Bring back Infested Terrans from SC1

How in God’s name can you remove infested terran? An absolute iconic unit. The ones in SC1 were fine. Just make a new zerg building. Or something on the Infestation Pit.

Don’t let the whine terrans win. Again.


Return vulture and mines to see how much better you will cope with it or cry OP unit like the widow mine, ideal for SKilltoss like yourself. Sure it is terran whining’s fault 0/10 troll , not even funny

Banelings have fully replaced SC1 Infested terrans. The role has been filled, and Banelings are better anyway, since you can reliably get them.

Lol. Vulture would be good, but Spider Mines would be a waste of an ability slot, since Terran already has the MUCH better Widow Mines, which not only can strike more than once, but also do from Stealth and can even attack Air units.

I would gladly have you trade Hellions and Widow Mines, for Vultures and Spider Mines!


Funny, that’s the first I’ve seen someone compare banes and IT’s like that. Usually I would get that response when I would argue to bring back scourge.

Which they say, you have banes now. But it’s air and ground, it’s completely different units and uses. Argument/logic used to keep scourge out never went much further than that.

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Would be fun to see, but they can only happen in ZvT and by infesting a normal command center, though it can probably be changed to infect dying PF’s and orbitals as well. Not sure how the balance will play out though. Part of the balance behind SC1 IT was that their AI was so laughably derpy and they did friendly fire damage as well. If they walk fast and smoothly in SC2, I can’t say that will be fair for Terrans at all.

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Banelings are an anti-Ground unit, so they cannot replace the Scourge.

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Infested planetary. WHERE ARE YOUR GODS NOW?!

Stealing a CC and flying it away is one of the best StarCraft feelings.


Spider Mines deal significantly more damage than Widow Mines over a larger area and do not take up supply. You could also get 3 Spider Mines for every Widow Mine, and Widow Mines typically don’t live to fire 3 times).

Between the two, Spider Mines are significantly more powerful; but have lower utility.


Both are suicide units with about the same speed and relative cost (ITs are double supply, double cost, but deal 500 damage with friendly-fire).

They are comparable, although the Baneling is more balanced.

Ok, but the people who make that comparison are being ridiculous considering all of the differences between the units, between air/ground, and all of the quirks Brood War relied on to keep Scourge balanced in Sc1.

I’ve also seen the argument made that Banelings replaced Lurkers. Which I never agreed with and was glad that they returned Lurker.

What was supposed to replace the Lurker was the Swarhost (same role, burrowing Siege unit), but it failed at it’s job, as it was always either OP, or useless, because the concept of a walking free unit spawner, cannot be balanced with the Starcraft “resource wars” gameplay.

Host didn’t come until Hots though. So what replaced lurker during WOL?

It was a bad unit. They really added a lot of bad units in hots. Cancerhost set rally and win really killed the game for protoss.

They still had infestors spamming infested terrans. So what is your logic there?

Yes, sadly, since then, the game killing whine tearans have also whined out IT’s. As they had whined out the good Ultra, Viper and any other unit Zerg had beforehand.

Infested Terrans required more actions to spam, and did not come in groups with every click.
Also, they were eventually removed, proving taht I was right, free units could never be balanced in Starcraft “resource wars” gameplay.

Yet broodlings are free. Remove broodlord according to your logic.

Broodlings need the Broodlord to attack in Range of Thors and Tempests, and Broodlords are generally unviable, so they do not cause issues.

They did do 125 damage, to ground only. Widow mines can hit air, and reload. As far as not taking up supply, you do need to make the 2 supply Vulture first. Then go manually lay all the mines.

No shift clicking in SC1 so it can take a while to lay them all with mass vultures. If you get supply blocked or max out late game, you can always a-move some vultures across the map. Only 75 minerals and very fast, with the Ion Thrusters upgrade.


And if i am not mistaken Spider-Mines did not work on hovering units (case in point Probes). Archons and DarkArchons were immune.

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Yes, the only advantage of Spider Mines was technically not costing supply or resources, but Widow Mines are far superior, in any regard.
Vultures are also worse than Hellions, their only saving grace was costing solely Minerals.

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