Alarak's Minions Sacrifice, How does this work?

Is this automatic or do I have something? I see the button but during play it’s not pressable.
I see the counter go up on achievements after each maps play but I wonder.

Is this automatic or I just have to surround him with minions? Also, what’s defined as a minion? Can I use all his units(supplicant, slayer, ascendant, havoc, vanguard, wrath walker, photon Cannon, and war prism) to draw power from or just some? Can I draw power for Coop Commander Units?

In a nutshell, the answer is yes.

Want to lose your whole army? You’ll see what Alarak does. That’s why a lot of people, like me, keep him locked in a stationary warp prism.

That way your troops can actually be microed, and stay alive.

That’s giving up a lot of power and utility, better to learn how to micro him with the army. Especially since all his army needs for micro is either mass blinking, literal move commands, or rapid firing things to death.

:joy: :point_up: yeah… okay. “A lot of people”… mmm, yes.

Let’s lock away the hero unit and pretend it’s a good way to play. Or instead, play the hero unit and learn not to dive him into 99999999dmg :thinking: . Now there’s a thought.

I see the bad player.

If you want to sacrifice more units quickly, make Ascendants. They automatically eat them as their energy gets low, but don’t forget to research Power Overwhelming to make them stack. You can also manually eat them with Ascendants, but that generally isn’t recommended unless you’re doing an advanced strategy.

Flagged for Trolling.

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That would be you boss. And I know you bought all the other hero units too. Trust me, I’m better than you without even using Ally. It’s called Robo comp.

lol. You’re telling one of the top tier Alarak mains that they’re bad? You’re really something. Let’s see how you actually play then, hot shot.

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Please keep trolling more by suggesting to newer players how not to play Alarak… we are all dying to know more on the terrible strategy you are proposing.

Even if we consider the player can’t micro Alarak himself well. And so, as a safety, you can leave him behind.

What you’re suggesting is so far beyond that. This new/unskilled player is to, according to you:

  1. Make Robo for no reason.
  2. Make War Prism for no reason.
  3. Lock Alarak in with Survey Mode.
  4. Over >500 resources later and a ton of wasted time, Alarak is not used.

When all this player has to achieve the same thing is not include Alarak in the control group… yes, great advice.

Although I must be trolling cuz I’m telling new players to learn to adjust, by not diving an engagement improperly.

Btw Glass, it’s one thing if you wish to play Alarak subpar, but no need to exaggerate it into things like “a lot of people” do what you do.

I’ve played thousands of games, >400 with Alarak and another >400 as Alarak. I’ve not once seen a single player “lock Alarak” in. So no offence if I don’t believe “a lot of people” do this.


Hitting the nail right on the head here.

Upload your solo replay or it’s a lie, simple as that.


Lemme guess, you don’t like Alarak coz he’s a MOBA unit, isn’t it Uther?


Alarak automatically sacrifices his nearest unit whenever he takes fatal damage. He prioritizes supplicants first and then works up to higher tech units from there (i.e. Havocs, Slayers, Ascendants, Vanguards, etc.). Ascendants can also sacrifice supplicants (but only them) to regain energy; this is auto-cast by default. So it is generally recommended you keep a gang of supplicants with Alarak at all times or he will sacrifice expensive elements of your army such as your maxed ascendants or wrathwalkers to save himself.

Don’t feed the trolls people.

I’m sure GlassTossGSL is just trolling, but if there are newer players here, then they really don’t need to see his idiotic “advice”.

What would Alarak think if you tried to keep him from the front lines?

Just to add to this, that’s what the “level” is for when you mouse over Alarak’s units, the higher the number the higher the priority, so long as they are in range of Alarak to eat.

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Just like with the stasis cell on the Spear of Adun, he’d just bust his way out of the War Prism and march to the frontlines without the player’s command.
Tal’darim are not known for cowering. Even the Highlord will get involved with war.

One of the most fun things I’ve read on this thread was a player calling himself a top tier Alarak main.