Can not create lobby

It started today, when I try to create a lobby I get “Your request can not be completed, Try again later” Minus one game, Its been doing it all day.

It is doing it on my Mac and my PC.

I see a lot of complaints on the forums but no response from Bliz/AV.


I’m having the exact same issue today. Have you gotten any solutions yet?

Here you go, a Blue’s response:


Nope, and sadly, I finally get a few days off and able to do some playing with my son, and we cant play. We been trying to play since yesterday at 2PM est. This morning, still the same issue.

I can play single player if I disconnect from the net.

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Whoo hoo looks like it’s still happening!

Can’t create Custom Melee games, every time I hit the Create Lobby options I get an error that reads: “There was a temporary problem with your request. Please try again”. This has been going on for 2 days already !!!


I have the same problem. Other catagories work, but not “custom”.

I suggest you and your son play some new games until the New Years. Apparently this is the same bug from last year that was never resolved. Without as much staff available, it’s most likely have to automatically resolve itself for the new year. Possibly it’s a data mining scheme that someone’s bot does each year, but eh.

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Yes indeed we had to.

I was able to play a few single player games this morning, after that, no go. My son and I attempted to create a game, with no luck. According to your in game info there was 12,854 games being played and 4,476 people in chat.

Are we suppose to draw a conclusion that your servers can only handle that many games at once?

If you do not want to maintain your servers and keep them updated to handle more, then give us another way to play besides logging into I paid for a game that has multiplayer, and single player and yet I can not play.

As far as disconnecting my network so I can play offline. Thats a pain in the rear and not to mention there are a lot of game benefits I can not use.

I am asking you, as a customer that provides income to your company via not just every xpac of SC2, but WoW as well to fix this problem.

In short, fine Blizz, I get it, SC2 isn’t a money maker for you, so be it. Then I ask that you patch the game so If we want to, we can download the mods we like to play and also play off the servers! In other words, make it work, or set us free!

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Thanks Blizz. Holiday is over for me, back to work tomorrow.
I have been trying to play online with my son that lives 200 miles away since the 24th of December. we had our SC2 extended weekend planned and we never got to play! I am off on Friday but have new years plans.

So yeah Blizz, thanks for nothing!

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Same here. Several problems on Custom Games. With a Party or Not. Even playing against AI.

exactly Loadedaxe