Archon got removed and no one noticed?

Im with you on this one Seizon. The whole reason starcraft was so fun was the team battles and multiplayer ffa maps back in the day, and the whole reason i even play sc2 now, granted i dont play archon at all, but 3v3, 4v4 are where its at in fun, when you get good match ups, not ones where you get a team killer, or afk, or the guys that leave as soon as the game starts.

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If you play any abandoned expansion like War3 reign of chaos or sc2 wings of liberty… people will reach high leagues because without much or any competition all slots are free. It is why they dont give GM to stay for past expansions, have to be strong on the relevant patch and units. They could just leave master league highest but nvm GM archon could never be treated the same way as 1v1


Yes I can see the point for your examples. But the units and mechanics are the same and its basically a 1v1 with 4 people. So its not easier in a way that the game is any different. And yes of course there were always many empty spots but still I see no reason to remove it. There were enough players until you reached the top where it actually was kind of a pain to find a game quick. But it was not like the players sucked. I have faced kind of only masters and even some 1v1 grandmasters. I mean of course its not as difficult but it was not that easy. Otherwise there would have been more spots taken in GM no? I mean at the end of the season it was maybe like 25 pairs. I mean I get it I get it it was not a popular mode. But completely delete it? Seems kind of like an overreaction. Why not just let it be? They dont want to do much work anyways in the future. Why kill something when you are finished with a game? And I still have a lot of achievements from stuff that isnt possible anymore and people who are new cant get that. So whats the deal with not leaving the statistics and achievements? Thats the saddest part. Its just all gone. Not just a mode I love but also everything that works as a memorie to the nice time. Idk it just saddens me

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I was GM Archon with my brother. We would regularly play against Metalisk and Ryan. We almost never waited beyond five minutes queue.

How has this been a problem for a whole week and no official word from Blizzard? This was advertised as a part of LotV. Should I ask for a refund at this point?

While this is true, you barely play the game, so why does it matter…?

You are flat out lying. There’s no way you find games frequently. I know because the time I’ve spend sitting in archon queue can add up to over a few days. Also, its integrity is ruined by Blizzard’s lack of action on taking out the barcode accounts win trading their way up the ladder for at least a year. It’s a good thing.

You have more toes + fingers than the number of teams that actively played the game mode. This is not many by any means.

This is true at least.

This is flat out false - stop kidding yourself. I know Asia’s archon ladder is pretty dead, and I’ve personally sat in NA queue countless times. Unless you consistently play on EU, you are flat out lying, and even if you only played on EU, I’d have trouble believing you.

Yes - grandmaster teams have been a joke since archon declined in 2019.

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Please blizzard I don’t care about the deleted stats, just bring archon mode back to ladder.


I would also very much like to see archon mode back. Not that I expect much from a company as honestly despicable as Activision Blizzard. Hopefully Frost Giant will eventually save the day. Til then, I guess I’ll be moving across to AoE2 or something.

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I have been playing archon with my friend on and off for 2 years. And i have never, ever, had to wait more than 10 minutes for a game. Maybe thats a problem for when you are queing up because both on the european and Us servers iv hade noe issues.

I want the mode back :frowning:

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Why tf do you care that they removed something you obviously don’t care about? We care about it. We played it. It’s not all about you.

Edit: just checked your profile looks like you don’t play ranked. Wtf are you complaining about if you don’t even play the game???

Bumping again: Blizzard! WHY HAVE YOU NOT RESPONDED???



Wow quick response by Blizzard

66% of the playerbase is upset about balance and post constantly about it
Blizzard: I Sleep
the 42 people that still played archon mode get upset it was silently removed
Blizzard: Understandable, have a great day


Yea, they prioritize stuff that almost nobody cares honestly.


so this a bug? lol. did they fix the free master league or some archon mode no1 plays is higher priority? Next bug: cancel wcs finals because the bnet menu disappeared

I hope that Blizzard restores Archon ladder. I enjoyed playing it with my friends, especially my friends who are new (or haven’t played in a long time). I could perform the macro (and emergency cannon rush defense), and they could control the army, learn to use the units, and figure out unit interactions.


Hey! Where did they comment this? Thanks for posting the update!

Most of the playerbase does not play ranked/competitive games,and the people who post are the minority and here in the forums most of the accounts are from the same ten persons at most.

Far, FAR more people play 1v1 than Archon.

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Yes thats easy to say considering almost no one played archon, but there are other main non competitive modes campaign,coop,customs/arcade.

Archon is just a weird thing that seems to be competitive but it isn’t at all,but in essence it would be considered as one of the competitive modes.