Can't log in to Starcraft II battle net, 3 weeks

I haven’t been able to log in or play starcraft II in more than 3 weeks. I’ve updated both computer and starcraft.

What is up?

bye any chance are you using one drive if so sc2 does not support it, also if you using mac mac sucks for sc2 get a real computer

For a while, the login system has turned weird for me.
It open an username/password login, with password being empty (or maybe even deleted after display a bunch of * for a while), but somehow, it goes through.
Then there’s a weird thing that display in the background (authentificator program?), and finally the game start, sometimes taking longer than before to finally “connect”.
Things could go wrong at plenty of times during this process, and while right now I manage to get in, with things working this way, I always expect it to fail.
Not sure what’s going on exactly.


Investigating this issue, do not see any outstanding issues with your account or trending reports from other players from your ISP. Given you said you can’t login and this issue impacts you on multiple PCs, this could be an account login issue. I recommend contacting our support team Here.

Thank you!

I have Wings of Liberty. For me all lobbies are completely empty. I just did and update as well as a scan and repair. I wanted to start a custom game against an AI on the weakest setting to show some one how to play. Any ideas? I am shown as being online.

F/u to prior. The buttons on the lobbies all say “not available while initializing game mode”. But apparently game mode never initializes.

Another f/u. SC 2 is the only game that can not connect to servers. SC and Diablo 2 are fine. I opened up all SC 2 entries in firewall for both private and public, still no connect.

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