Buff brood lords or nerf thors

The whole point transforming corrupters to brood lords to change ur unit to attack ground.

But they go bc to Thor making corrupters worthless because dum dum decided nerf brood lords so thors can counter them.

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There is no logical connection between your last assertions. It’s the fact an opponent switches from capital ships to ground anti-air that counters corruptors, not BL having been nerfed. If you make 20 corruptors while your opponent made only one BC, and then switches bio, you’re screwed just as much than if he had gone thors. Same mechanic if you overproduce corruptors while a protoss transitions from carriers to blink stalkers. It’s a tactical mechanism. :bulb:

Furthermore, your conclusion is also wrong. Brood lords weren’t nerfed (in 2016) in order for thors to counter them, as the nerf affects ZvT and ZvP equally. It’s the Thors that were redesigned in order to be “a giant who slays giants” in 2018, with first the DPS vs massive being adjusted, while the AA splash mode (vs mutas) and the armor (vs lings/marines) were nerfed. The +1 range on the single shot high impact AA mode came a bit later in order for them to be able to target BLs despite the broodlings, and to remain efficient even against stacked Tempests. :mag_right:

It isn’t. You’ve got other units to attack ground. The BL’s point is to get a siege range aerial unit, so you can punish a lack of long ranged AA in a composition or cost efficiently wipe-out a fortified position without trading (which a lot Z anti-ground units cannot do).


is also a bit of a gambit, how much do I need.

is like ZvZ Muta.
the opponent builds Mass Muta/ Muta + hive tec/ 6-8 Muta into Mass roach.

that corrupters feel weak against thor/ towers is clear. and with Bl you also don’t have an optimal transition against it.

And the op’s point is that anti-air of thor was buffed while brood nerfed against it.

This is completely missing the point of op’s example which is that he morphs those corruptors into broods, and 20 broods would kill bio easily because they are designed to dominate ground, it’s only thor that gets to be exception to brood’s specialty of anti-ground which is in exchange for not being able to shoot air like other capital ships.

Op never mentioned a date, but nobody is talking about 2016 when they complain about brood thor interaction.

Conveniently omit the removal of bl leash range that op is most likely complaining about which came on the same patch.

It literally is, if you morph a unit that can only attack air into a unit that can only attack ground, you are doing it to attack ground.

It is your post that lacks logic, you take his hypothetical of morphing broods vs thors and compare to just not morphing broods vs other comps???

Then to justify your position that bl was not nerfed for thor interaction you list the range nerf, which absolutely impacts its relationship with thors, a series of thor changes many of which were designed to better its interaction with bl, while omitting the leash range removal which was probably more important than the range nerf and was heavily used to invert the soft counter system of thor vs bl. Op is complaining they fundamentally changed the thor bl relationship, from skill dependent soft counter to hard counter favouring terran. And he’s right, it’s disgusting they removed a 10 year old skill mechanic so thors can be even better at a-moving.

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That way, rather than only winning almost everything, Zerg can win actually everything.

Seriously? For the first time in half a decade, Zerg is looking kind of balanced (5/12 and 10/24 premier wins and runners up respectively with 24% of the population).

I swear, you little girls won’t stop crying, even if it was 12/12 and 24/24.


Because it’s stupid bl and queen should be even fight against Thor and hellbat.

It should be in Zerg favor micro takes 5 up grades to get at max.

Melee+ range upgrade broodlings and queens then their armor. Then brood lords attack and armor upgrades as well.

I don’t see why thors should remotely good against brood lords.

Brood lords should destroy ground armies because tier 3 unit needs most upgrades has massive weakness that can’t shoot air.

This even not talking about broken ghost allow snipe be 50 but not fg.

Thor has highest ground dps so it doesn’t need 10 range attack.

Way need buff brood lords outside giving sits range back.

Have spawn 2 brawdlings don’t know why they only spawn one. It only adds 48 dps

Second allow them sieg ground so u don’t need add gimmick to do it.

This would add 14 range but damage is not granted.

I don’t think any brawdlings would make past hellbats

bcs die to mass corruptors, thors? thors are the only unit can kill broodlords, vikings arent even good because once you get corrutors those vikings become useless. stop whinning and get some education. i would beat you with zerg as a terran player if you play your terran and i play zerg, ill show you how stupid you are

Not good argument show lack of logic on your part.

If I have bl and mass corrupters, then counter would be liberators and Vikings .

Because 9 range vs 6 and this most likely Marines take them out since most pop is corrupters not bl.

So argument is void since u be able snipe bl with Vikings and only take pop shots at corrupters.

So Vikings is good counter against bl even heavily guarded by corrupters.

I am forced to go corrupters by bc then when switch ground I should make corrupters useful by going brood lords.

Problem hydras, queens suck at dealing with bc because move and shoot.

So argument is no reason thors should counter bl.

If u think they should then your argument is poor.

So, since Zerg plays fewer games on average than Terran:

sc2pulse.nephest .com/sc2/?season=52&queue=LOTV_1V1&team-type=ARRANGED&us=true&eu=true&kr=true&cn=true&bro=true&sil=true&gol=true&pla=true&dia=true&mas=true&gra=true&page=0&type=ladder&ratingAnchor=99999&idAnchor=0&count=1#stats-race

Wins more trophies:

liquipedia. net/starcraft2/Premier_Tournaments

And has vastly inflated MMR:

www.rankedftw. com/stats/races/1v1/#v=2&r=-2&l=-2

What buffs do you want to Terran to compensate? +3 range on Steady Targeting? Double Liberator AA?

Or maybe you just want to be OP?

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This problem base stats that might only focus on meta even though have very little do with balance vs my favorite unit.

They did not nerf stim because to many pro fell in love fast burst dps super mobile unit that can counter 99% units wol.

So your logic doesn’t even fall argument why thors needs counter blood lords you just give fact sheet that holds no real truth on topic. Nore it explains why stats what balance that forced and where they needed or just used push favorit strat.

Look nerf queen and nerf of void ray this just shows how dumb balance team is. They argued nerf queens because it countered fast void ray. That because Zerg had no real answer to void. Mutas would Been countered by carrier and corrupters would melt.

So instead of useing different opening of getting fast feed back but that would effect their fast void opening so they decided to nerf queen.

But problem is it still works threw stupid gimmicks but hurts regular uses where trying push into Terran or toss line which you have get off creep.

Dude, I realize English is hard, but you have to do better than this. No one could possibly read this gibberish.


The issue with broods isn’t the thor. You can beat thors if you include blinding cloud or neural. It can vary depending on the positioning but your entire cloud of broods can hit the front thors but the back thors can’t participate. So you nab the front thors with neural or blinding cloud and you’re golden. Just don’t fight into an arc of thors.

Now, ghosts are a totally different issue. If your detection is out of position for half a second, all your broods just die instantly. But, if you include detection then it gets sniped and you lose your detection. Do you see the problem here? There is nothing in the game that is as an extreme hard counter to any unit as ghosts are to broods. The ghost is easily the most powerful unit in the game by a very large margin.

They could buff the overseer to make it more resilient to snipe, but the fact that the Terran can spend energy to instantly delete any and all of Zerg’s highest costing units is an extreme design oversight. They need to change the Ghost on a fundamental level, like adding a casting delay to snipe so they can’t be spammed with rapid fire, or just reducing the damage done by snipe so it takes more snipes to kill a broodlord / ultralisk.

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You know that BL, one other Zerg unit that have permanent cloak and outrange Ghosts (which do not have permanent cloak), plus Zerg have unit called “Infestor” that have spell “Fungal” that outranges Ghost quite significantly and doesn’t need Ghosts to be detected and not only cancels Ghosts spell but also cancels their invisibility.

Also if Zerg manages to not have detection despite the fact that he have detection unit with freaking 13.75 range that cost zero supply and next to no resources than this Zergs deserve to loose the game really really badly.

Batz, did you also joined contest for Zerg most pathetic whiner?
What’s the prize pool?
Don’t worry I won’t join your competition, I’m just curious.

Do you believe that once Zerg build BL he supposed to have a free win?

Do you also belive that Zerg is allowed to build only BLs?


Thing about ghost and infestor fg cost 75 while snipe cost 50.

Fg only out range snipe at rim so ghost have move step back boom miss. If aimed at middle infestor dead by one spell.

Ghost wouldn’t be question on op if you remove bio tag snipe. Everyone would cry on how ghost is to strong.

No bl should go toe to toe against Thor max bl should beat any ground unit toe to toe. Max thor is what 6 upgrades total. Bl is 12 upgrades.

Before bl nerf bl had chance beating thors. Now it’s just one side.


Terrans couldn’t micro their siege tanks, so they got free siege and a damage buff.

Terrans couldn’t micro their marines, so they got widow mines.

Terrans couldnt micro their end game army, so they got the Thor Buff and Broods had their leash range nerfed.

Everything is working as intended.


it’s interesting reading people complain about balance while ignoring the elephant in the room,

terran is noob race that needs to be op, every new player is terran first, babies that never played a game before in life can jump on terran and be platinum, the race is designed as my-first-rts, that’s why they have a convient answer for everything,

players that use terran are just saying they are noobs in rts and require quick escapes from all opposition

Pretty sure you’re talking about Protoss there buddy. You can get into GM by learning a 3 base build order and a-move storm. Hell, you can get into GM by using 1 of 5 very easy to execute 1 base allins and proxies as Protoss.

I have to repeat myself:

Besides you clearly don’t understand how Infestors and Ghosts interact and why brood-festor is a thing.

Reason why you whine about Thor and Ghost is because you don’t understand how game works, not because something is “OP”.


The vast majority of pro players think the ghost is the best unit in the game. It’s so obvious you’d have to be delusional to deny it. I forgot how literally insane this place is. Blocked.

EDIT: relevant music video.

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Nah. That title goes to the Viper IMO, though I would say the Ghost is a close 2nd best though.

I mean, the Viper has area denial with Blinding Cloud, is a fast, mobile caster because it can fly and does so with pretty solid move speed, has Abduct which is incredible for neutralizing key units such as Colossus, deals well with flying units with Parabomb, and most importantly, it has Consume which allows it to recharge its energy extremely quickly, which no other caster in the game can do. I would argue that, consume aside, it is also probably the best designed caster in the game too, being extremely useful but its spells are designed in such a way that you don’t need - or want - an entire fleet of them.

All that said, what is or isn’t the best unit in the game is mostly opinion no matter who said it.