Campaign progress issues


For a long time I was wondering the cause of a certain bug within StarCraft II: campaign progress. It seems that the game’s save cloud got stuck at certain point because every time I did a fresh install of the game the campaigns’ menu showed the same missions as progress.

I’ve tried everything I could figure out to remove this bug… even making whole playthroughs only to find out that not even a fresh install could solve the issue, and I do not have any local saves.

So my request is quite simple: is there a way to wipe my campaign progress on the cloud so I can start every campaign from the start with a proper sync onwards with a fresh game install? To clarify, I do not want to restart the achievements, the cloud saves are the only things I want to get rid of.

Thanks for your comprehension and I will be eager for your response.

What do you mean by the games SAVE CLOUD?

the progress (ie. savefile containing which campaign missions were completed, on which difficulty and the fastest completion time) is saved on blizzard servers and should be synced on login

no everything should be saving to your comp files not to blizzard servers. Also do you have it installed on the cloud. cause that might be your problem cause its not compatible with clouds and needs to be directly saved to a hard drive on your pc.

After a bit of research on the forums and external sources (i.e SC2’s subreddit), I learned that each user’s progress in the game is saved in the game’s server, just like the Cloud system on other platforms. The problem is that there are many cases where this cloud synchronization is stuck on a certain moment, and every time I reinstalled the game, it loads directly to that restore point despite how much I play and change my choices within the playthroughs. In short, my progress on the campaigns is stuck on the same point (a playthrough from 2019!) every time I reinstalled it, which is something that should not be…

dude do you have it installed on your pc or via cloud, like microsoft cloud. becuase if its not installed to your pc you will have problems as well similiar to what your seeing, as starcraft 2 doesnt work with microsoft cloud and others.

Also, no campaign progress is stored to your computer in the documents folder, not to the sc2 servers, and a quick google search would of told you that. so where is all there files stored on your comp is the question. Like i said, if you are using cloud services to store your files on your computer than they are not compatible with sc2. It needs to be installed directly to your hard drive with the save files also on a hard drive which can be moved from what ever default your currently using.

Also i dont know what sc2 subreddit you looked up but as far as i see from more google searching they all say the same thing im saying about campaign progress being stored in you documents folders.

This is exactly what I am talking about, and the same issue:

By the way, I am not using any external cloud service, and your claims regarding “no campaign progress is stored to your computer in the documents folder, not to the sc2 servers” are wrong, because: How is it possible that once I wiped everything from the game and reinstalled it from scractch I launch it and, surprise surprise, it is still frozen in those missions. I am not sure if I could explain this better, but the subreddit post I shared describes it as well.

ok for starters oh mr genious, the “CLOUD” storage there talking about is 100% what i am talking about. SC2 DOES NOT HAVE CLOUD STORAGE. There talking about microsoft cloud, but again you probably didnt read all the reply’s where they are telling the op poster to reset HIS CLOUD, Mr. Genius.

Now again im going to say this for the last time, sc2 campaign progress is stored on YOUR PC. It is stored in the DOCUMENTS FOLDER. IF you dont believe me, why dont you open up your documents folder and check for your self. Go to documents click on sc2, click on the name that you use and oh gee gollly would you look at that, it has SAVES, REPLAY, BANKS folders as well as your campaign progress xml document that tells the game where your progess is at. Geee mr genius, hmmm, btw when you redownload and reinstall Sc2, it only reinstalls the game files, not your account files. The only account files stored by blizzard itself are if your playing a paid account, and where your rankings and stats for ladders, coop, and achievements, thats it. This is why if you download the game to a different pc and tried to play campaign with out copying your files from the original comp to the new comp, campaign will reset to zero.

Also, you said why is your game stuck on those same mission and all that after reinstall, its becuase when you install the game, it reinstalls and wipes the games files location in your comp, which for most people in the Cdrive program files. however to prevent losing progress in the game and all that, they do not obliterate your saves and replays and all that, becuase it can only create the files in the documents folder for sc2 user info, but not remove and destroy it as it is a seperate file system that is created after the game is installed, and since you already had those files created in the first place, sc2 will not replace any existing data or overwrite the old data in said folders. Its basically does an “oh you have those folders already, ok, no need to make new ones here, we will just skip this part then.”

So as to maybe fixing your problem itself, the most likely solution would be to delete the campaign xml document and hope it just resets at square one. You will most likely lose all your progress but atleast you would be able to progress as something in that file seems to be corrupted, maybe a corruptor got in there and puked on it or something.

Ignore wknight2. He’s got quite the forum violation history along with the bans to go with it. (Hey, hows winterknight doing, hm?)

And heres why you can ignore him: Campaign progress is absolutely saved to bnet. And its easily proven by deleting everything related to the game and then launching the game (which wknight2 onviously didnt bother check before getting all uppity like he always does). All the deleted files and folders are remade when the game is launched. As for the campaign progress xml file, opening it shows very clearly that its not an individual mission progress file for all the campaigns (something else wknight2 onviously didnt check.)

I tested this by uninstalling sc2 AND
manually deleting everything remotely related to sc2. All traces of the game were gone. I reinstalled the game and launched it. As expected, the manaully deleted files and folders were redownloaded from the servers, including campaign progress.

There was one strange thing though. I have sc2 on two computers, and each has different campaign progress. It didnt sync the progress of the test computer with the 2nd computer. Instead it put the same progress back on the test computer. So it’s like the servers save campaign progress, but unique to each computer.

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Thanks for the reply, I was already suspecting that the dude was a troll indeed due to his ignorance around the topic, he clearly does not know what he is talking about and is just wasting his energy and time.

Anyway for the important things, I have not tested changing the PC’s name, maybe that could be a turnaround that is worth trying, since your saves are different between PCs. So I would rename my PC and install everything from scratch, including Bnet.

If this works, I will be updating this post as solved. Otherwise, let’s assume it did not work at all. Thanks a lot!

In the end, I did not change the PC’s name at all, because I discovered that the origin of all the issues was Microsoft’s OneDrive, that at certain point moved my Documents folder from …/user/ to …/user/OneDrive.

And what does this mean? It means that effectively was working with the cloud saves, but once OneDrive took over those directories, the SC2 servers stopped tracking it and always provided the same old save every time I reinstalled it. I got rid of OneDrive, made a clean reallocation of everything that was inside, and reinstalled the game once again. I played just enough to change the load previews in the campaign menu and immediately uninstalled it. Then I reinstalled SC2 and finally… after many years, my campaign progress is once again being tracked by the servers.

In short, the cloud servers expect a specific directory to be tracked, but many SC2 players that use Windows got screwed by OneDrive moving their documents elsewhere and that is the cause of the loss of saves synchronization. NOTE: I do not know if anyone using MAC had this issue. If so, consider this same approach with a directory.

Thanks for your suggestions, and I hope that this post helps everyone in the future!

i told you if you had onedrive cloud it wouldnt work with it did i not. i really cant believe you sat there and said you werent using it and now here you are say it was it all along. you all thought i was crazy and trolling. ha in your face.

That’s interesting about OneDrive and campaign progress. Thanks for the follow up information, Cygnus.

Leviathan not really since blizzard already said stuff about one drive for awhile now causeing problems with sc2.

yes i know this says sc1 remastered but how many post are here on the forums about one drive, as well as many you answered yourself.

I know about SC2 crashing when OneDrive is syncing the Starcraft II folder. That’s fairly well known.

However, an issue with a reinstall dl’ing the wrong campaign progress is new (for me anyway).

well its just because one drive sucks. it causes problems for a lot of games from what ive seen so far. Frankly tho why anyone would want to save files to one drive is beyond me. thats like asking to have your data lost or stolen or just lost cause microsoft shuts it down one day, and says you cant have it back. i get that some people dont have alot of options for storage, especially with laptops, but investing in a portable harddrive would be ten times the smarter option to go than using something that is strictly internet base that you physically have no control over.

I am not sure if I was clear enough, but I will restate it for you: I never actively used OneDrive, the reallocation is something that every Windows PC does automatically. I NEVER had the game on that cloud (how would that be possible since the game is like 30 GB lol). It is the files in the Documents folder that got moved, got it?

The thing is that this cloud moves things without the user’s consent, and I am positive that this messes up a lot of games’s documents folder, not only SC2.

Hope that you get it this time. At least everyone else will get good use of this information.

the only way you actively not use one drive is to have it disabled all together. if you never disabled it its still physically active on your pc. and yes if its active on your pc, it will automatically move files there, thats how one drive has always been. This is again why it cause so many problems for games because people think there not using it even tho they never physically deactivated it on windows upon initial setup.

That being said you might also want to go into one drive and check what other files and things it sent over to it and take care of that. Sensiitive info might have been allocated to it that you dont know of.

What a joke… as expected. You were specifically blathering on about sc2 being installed on the cloud, and that the campaign is stored locally. Well the 1st of your claims was never what the op was talking about. Op was talking about only campaign progress being stored on the cloud, aka, remotely, AKA BLIZZARD SERVERS. And the 2nd of your big bad totally confident claims was flat wrong, as campaign progress is stored on the BLIZZARD SERVERS.

What kind of mental gymnastics were required to think you had anything in our faces?? In our face?? Lmao…no.