C0-OP change wishlist!

I know it will never happen, but always fun to think of alternatives to improve play and less used units! The 4commanders I love to play as but just wish I could tweak!

Dehaka: have his Primal Hive and Wardens cost a little more population but have auto extractors. I think that would help a lot with his early game micro! and makes sense since the Extractors are made from the hives but need to be rooted near one to function as they are connected underground!

Stukov: Banshee weapon be changes to a hanging tentacle attack for ground forces and update the lv15 to add an upgrade to make the siege tank and new banshee tentacles to do the same as the Aleksander’s tentacles to take over units they latch onto(but ground units of course)!

Alarak: War Prism gain a recall ability, but it needs to be deployed and there’s a coolup and cooldown for 120 seconds so requires some preplacement and planing cause him and his army are ridiculously powerful!

Swann: I’d love to see the Predator bots used! Maybe swap out the Hellbats for them (or any commander that has them but Swann makes the most sense having the Hercules).


I would love to see a way for Artanis to be an on field Hero unit.


HH P3: Strike fighters damage air units

Abathur P3: Biomass has 0% effect on regular units, UE require 100 biomass, Toxic nests give no bonus biomass

Hmm, perhaps reduce air damage to 50% of what ground damage does? And the “set ground on fire” ofc. still doesn’t hit air (similar to Karax’ Solar Lance)

  1. I wish Artanis has Sentries in his disposal. His level 4 upgrade was Sentries can now heal both biological and mechanical units aside from restoring shields.
  2. Karax will have Instigators (We seen in Purification in Legacy of the Void). His level 4 upgrade can also be revived upon taking fatal damage just like Sentinels.
  3. Alarak P3 - The Mothership can now restore health and shields from slain enemies and their own Supplicants when low HP. The disadvantage is when Alarak will not be available in combat.
  4. Vorazun will have Annihilators. His level 13 upgrade will be permanently cloaked and its aura will provide cloaking to nearby units.
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What I really crave for.
Have the bonus objective on Scythe of Amon changed into escorting three different shuttles with the first one going to the point behind the expo.

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This would change up Karax too much (at his core really). Whether if it’s a good thing or bad, is up to the individual player.

they should at least add prestiges that enables ground heroes for those commanders that actually have them. abathur does not have a hero unit and some others also do not but, karax, vorazun, artanis, raynor, stetmann(younger male medic version), swann and stukov does have them. they should give zagara automated extractors. they should cut the costs of nova`s automated refineries to 75 to make it fair. that is all the ideas i have at the moment.


I just want them to allow us the option to ban some unfavored maps like Cradle of Death and Scythe of Amon


You can select specific maps at least.

Yes, please. Though I can somewhat tolerate SoA, but Cradle of Sh t gotta go.

i agree that people should be allowed to remove maps from their random map pool. specially parts and parcel and cradle of death. i do not mind the others being available.

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It would also be nice if we could opt out of certain mutators in random mutators.

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  1. Having the abilities to rate your fellow co-op commanders that give them a score (0-10), while also giving you the ability to refuse players with an average score < X while queueing. I 'd also like to let the average score being made by the last 100 games and not be in effect till you played at least 25 games.

  2. Veto up to 3 maps while queueing on random that you like least (maps occur 100% less) or favour up to 3 maps you like most (maps occur twice as much).

  3. A longer blocklist for all the mentally challenged specimens in chat.

Most/all of the commanders & units are fine so I wouldn’t change them much/ at all.

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With only 15 missions, that could really slow down matchmaking and defeat the purpose of having the Random Mission option. At least if they do allow you to ban 1 to 3 missions, they would have to COMPLETELY remove the bonus XP

In the meantime, you’re better off just selecting the one you want (as it seems having bonus XP and choice wasn’t going to be a thing)

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Not necessarily: you could easily set your average at for example 5/10 which would let the vast majority of the players in while avoiding the 'very special 'ones. This wouldn’t have that big of an impact on ‘matchmaking’. Or you could even set it at 1/10 if you don’t want to make use of it.

I didn’t write ban: I did write veto with the explanation (maps occur 100% less), meaning you would only get them half of the times though maybe I should have worded that differently. It’s also how ladder works: there too you can veto maps which doesn’t mean you don’t get them at all, just only half of the times other maps occur. This would still keep the random option viable and would improve fun. The alternative as of today is me resigning CoD the moment I draw it as random because I just despise that map.

I disagree here too. I can happily resign 1/15 times whenever I get CoD where as I am perfectly happy to draw every other map, nor will I select every time which map I want to play. Sucks for the other one that got loaded into that game and that’s where vetoing/ favoring comes in as an improvement.

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This would impede less skilled, but 100% good faith players from getting matches. New people would be hosed. All such systems have the potential to snowball, resulting in many legit players unable to find matches.

Not to mention rampant abuse. No system where the community can influence the playability of others should be implemented.

That is still manipulation of the map pool which is no longer random. If it’s not truly random, there should not be a bonus.


Then at least matchmaking could stop pairing us with players on our Ignore List (which really shouldn’t have a limit). I check F11 in the beginning of each game anyways, but that feature would make life easier for everyone.

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I remember I once saw someone suggest a vote kick system that would also allow new players to join in the game in place of kicked players. Given what I have seen in multiplayer a system like this would be rampant of abuse. I agree. Players should not be able to influence the playability of others. Unless that means reporting someone for bad behavior.

they could add a system where players can only select maps to remove from random after losing 5 or 10+ times on them and only ever 2 maps.