Archon got removed and no one noticed?

Can they bring back archon and give players who are 1v1ing an option handicap mode on ladder where a player can 1v2?? Would be cool to see parting demolish an archon team

They can add ladder point adjustments.

if the single player loses, they only lose half the points. But if they win they get double? Idk something like that

This could also reduce queue times


I would think more people care about master league bug (which is now probably unfixable because it has been like this for several seasons and the incorrect master placement & achievements is permanently in the affected players history).

Archon mode does still exist afaik in custom melee, just not in a ranked ladder (where you had to wait 30 minutes to get a game anyway)
And Archon GM makes no sense


you’re totally right, if some don’t enjoy it, they needn’t play it. others might enjoy it still and there’s nothing wrong with that!

Devs just dont support StarCraft anymore.

A total Archon re-design mode would be great. One for builders and one for army commanders.

It was incredibly hard to find a queue and even harder to get a good match; but archon mode can be quite fun if your teammate is around your skill level and an actual friend. If you really understand 1v1 it can be rather fascinating and enjoyable, especially with high-apm styles like mass reaper, 2-1-1, disruptor drops and multi warp prism play, creep spread for zerg lol (zerg is kinda tough but anything with multiple drop ovis works). These are just some basic examples. I enjoyed the mode since it doesnt have a single unit best in slot for each races like all team games do. for example, pheonix, ling openers, and mech. Sorry kids im saying it

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