Capital Ships vs Primal Kerrigan

I am unfamiliar with the lore as to how powerful capital ships are against hero units

Kerrigan is often shown to be super powerful, so as to be a threat to all major factions.

But on her lonesome, how does she fare against Battlecruisers, Carriers, Motherships, and Void Rays? How many of the following would it take to beat Kerrigan?

  1. Battlecruiser
  2. Thor (Yes I know this isn’t a capital ship)
  3. Void Ray
  4. Carrier
  5. Tempest
  6. Mothership
  7. Leviathan
  8. Mecha Battlecarrier Lord
  9. Brood Lord
  10. Alarak (if Alarak can be cloned, how many Alaraks would be needed?)

Assume that Amon has control over the Zerg (just in case some people say that Kerrigan would just seize control of the Brood lord or something)

I do wonder what would happen if a Yamato cannon or one of those purger beams Carriers have, if they hit Kerrigan.

Other than that, the information will be just as useful as anything you can find in your other topic. I’ll say 14.

Even a single Battlecruiser wins because it shoots from the orbit and has Yamato.
Thor loses because Kerrigan can get to it. Odin is different story.
Fleet of several (20) Void Rays wins, because they do insane amount of damage to singular target lorewise.
Carrier wins because as long as it keep pumping Interceptors, Kerrigan never gets even close and they can attack from orbit.
Tempest wins because of insane range.
Leviathan controlled by a being of similar psionic power wins, because of insane size, durability and reach.
I don’t accept existence of that thing.
She can probably kill Broodlings mid-flight, her attacks chain and Brood Lords are relatively low-altitude flying, so you’d need lot of them.
Cloning is dumb.

Cloned Alarak is actually interesting. Will they empowered each other? Like if three Alaraks use empower me at one. Will each get empowered by two Alaraks?

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Alarak that empowers someone else is not Alarak.


Then I guess about 50 or so. Each doing a deadly charge at Kerrigan at the same time to kind of one shot her.

I’m guessing only 1 capital ship is needed?

If so, why is it that in lore nobody never managed to snipe Kerrigan? I find that quite interesting.

From what I remember, Amon’s body required the Spear of Adun, Alarak’s Mothership and the Purifiers to be killed

Its suggested, but never explicitly stated, that Kerrigan has some sort of psionic shield similar to what the protoss have that protects her from a degree of enemy punishment, since we see marines and Vikings unloading on her from close to point blank range and she just slaughters them all.

having said that, a yamato cannon is going to give her a really bad day if it catches her alone.

Nobody really tried, to be fair. Raynor has no special powers but he’s not dead yet.

Could also be some advanced plot armor.

developers have already stated that kerrigan can bring spaceships down

I believe you, but regardless please give me source.

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A - I want a source
B - Even if she could, she definitely cannot do so if the ship is on the orbit.

StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm Q&A With Dustin Browder: We had to. Raynor’s made of flesh and blood. If he gets shot on the chin with a Yamato cannon, he’s dead. And there’s no logical, rational way to come back from that. You could make up a story where he teleports at the last minute, but come on: He’s dog meat in that circumstance. We’ve all seen that Kerrigan is the queen goddess of the Zerg. She’s capable of dying and returning; players have seen that several times in Wings of Liberty. Not putting Kerrigan [in that gameplay spotlight a la DOTA] is like not having Superman in a Superman game. People will be like “What, are you kidding me?” She can blow up Thors with her mind and smash a battle cruiser fleet with sheer power.

Counterpoint, there was a battlecruiser fleet attacking her on Char that she failed to smash with sheer power.


Counter-counterpoint : she was still human at that point :confused:

uh, no she wasn’t? Unless its normal for humans to have green skin, spines for hair and giant bone wings, and ive just been horribly mislead all my life.

Weren’t you talkin about the Gorgons in HotS ?

No? A single battlecruiser is not under any circumstances a fleet. I meant in Wings of Liberty.

In this case I dunno. Never used mass BC against her to test that hypothesis :confused:

In game, she nukes one, storms the rest if you don’t pre-split, and then gets killed to death. In the lore, she managed to destroy maybe half of the invasion fleet with her entire Swarm before she lost.