Bring back Infested Terrans from SC1

Infested terrans were easily the worst unit in the game, worse than scouts. They have no synergy. Send em alone and they easily die before they can reach targets. Send em with other units and they kill just as much allies as enemies. They’re really fragging expensive too.

Not with 3 armor.

Wouldn’t call 100/50 really expensive.

idk man, i see people micro vultures to pretty good effect. And by people I mean Artosis and Scan and probably one other. So i’ve seen at least three people do some pretty good micro with vultures.

You can micro them easier, in terms of BW, because they are small and fast.

First I’ve heard of Scan. That’s a cool name.

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Vultures would not work so well in SC2, where the selection limit is almost removed, and where the AoE damage of the Hellion would vasty overshadow it.

Gameplay in SC2 is much swarmier than in BW, for all 3 races.
You have Vultures in the Campaign, and almost no one uses them.

Right but they could still be good, as far as only costing 75 minerals. Also the damage was different in SC1. Vultures had concussive damage.

They did well against smaller enemies such as lings and zealots. Yet had a hard time killing any other more advanced units as well as buildings.

You are meant to use them in that Orlan mission. Because of how fast they are, you can go hit and run with them and find all the minerals. It’s actually fun going mass vulture in that mission.

I used to go mass vulture with Raynor in co op too. A lot easier to spam the mines everywhere with the SC2 controls.


For their ease of dying before paying off in any way and killing allies, it is.

They are scary in that Tassadar mission though. Also, they have high move speed. I would use Tassadar’s Hallucination to bait the IT.

Fascinating how much they changed them going into SC2. All of a sudden they were basically marines.