Camera is jumping while DRAG SCROLL

Hey! I’m still having this issue realy annoying with the drag scroll camera view, sometimes it jumps randomly, I’v changed all my gears, is there anytip to avoid that bug? will it be patched? is there any support here?


Hey, Shurath. There’s a few mouse bugs that our team is looking into. We only assist with technical issues on the technical support forums. These forums are managed by the technical support team and have no impact over in-game content.

We may be able to check and advise some technical troubleshooting to see if we can fix or find some sort of workaround/reduce the behavior a bit.Does this happen in windowed and full screen modes?

I’d still recommend to report this over to the #bug-report forums so the appropriate team can gather information over the camera/mouse issues you’re currently seeing. If you can include any details over where this happens or any details such as if it seems to happen more often over certain terrain, it will help.

Ok thank you, I play in fullscreen mode, I tried to tweak many settings but nothing changes I still got that annoying bug…

Having the same issue here, and it’s driving me insane.
Did you find a solution?
Did you post it anywhere else?

I recently started playing SC2 again and encountered this extremely annoying bug which pretty much makes the game unplayable for me. I’d like the cursor to stay exactly on the point where I started to drag scroll instead of it moving along with the screen. But the cursor jumps to different places every time during the drag scroll, it doesn’t stay stationary in reference to the world or the screen. The jumps seem to follow a pattern (not random). I tried windowed w and w/o full screen and proper fullscreen and in all modes the pointer jumps to a different place after releasing the key to drag scroll, some times outside the game window.