
  2. Cerberus and Ihan Rii (although one could argue it could be before Trouble in paradise as first attempts to cause a mess on the planet, but then why would Tal’Darim come and not Ihan Rii, I guess they didnt think at first who to include)
  3. Shadow Wars, well it clearly happens after Nova’s missions, so it could be any time after
  4. Nature of the beast
    (any time between them the Sacred Land)

To answer the questions:

  • The Defenders of Man never ruled or conquered Tyrador, they came down to save the civilians. They were a civilian militia devoted to combating the zerg in the Dominion, and they largely dissolved after Davis’s death. The Knights of Tyrador are just the mercenary security force of the planet of Tyrador IX, which is still a Dominion planet. Technically they’re employed by the Dominion but moreso for the rich private resorts of the planet. They were a fancy private force designed more to make the tourists of the planet feel safe than to actually be functional in combat.

  • The Ihan-rii abandoned Tyrador thousands of years ago for unknown reasons and went into stasis, but Zeratul’s search for the xel’naga awakened them from stasis. Unable to find Zeratul in time, they then returned to Tyrador. So they hadn’t been there since they abandoned it, them coming back for the conflict was the first time they returned, hence why they were so shocked that the terrans ruined the planet.

  • Antiga Prime we don’t know, based on its location in the Dominion and the fact it’s largely ferals I assume that the Dominion eventually reclaimed the planet, it wasn’t nearly as much of a focus as Tarsonis was so it’d likely be easier to clear out. But we frankly don’t know, so it could go either way.

Also to answer the timeline question, This Sacred Land is actually between LotV and the Epilouge (2506 to 2508), I asked the writer about this. So it’s way before NCO, it’s also why they mention Raynor being part of the reason they sent a team to get Stetmann, since he’d still be around.

The order we know of is:

  • LotV (2506)
  • This Sacred Land (sometime between 2506 and 2508)
  • Into the Void (2508)
  • Nova: The Keep (before NCO)
  • The NCO Prelaunch event (labeled on the wiki as the Defenders of Man Network Access Point)
  • Nova Covert Ops (sometime between 2508 and 2511)
  • Waking Dreams (right after Nova Covert Ops)
  • Evolution (2511)
  • Shadow Wars (sometime after Evolution)
  • Nature of the Beast (sometime after Shadow Wars)

Currently the Dark Horse comics (other than Soldiers likely being after Shadow Wars) and the Battle of Tyrador IX are currently unknown in the timeline, all we know is that the whole Tyrador conflict is after NCO, since the Knights of Tyrador were formed in response to the Defenders of Man Insurgency to get people to have faith in the security of the planet again. As to where, you can put it wherever you want and it’d mostly fit.

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Thanks for making it clearer, this gives me directions for example which one still decides for Terran on Tyrador in my part of the story (e.g Dominion).

I imagine the Ihan-Rii a little bit fanatic but maybe not as much as the Taldarim and more conservative than evil, Taldarim are kind of evil. There were the stories of sabotages between their bases and some terran facilities.

I agree with Antiga’s situation, I was asking because if I was to make a setting there, there would be Zerg left overs but without a central mind to control them (a Queen like Niadra) maybe they should be controlled not to attack in organized swarms.

Recently some map makers made access to Nova maps, so I can imagine New Cannan’s city look would take some of the buildings of Elsecaro if that place was to be made.

I have tried to expand the world with places where I wanted to make some setting so here are two places, Paradise and Silver belle all based on whatever has been written about in the wiki:
Paradise (Deadman’s rock)

Silver belle: (Deadman’s Port)

Part of Tyrador III research facility (now abandoned, dead)

I also have a rough estimation of planet locations, ofc not all are there and it is not a single planet in one system, the labels are like star systems and the space is the inter-stellar space between them.

Im just sharing this to expand on the worlds or their looks, trying to follow what is in wiki mostly.

Interesting Thread and following discussion about the events prior to and after Covert Ops. Definitely got to read all the mentioned stories. I wonder if someone around the Forums or outside them made a chronological list of all the Books, Comics, and other resources. Would definitely help to get people interested, started.

Have all a great day.

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I would thank Wiki writers like Subsourian, Im glad he joined and clarified some things, never spoke to them before but I like reading the stories in Wiki they sound well written to me and help me know the events when creating stories or missions around them. There the retold stories are written to follow chronology to the best that is known.

There is no ‘scheme’ of events listed anywhere but it goes like that (im less into the old SC story:)

but SC1 had the Great War, the brood war (all the battles with rise of Kerrigan, end of Overmind etc)
the 2nd great War was the Wings of Liberty stuff - from Dezerging Kerrigan, her evolution
End war is the LotV battle vs Amon, the LotV campaigns
Then the order is Nova Covert Ops and Cerberus untold story, in between maybe the Stettmann becoming Robinson Crusoe and then ofc Shadow Wars / Nature of the beast comics

But one can find a lot by reading about each of them in the Wiki

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If you’re interested, here’s a list of what chronological media we know:


It’s missing a couple bits of media (some of the comics and short stories) but only because they haven’t had a confirmed place in the timeline.

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Heyy as I said I got the BC mini metallic replica and it came with https://starcraft.fandom.com/wiki/StarCraft:_Issue_0

Was going to ask when this event took place as it happens quite early but that link has it mapped. That’s sweet

Yeah that takes place a couple months before SC1 starts (early March of 2499 where the games start in November/December). But it 's issue 0 of the Wildstorm StarCraft comic series which is between SC1 and SC2 in 2502 and tells the backstory of the War Pigs and why they work for Raynor in WoL.