Updates on Archon mode

I don’t understand why it should be restored in the first place. This mode was dead long time ago. There were so few people playing it that literally gold, platinum players were able to reach GM in archon LOL. There is no need to restore that garbage and waste server power. Instead it would be much better to bring back WOL or HOTS ladders (or both). I’m pretty sure a lot more people would be interested to play it.


I agree on the the GM nonsense for archon but WoL hoTs should not have ladder and leagues for the same reason maybe some unranked

It should get restored - me and my wife enjoy playing Versus with Archon mode, we noticed it when it was removed immediately… hard to get that info to anyone at Blizzard though…

I don’t really care about Archon mode in Ranked… and I’m sure it is dead… but there should be no reason to take away a game mode.


The new ladder season is supposed to start in a week. Hopefully there will at least be an update from the community manager.

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I love it ranked, and there were always people laddering there, never longer waiting times (EU server). We were a good group of players playing it, and it’s the best way at teaching people the game while actually having fun as the teacher also :smiley:

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That would legitimately be dumber than bringing back Archon mode. It would A) fragment the game’s playerbase and make it harder for all players to get games, or B) mean that WoL and HotS ladder literally would never get played.

Archon mode didn’t have many players, it’s true, but it was a unique game mode that was great for teaching people the general idea of the game, and was good fun to play with a partner. My wife and I both loved Archon mode, even if it took quite a while to get a game on the NA server.

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Just because you and your wife were playing it doesn’t mean it should be restored. This mode IMO was pointless from the very beginning. Why on earth would two players control single instance ? That never made sense. StarCraft 2 is an individual game and as such players should learn to play on their own rather than with a partner. Removal of Archon Mode was very good decision.


Currently you are right. Restoring it would definitely divide playerbase, but i believe if old ladders were back (or at least one of them) and LOTV was removed i’m pretty sure lot of players would return to SC2. I don’t need to remind you that the moment when LOTV became main ladder many players instantly dropped the game without even giving LOTV a chance. To this day i read opinions on the internet that LOTV is by far the worst SC2 expansion - it introduced changes nobody asked for - 12 workers start, decreased mineral count, new idiotic units with horrible design, ravager, disruptor, cyclone etc. Old ladders were much better overall.

I really hope it comes back soon. me and my friend were playing it pretty often.
It’s a lot of fun and a great way to learn an offrace from someone who mains that race.
If people dont enjoy it thats fine, nobody is forcing anyone to play it, but I dont see why it should be removed when it was working fine and there was plenty of people playing and enjoying it. anyway hopefully there will be some news soon :crossed_fingers:

Archon mode was a good idea but handled improperly.

I think it should be restored since I know quite a few people who only really enjoyed playing this mode, I would have liked more ‘designated’ roles though, taking on a particular job like handling base defense/economy, and being the attacker/aggressor.

It was removed because there were not enough players. Keeping game mode just because “few people enjoy it” is not the valid reason. Remember that SC2 is running on servers and if not enough ppl play certain mode then simply server power is wasted. Sorry, but the game must earn money to pay its maintenance costs. Other modes, coop, campaign ladders are played by hundreds of thousands of people, in addition to that there are still plenty of tournaments so it pays off. In case of Archon this is just a waste of power and money. Forget about it. I’m glad this is gone.

No. That is a bug/malfunction/error that was recognized as such by a member of the staff already.

edit: thanks Cammy, I was too lazy to find the link :stuck_out_tongue:

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I thought there might be an announcement when the new season started, but it didn’t. Whole thing is just super weird!

No matter if some ppl here personally find the gamemode uninteresting or not, there was already a public post by a Community manager here in november that basically implied that it’s a bug.
They seem to be working on bringing it back in the next patch.

When this will be, nobody knows.


just ignore abs, he’s clearly trolling

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I am for both restoring Classic (WoL and HotS) and Archon ladders. The more the better.

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It made perfect sense as a way to aid people into getting into a game that otherwise has a very difficult kearning curve for most players. It made sense as a game mode to do, but came far to late to actually be effective. If this had come back in WoL or HotS you can bet it would have been significantly more played.

I have to agree with you, despite being a niche mode, it was great for helping players. But just because isn’t popular, it shouldn’t be kept removed, the same with classic game modes.

Which in the long run is very bad for the player because the game is designed for solo play, not archon. Even if a player learns something from Archon mode, after jumping into 1v1 they will get crushed because they won’t be able to cope with all the multitasking the game requires - base management, unit control, harass at the same time etc.

For the final time - NO ! It was stupid that this mode was introduced, i never played it and it’s waste of server power even if you disagree with me.

with LOTV they tried to fix SC2 main problem, its genre, making RTS scene more dynamic and pacey, that’s why they introduced the 12 drones start and somewhat imposed players to move out of their base and get expansions to juice out all the action in the game. It’s a different feeling playing out battles with capital ships rather than hanging on a thread of life with 2 stalkers and ever guessing if more roaches will come again. Also the build-up in WOL was particularly hard as a lost drone or any other wrong move early in the game had such a large impact over the course of the game.

While controversial, i think these changes made the overall SC2 experience more appealing to anyone considering playing it, although I fully agree with you it came at the expense of veteran players. I played like <10 matches in HOTS realizing it’s such BS and went back to old faithful WOL. LOTV is more playable but it still has some balance issues. However, they literally had a decade to test and balance units in WOL before even releasing the game and most of the units already existed from the previous SC, so easier to work around chemistry and general functionality. In LOTV they had to rush things to get $$ and this was (at least for me) really noticeable in ladder balance.

But I think it’s good they have removed the WOL/HOTS queues, although I was actively playing them and favoring them over LOTV. Mostly because 4v4 and 3v3 took an obscene amount of Q time (I was waiting ~7-10 minutes for 4v4 at 10.00 PM CET, 3.00-4.00AM were simply not enough players, I had like 40-45 mins Q times and I just went to sleep eventually). Also, not being enough players lead to match-up inconsistencies (I was Master, placed with 3 silvers which were basically AFK vs 4 plats). I was barely winning the match 1v4 and I was getting +0 or +2 pts per victory which made no sense playing anymore.

Same thing happened to Archon and I’m glad they removed it. And just like the rest, WOL, HOTS, FFA, there were simply not enough players and it makes no sense dividing an already crippling player base over some dead queues. And just like WOL, HOTS and FFA, people can still play Archon (or at least should, I haven’t tried) in custom games.

As a final note, it would have been better from Blizzard to be more transparent on communication by explicitly saying they have intentionally removed it, instead of wrapping it around as patch bug or whatever. Also, kinda D move from them to remove achievements from the players. I don’t agree with that fake GM finish in Teams, but at the same time, it was players effort and merit, and probably the only real incentive to play that mode.