Archon got removed and no one noticed?

Archon was so dead that almost no one noticed it got removed? Both archon and GM archon got removed.

I for one am glad Blizzard finally listened to the community after all those years saying that archon was boring and no one was playing it.

Good, now bring back FFA.


how about a redesign? starcraft archon mode turbo edition, terran only(with campaign units). the trick to making it enjoyable is giving each player a role… it won’t work well with zerg or protoss, there isn’t many cooperative options for those 2 races.

I remember when pros pretended to like archon mode when they played it during a break within a high-yield tournament. I can’t remember if it was DH or Blizzcon. A few years back it was.

Some do though. Harstem, Lambo, Soul, etc. all play it together for fun.

There were threads about yesterday, so it’s not like you have discovered America.

There is no info in patch notes. Bug or feature? Probably bug. Don’t get yourself hyped.
Also if you don’t enjoy a mode, it doesn’t mean others don’t.


Almost no one enjoyed it. You can count on your fingers the number of teams that regularly played it. Good riddance to it

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Hopefully this new team gets a brain and finally do what they should have done years ago:

Add GM to teams.


Yes, hopefully they bring grandmasters to teams instead and fix the matchmaking and get rid of bonus pool

Good riddance, fake GM. Faker than the forum GMs-in-posting

It was a very cool and creative mode, it’s lack of popularity stems from the player base who don’t enjoy playing in teams as much, people who spent most most of their childhood playing single computer games or multiplayer but every player controls only what’s his are simply not used to playing as a team unlike normal sports , I don’t recall something as close to Archon mode I played before as playing PES soccer as 4 players with each pair sharing a football team


I can speak for myself. I love team games and play team games 90% of my time, especially 3v3 and 4v4. Not a fan of 1v1 here. But I also dislike archon. It never felt right for me.

At least they should notify us that they removed it, it’s still a mode I wanna play even tho I barely touch the game anymore


Yeah, they could have made a petition or something , why even remove something that is already developed and working and doesn’t require maintenance costs !! To save us some disk space !!

Me and my brother pretty much only play archon and having it removed is devastating. I understand it wasn’t well populated but we could find games fairly frequently.

Please bring back the mode! How is it hurting anyone to have it available?


Who likes and who dislikes Archon mode is not an argument.

Archon was a game mode many people liked and played. Less players than other modes, but players played it, and it was fun after you figure out the roles among the two players.

It was a very good excercise for players to focus on either the macro or micro part of the game and we both benefitted from the game mod an insane amount in 1v1 or team games too.

Blizzard at least should clarify they took it out accidentally, or its gone forever. This is their product, this is their responsibility, and communication doesn’t cost a penny.


I’m sorry but archon mode was not played at all. Often times queues lasted more than an hour to find a game.

But I agree Blizzard should clarify in the patch notes of such change. I’m not surprised though as the game is completely abandoned by now.

That’s just false, I have been playing archon daily for more than a year with my best friend and we also found teams in max 6 minutes.
Even if less players play it, why just remove it, does it pose problem to people that it is up ?
I am utterly disappointed as it was the only sc2 mode I was playing.
So that means my starcraft 2 days are over, not that I wanted to…

Bring back Archon


I am so sad that Archon is gone. Went GM twice and it was such a nice thing to do with a buddy. I mean its nearly impossible to get 1v1 GM so that was always a nice opportunity to get some fun games and have something for your profile. Now my GM placements are gone :frowning: so sad. I can still see it on the webpage profile but not ingame. I mean they could have at least left the statistics and achieved placements.

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I am not here to lie and give you false information, buddy, better check up your context before marking other people’s post as false.

I guess you probably just played on a low level mmr so you are assuming your experience as the universal reality, which naturally it isn’t. The level I played at in archon 4.5k+ had queues averaging 45 minutes and I have a few screenshots here of games that took 1 hour and half to find a game. Heck, archon was so dead that it’s GM leaderboard last season had 196 EMPTY slots, only 4 teams had enough games played (30 every 3 weeks) to qualify for it.

I have data and screenshots to back up what I’m saying, I’m sorry but someone serious will never accept your argument.

Don’t be fooled, Blizzard would not remove archon if it were thriving. They ain’t that stupid.