Baneling is the best unit in this game

Baneling is the best harass unit in this game.
Baneling is the best frontal combat unit in this game.
Baneling is the most cost efficient unit in this game.
Baneling is the unit that costs the least supply in this game.
Baneling cost less than a reaper (50/25) +

Nerf Banelings.


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What a coincidence, the WM costs 72/25, has lower build time, higher base dmg, range of 5 vs 0.25, targets air and ground, and hey it survives after attacking. Funny isn’t it? Because by your logic I just proved that the WM is way more efficient than the beneling.

Ah, btw the beneling’s const is not 75/25 but you’re too teran to know this…


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Doesn’t the cost efficiency of the banelings depends on the ability of the opponent to counter it ? I mean, the quality of your split as a terran, or of your FF as a protoss, or of you individual focus as a Z in a ling banes fight, all of those seem more related to skill than to balance.

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he probably stim a-moved his way to masters and can’t go higher



You shoud ask for Intellectual-Properties Rights for this phrase.
Can i use that too?
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But please, be my guest.

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That cost is shown after the word reaper, I just assumed he was referring to the reaper cost, not the baneling cost.

Marine is the best unit in the game:

High DPS
More efficient than the baneling
Can attack against air units.
Faster than baneling when stimmed.


Mines cost 2 supplys, banelings cost 0,5 supply.
Mines need to siege before attack and can’t move, banelings can move, don’t need to siege before attack (and it’s why banelings can destroy a mineral line without any micro.

Banelings building time : 14 sec, Widowmines building time : 21 sec.

False because banelings damage don’t decrease with the radius when widowmines damage decrease with the radius.
+widowmines don’t scale with attack upgrade, 1 banelings can one shot 20 workers with +2 attack LOL.

If they survives after attacking it’s because you lose the fight.

Yeah sorry banelings cost is 50/25, this show how much this OP 0,5 supply unit is.

Have you tried not microing your reaper on their base after amoving into creep?

I can tell by reading that:

  1. You don’t micro
  2. You don’t clear creep

The problem, honestly, isn’t the baneling, it’s YOU.

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I don’t think Banelings need a nerf. But i do think they are slightly too good against Protoss. Not that the baneling is OP its that Protoss does not have an effective way of dealing with it. You’d think storm is good but storm is actually ineffective against banelings on creep. and ofc it survives through a storm off creep thanks to +5 hp.

I thought they already nerfed banes? Oh an congrats on your second Zerg hate post of the day.

Oh no my ez massable cheap tier 1 unit that go toe to toe with some tier 3 units die to something Blizz pls nerf


That’s not exactly that : widow mines deal more damage to their primary target, but then their splash damage is constant all over the radius.

It’s also a spell damage, meaning it will always have the same performance, indepedently of its attack upgrades, or of the opponent’s armor.

When stimmed and offcreep. :mag:

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Why even I’m wasting time, try to make a bene out of thin air, oh wait you can’t because you need a ling for that to happen.

Beneling die after they explode, mine does not. Beneling can’t target air, mines can.

Check your facts, we already saw you don’t know basic things for zerg as the cost of one of the simplest units.


Baneling is actually one of the least cost efficient units in the game. It gets 1 attack and that attack needs to kill 2-3 marines (or equivalent) or it’s trading negatively; and each marine can soak 2 banelings after combat shields, assuming equal upgrades.

Conversely, we have the widow mine:
Siege and forget
Potentially infinite attacks
Does 125 damage ignoring armor (because it’s a spell)
Costs only 25 minerals more than the baneling
Did I mention requires no micro?
Is cloaked while active
1.5 more supply than a baneling

Honestly, I’ll trade. Widow mine for banelings, let’s do it.


Zerg getting widow mines when most of their units are melee thus dying to splash? XD. I’m looking forward to marine medivac baneling… Medivac boosted baneling drops single-handedly would break the game in terrans favour, lmao.

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