Buff brood lords or nerf thors

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Viper is the strongest supporter, but is t3 and the race with the longest tech path. but not the strongest unit.

Ghost is the trickiest to classify. TvT, you almost never see. TvP, Ghost is the shield destroyer and remover of casters and you don’t need many. TvZ is Ghost S++ all units Ghost can’t fight will be sniped or emp by him.
without even considering the cloak/nuke options.

That’s remove bio tag on snipe no one would question on op of ghost.

If snipe did 30 damage or even 45 then that be balance with aoe of straight line. Be more balance then 170 for cost 50 energy.

Going back useing infestor and brood lords be more like thors and ghost. Since ghost would destroy both it would make brood lord and Thor less problematic compared how op ghost is.

Don’t build BL vs Thors. It’s as easy as that. Build lurker, viper, investor, etc.

This is like building mass marines vs lurkers. You need a different unit.

I can be so behind as a terran then Zerg insists on building broods after I already have 10+ Thors… ??? Just don’t do it. Or keep doing it and keep giving your games to the mech terran.

Problem is bc and thors no ground unit is efficient enough to take on bc so u have go corrupters.

Yeah go cry in your safe space ecochamber.

Only “pro” that is whining about Ghosts is LowkoTV who is not a pro player but a pro entertainer.
It is universally accepted by everybody who is actually good in the game that 2 best units in the game are Viper and Queen.
As for the third place, there are many contenders: WP, HT, Disruptor and yes Ghost.

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Do you even understand how snipe works? A top 200 Terran literally holds down one button and waves their mouse over units and they all die due to rapid fire snipe. Ghost is definitely one of the most OP units in this game.

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Do YOU understand how snipe works?

Any Zerg - let alone those in top 200 - can cancel snipe by just doing ANY tick of damage to Ghost that is trying to do Snipe and have 1.43 seconds to do that which in Starcraft 2 is very long time.

Lurker for example will always cancel snipe with its regular attack that have the same range as Ghost snipe as long as he can see Ghost (Overseer have 13.75 vision range so its hard to imagine real game scenario when Zerg does NOT see Ghost) or as long as there is a visible unit standing close to Ghost since - surprise, surprise - Lurker attack is AoE.

Infestor can cancel Ghost snipe with Fungal which have an effective range of 12.25 (10 casting range and 2.25 AoE) which is also and AoE, does not require Zerg detection to be used, makes Ghosts visible, makes Ghosts slowed down and makes it impossible to load Ghost into Medivac. Fungaled Ghosts are as good as dead.

Brood Lord can cancel Ghost snipe with either its regular attack that have the same range as Ghost snipe, or with Terran own splash units firing at Broodlings which makes it impossible to use tanks as soon as BLs are out. Unlike Lurkers, Tanks don’t have “hold fire” button while also unlike Lurker (or any other Zerg unit) they have firendly fire damage.

Viper can cancel Ghost snipe easily with Abduct.

Heck even Baneling can cancel Ghost snipe as long as snipe is casted from slightly less than maximum range relative to Baneling position and fight happens on creep.

In real games sometimes we even see Ultralisk canceling Ghost snipe by its AoE because in real games fights not always happen by perfect scenario in perfect set-up where spells are cast from maximum range and opponent doing nothing.

No other spellcaster in the game is gimped like that.


do you know?

apparently not.
Otherwise you would know that BL attack animation takes longer.
before broodling ghost reach snip is out.

do you see the interaction?
2-3 Ghost snip, thanks to unit size, only the Lurker at the edge can interrupt a Ghost. the other Ghosts are not hit and are not in range for the other Lurkers.
To be fair, Ghost only has the advantage against the edge lurkers.

what kind of sitation is this? when zerg dreams?
btw Ghost tank “6” bane…
but sure good idea, zerg should just make bad engage to stop snip.

true, no other caster in the game has the gimmick to be an all-rounder in a match up. who only needs 2 sup.

in the end we have something where you can partially agree.
here we have a little dance between caster aka infestor vs. all-round unit aka ghost.
where we leave out Ghost has Cloak.
who hits emp or fungal first.
emp-> infestor is useless for a long time.
fungal-> zerg has the ability to? depends… depending on the situation, attack or hold position.

here i admit i have to look again how it is with snip/ emp/ anti air vs viper.
because Consume is an interesting aspect.

Big difference between infestor and ghost is energy usage.

Infester got two shots fg so even if infester blocks two snipes ghost has two more.

So real question should we nerf ghost to infester lvl or buff infester to ghost lvl.

Nerf snipe to an aoe drop damage to 50 increase cost to 75.

Or buff np that does 200 damage after 7 seconds if canceled or infester dies the damage doesn’t applied.

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both sound worse for zerg and better for Terran.

stackable aoe for terran… for a 2 sup unit…
and a 7 sec cast for 200 single damage.

Good luck having any of those units do damage before snipe goes off. What dream land do you live in? This doesn’t even happen in professional games.

When Zerg outmaneuver Terran or when Zerg push forward while Terran is watching at anything other than his main army ball.

In pro games though Banelings rolling in usually force Ghosts to run away, but even in progames Banelings often connect with Ghosts.
For example here you see Maru unable to use his Ghosts because Banelings are too close
Btw because of Vipers Maru couldn’t load Ghosts in Medivacs either.

And once again Banes force Ghosts to run here, however Ghosts get Fungaled and Banes connect and Maru looses most of his Ghosts:

And here we see BL vs Ghosts fight and I don’t see Ghosts killing BLs before BLs kill a lot of Ghosts, and then Banes force Ghosts to run:
I must admit though that in this game Maru did managed to eventually catch BLs out of position and win the game - the only game in this series that he won :frowning:
I guess that Serral staimina just run out after 30 minutes game vs Maru.

Overall by the way this was a great series I strongly recommend watching and Lowko wasn’t even whining about Ghosts like he often does.

Lurkers canceling most of snipes and forcing Ghosts to run away:

The only progamer ever who is occasionally able to keep Ghosts in perfect line formation like Napoleon line infantry and make them shoot Lurkers is Clem, but even in Clem hands it works only when Lurker count is low.

This is because Lurker attack is an AoE and Ghosts have a strong tendency to clump together due to the way how pathfinding and unit AI work in StarCraft2.

Infestor can move while burrowed which is the same thing as Cloak but better: it doesn’t cost energy and allows to phase through units.
Emp radius is 1.5 while fungal radius is 2.25 which means that fungal have range advantage. Furthermore fungal covers 15.896 units of area while emp covers 7.065 units of area.
Mana-wise fungal and EMP cost is the same.
EMP however remove only 100 energy so you need to hit every caster twice.

Furthermore, snipe also cost energy so if you used all energy on EMPs you won’t be able to snipe Zerg units that would in turn kill entire Terran army…

If the fungal connects with majority of Terran’s Ghosts than Zerg will just push forward and either trade units in Zerg favor or even kill Terran army and win the game right here right now because fungaled Ghosts can’t snipe and can’t run away.

On pro level Zergs usually don’t own Terran players as bad as it happens on the ladder. Here is an example of how it looks like in Serral vs Buyn - Terran who was once known for having best micro in the World:

Yes, Consume makes EMP-ing Vipers pointless - they would get mana back much faster than Ghosts will.
To screen Vipers you need to snipe them and pray that Zerg doesn’t react in time or messes up somehow else.

Happens all the time on pro level, and on ladder it is much much more messy.


Stackable aoe that is straight line which means it be a lot harder for Terran get effect unless they move at melee range they won’t 100% effectiveness of ability.

Other one is add damage Neural Parasite after release it does damage 200 might little bit strong but so is snipe. Ones ability 50 energy vs 100

EMP’s radius is 2.0 when upgraded. Still smaller, but a lot bigger than 1.5.

Right, good point, I totally forgot about this upgrade because my TvZ games pretty much always end or effectively end before it is done. Cloak and nukes have a priority over this upgrade.

Infestors and ghosts have very similar roles. They both have a spell that is designed to counter high-value (and high armor) targets (neural & snipe). The ghost does that better x10. They both have a spell which counters dense clusters of clumped units (snipe & emp). Again, the Ghost’s ability is straight up better. EMP hard-counters other spellcasters as well as wipes out Protoss shields, while fungal simply slows some units down (the damage aspect is very negligible). Since the only benefit of fungal is to slow enemy units, you still have to get in range of them and kill them with your own units, which due to siege tanks means you lose more resources than you gain with this maneuver. So, fungal is quite weak. They both also have a cloaking ability with different trade-offs. The ghost can cast spells while cloaked but uses energy to cloak. I’d call it a wash. Finally, the ghost has the most powerful splash in the game (nukes) while infestors have a damage reduction spell that is almost useless (microbial shroud).

Infestors and Ghosts do the same thing, but the Ghost does it a thousand times better. The ghost will definitely need to be nerfed in future versions of the game. I personally am not playing much right now because the ghost is absolutely busted. The ability to have a guaranteed kill on ultralisks with zero counter micro for an energy cost only is just insane. You’d have to be crazy to think that’s balanced and that’s only one of the amazing abilities the ghost has. As a zerg, you’re just signing up to be beaten up with a baseball bat if you play SC2 right now. Against an equally skilled opponent, you might have a 10% chance of winning a ZvT or a ZvP. You’d have to be crazy to play Zerg to win. If you are just having some fun doing meme builds then sure, but if you want to compete and get into GM and things like that then you’re just signing up for suffering.


Question would Terran cry if np does damage after it disconnects.

Snipe cost 50 energy for 170 so 100 np controls unit 120 to 200 damage.

It’s totally useless as long as 1 emp can hard counter all your infestors and/or 1 scan causes them all to die to tanks. Even if you make NP do guaranteed damage, it still won’t be as good as snipe.

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Well sadly they never going to nerf it’s been 10 years

It’s counter is light units but it has bonus to light units so once in mass it no longer have counter.

So question is an aoe or single target, if keep single target then either increase energy 150 or nerf damage to 50