Archon Mode gone

Please take out the mode for good… It’s been useless since 2019

collegewings is salty cuz he never wins at it.

i hope its a bug. give us back archon!


Nice meme account lol

BRING BACK ARCHON!!! :frowning:


Just noticed this issue today. Please restore archon mode.


Team is aware and is working on it. This will be back!


Is the team also aware that PvZ has been at 55+% winrate? When we getting a balance fix?

The QA and coding teams? No because they dont deal with balance. And Youve been around long eniugh to know that. Plus the last thing ever said about the game was that balance changes would only happen if there were major issues. The game is done. Perhaps you can try asking the star craft 1 teams if they are going to to fix thier balancing issues? Its the same thing, the game is done.

Funny you should say that given that a couple months ago they did actually patch BW to fix the balance issue of flying scvs.

But yeah “ThE gAmE iS dOnE”

Lol, Metalisk isn’t a meme account. He and I regularly play against eachother in archon.

That is what is known as a “bug fix”. Not a balance issue.

I literally do not care. It’s unacceptable that over a year of balance problems goes ignored but a game mode played by a total of 42 people gets an immediate response and fix. It’s a betrayal of their core supporters.

Funny, because i literally do not care about your balance whining.

forget archon and just give us team Grandmaster league instead

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You guys are back at reading stuff in this forum section now? I’ve got a lot of work for yalls xD

whats the hold up on bringing it back??

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Funny how? Theres a big difference between patching bugs and balance changes. I never said that either game wouldnt get patches. I only called you out for posting balance in a bug forum/thread.

How did you manage to ignore all that in your ClEvEr rEsPoNsE? You either dont actually know the difference between bugs and balance. Or your one of those that makes sure to conveniently ignore what doesnt neeatly fit your claims

is there a way I can help?

Hey Gang,

There is tons of map hacks in each match up and it needs to be block and won’t let other players can see where it located. They need to have a new software for this of problem. Also there is tons of cheating going on as well.

Walter Chow

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Any informations there because it takes ages to fix that problem? 3 months now :confused: