All of main menu not working

Profile pictures, achievements, custom games, co-op commander levels all aren’t loading in. Versus mode has everything grayed out except unranked, but if you press unranked, nothing happens and it says “Not available while initializing game mode.”

I’ve already tried verifying, redownloading, deleting Blizzard Entertainment cache, deleting Starcraft II folder in documents, getting rid of Onedrive, turning off firewall and antivirus to see if that was the problem, and changing regions. All of which did not fix the problem.

If you mean all are level 1, the most likely thing is that you’re loggin in with the wrong account, could explain other things too.
If your profile is loaded on the forum, it can be seen that you have lots of points and achievements and stuff, so it should not be broken server-side…unless these notoriously broken web-profiles are using cached data of course.

Definitely not wrong account. All achievements and profile pictures show just an empty box.