down for maintenance after 24+ hours?

I’ve been away from Starcraft 2 for probably over a year and just now looking to get back into it. I only play single player against the AI so no real need for other than because I have to for Blizzard’s DRM…

Since yesterday I’ve been trying to log into Battlenet after the game attempts to launch but an error message continually displays saying “ is down for maintenance. Please try again later”. It’s odd that I can log into what I’ll call the battlenet “app” but once I launch the game from there I have to log in again but on this second login attempt I get the previously mentioned error message.

How am I supposed to know how long to wait? Server maintenance typically does not last more than 24 hours in my experience and who knows how long this has been lasting before I attempted to log in?

I tried to go the “Play Offline” route but it says I have to “register my game client” to play offline…which then takes me to the login screen for Battlenet…which then takes me to the “down for maintenance” popup, and around we go.

Is there maintenance truly being done still or is there an issue with my machine? I’ve already cleared my game cache in an attempt to fix this.

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logged in just fine for me, its 2pm est time.

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Hey TomwiseGimge,

It sounds like you’re trying to connect to the PTR.

First, make sure that on the launcher the selector is set to the live/main Starcraft game.

Second, if the above doesn’t doesn’t work, see this post and try the steps within:


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