C0-OP change wishlist!

That would just result in queing up and throwing a bunch of games, thereby wasting the time people who want to play.

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I see where you are coming from, but you’re making it more complicated than it should be. Just preventing matching with the players you’ve blocked should suffice. It would be much easier to implement and much easier to use. And, besides, it will play along pretty well with your next suggestion:

No. It won’t.
Ranked games have 8-9 maps per season (which is even less than 15), but you still can veto up to 3 maps and, nonetheless, nobody is complaining about the matching speed.

Aaaand then it completely invalidates the idea of “random missions with the exception of some”.

Let’s face it, Co-op maps are far from equal. Both in terms of difficulty and joy to play. It’s pretty normal when lots of people want to avoid playing Cradle of Death because of its frustration or Mist Opportunities because of its fixed longevity.

Problem is, when you’re to join the game in place of someone who left, then you have to play as the commander they played. And what if that commander’s level/prestige doesn’t match commander’s level/prestige on your account?

There’s not much to face. That’s already pretty much understood by everyone. But it doesn’t change the meaning of random, or have any bearing on the presence of the random map bonus.

Problem is, when you’re to join the game in place of someone who left, then you have to play as the commander they played. And what if that commander’s level/prestige doesn’t match commander’s level/prestige on your account?

Yea that would suck and people who this happened to would probably just leave.

Not sure if we can apply what happens in Versus/Ladder, compared to Coop. They still seem to be different beasts the way they’re intended to be played.

And I really would like data (if it’s possible/available) on the most hated missions. As an issue with any internet, some seem to be prevalent since there’s a sort of “vocal minority” behind them. However, it feels like every mission has its haters.

Nothing official, but the info from Mag’s overlay gives a decent insight into people’s map preferences. I purely play random map so I only get what others are queuing with. This is what it’s showing over time (the last 1000 games):

With the exceptions of VT and DoN (that people often use for speed leveling), a range among the maps does exist, but it’s not huge.


Sad to see Malwarefare so low. Thats one of my favorites. I like that one because its a fairly linear map where you have to focus on destroying a bunch of miniobjectives. And I just find the theme, map layout and enemy waves quite fun here. Also the expansions are easy to take. However I do like Dead of the Night and Oblivion express a lot.

I’m surprised by Part and Parcel being dead last (or at least very low). I’ve heard a few people say they don’t like it, but I find super easy. It doesn’t require a ton of ally coordination, it can even be done working 100% independently. The enemy bases aren’t that heavily defended so pushes are usually pretty easy.

To each their own I guess!

My guess is that its probably last due to

  1. A lot of time constraints to get parts.
  2. The narrator directly orders the players around in a somewhat arguably rude way. Might rub some the wrong way.
  3. The second base is a bit trickier to take then most coop maps.
  4. Its partly an escort mission.
  5. The map design doesn’t stand out in the most memorable way.

What I want for co-op mode one day is three-player co-op and more missions with less time pressure.
We only have three missions where you have no timelimit (CoA, DoN and LaL) (either in form of timelimit or in form of destroyable targets)
Maybe even a map where your task is to besiege a giant defensive position.
And maybe also changing that giants armies spawns out of nowhere.

they need to do somethng about han and horner`s gas consumption. that is on my wishlist. i am not sure what exactly but, even with 2 maxed out bases, i keep running out of gas. maybe they should up mineral costs a bit and reduce gas costs. i never have the gas to use the drone hanger upgrade. maybe it should be cut in half, from 200 gas to 100 gas.

Worth noting is we’ve had that too! Widow Mines went from 50/50 to 100/0. Galleons got reduced from 200 to 150 mins (which for early game, could help you get gas sooner). And Drone Hanger also self repairs (so some indirect influence there)

I’ve heard that a couple times. And I can understand it.

What helped me is knowing her character from the Nova campaign. She’s a hardass general who’s so bent on deposing Valarian that she goes full treason. So, when I hear her in coop, I don’t mind so much because she’s a tad less crazy there. Lol.

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i got an idea for stetmann. they could make the ability to stock up more stetalites with upgraded hatchery available sooner.

It would be nice to try out anti-mutations – some kind of weekly mutation but you also receive buffs. Kind of like the gifts in “Naughty List”, but not just Avengers for a single unit. Long range siege tanks or speed freak banelings would be funnn.

DoN sucks for speed levelling, but it’s the one real “base defense” so I can understand why it’s picked so often. Oblivion Express is my personal favourite.

Chain of Ascension and Lock & Load punish you queueing with bad allies. The mission design could be improved IMO.

I’m also surprised that Malware and Part & Parcel are so low. While not my favourites, they’re not bad either.

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they should buff dehaka``s defenses a bit. i play a lot of dead of night and i encounter chokers, whose range is longer than dehaka```s primal wurms`s range. they should at least be able to outgun a choker, when they cost supply. another suggestion is to give the rail guns used by nova a few upgrades, available on later levels. another suggestion is to allow allied commanders to apply their upgrades to others. for example: swann have a range upgrade for his defenses. it would really help if that affected the other commander.

Dehakas defense is not the primal Wurms, that is his detection.
Dehakas defense is the primal swarm hosts.

A while ago I tried doing all coop missions just doing mass wyrms. Its tricky, but doable. However definitely not the optimal strategy. However making a bunch of Wyrms of overflowing with minerals is a good idea. Personally I think Primal Wyrms should cost 200 minerals instead of 250 cause they cost a drone.

He for me it is arround. CoD is for me still manageable but Sh*t of Amon made me nearly give up SC II.

I longer have to care about either since reaching lvl. 1000 last year. The days of queuing random maps are over. :grinning: