Additional separate ladder on normal game speed

Hello all,
The topic of gamespeed has been discussed many times leading mostly to childish flames between those who like the current “faster” setting on the ladder and those who would prefer it to be slower like “normal” or even “slower”. Therefore I’d like to ask everyone to be respectful to each other here: think twice before stating that whatever part of your body is bigger/better/nicer than of the person you are replying to :wink:

The facts are, that people have different tastes regarding what speed they enjoy most, yet the ladder supports only 1 setting.
Many ppl who enjoy “faster” keep saying “git gud”, which misses the point that there are a lot of people who do NOT WANT to dedicate their time to get better at speed setting that they simply do NOT ENJOY. For a huge number of people this game is supposed to be a way to have some fun few hours a week, nothing more.
Then there is an argument “but you can play on whatever speed you like in ‘custom’”. Yes indeed, but since it’s not “promoted” in any way by the game, it is not easy to find ppl to play with at slower settings: having a ladder allows you to find an opponent within a few seconds almost any time of a day. More important however, having a ladder adds LOTS OF FUN to playing.
Now there’s a very important reason why “FASTER” LADDER IS NECESSARY: professional esports. Watching live games on anything slower than “faster” is daaaamn booooring and if it’s boring, then not many ppl will watch events; if not many ppl watch events, then corporations will not have any incentive to sponsor events; if there are no sponsors, there are no prizes and no professional esports, which would be a very sad thing (it may happen anyway for other reasons, but let’s not digress now).

So as mentioned before, so far there were only childish flames on why one setting is better than others, which is absolutely pointless. A simple solution would be to have SEPARATE LADDERS FOR DIFFERENT SPEED SETTINGS. This way everyone would be able to compete at whichever speed they like, while most enjoyable to watch “faster” could still try to attract event sponsors. This is not a new idea, in fact that’s how it is for example in professional chess or in games like “Age of Conquest” and it is proven to work very well (I mean there are still flames “ladder with setting X is for noobs, all pros play on Y” by folks who have a need to assert superiority of their body parts, but they are mostly ignored by everyone ;-] )
This solution would make game more enjoyable to much greater number of people, which in turn would increase interest in watching live events, so in the end it would be beneficial for everyone: for Blizzard, for professional players on “faster” ladders, for sponsors and for those who enjoy slower settings. Therefore I’d like to kindly ask everyone to support this idea, regardless which speed is your favorite. This also seems like an easy thing to implement, so there’s a chance Blizzard will actually do it if there’s enough hype about it.

Thanks for reading everyone and have fun playing the game! :slight_smile:


You are detached from reality if you think anyone will do some things on a game accepted to be so for 13 years and a game which development stopped in 2020.

Bronze- Grandmaster Faster
Bronze- Grandmaster Fast
Bronze- Grandmaster Normal
Bronze- Grandmaster Slow
Bronze- Grandmaster Ulta Slower

Split player base in gazillion different leagues, across gazillion different Speeds. And just how many players you think you will match?

Do you think someone should have a GM portrait and calling himself so for being a Slow GM. I dont even know AOE4 to have such split.

Do you also split sports in different paces? Then the solution is do not play where you dont like, most people do not play RTS because they choose to play custom games Arcade not because all will jump on the SLOW GM LEAGUE wagon.

Gotta love those few posters that believes how right they are even though people with better view tell them. I have been with War3, SC2 for all these years since their release and I can tell for a fact, there is nothing that requires me to play on slower speed. SC2 is a bit more extreme that comes from its macro game.

What you are saying is BS go to TL net and see how many support your claim that everybody is mental and needs to play slower. We do so because we enjoy climbing mountain peaks and we do not use trucks or laser cutters to remove the peak. If we cannot, then so be it. It is not for everyone. Enjoy the lower leagues. But no you want to be lower league skilled but be GM tehehehehe

If you are looking for brain dead games that even have AUTOMATED controls (all my players in the guild play on auto never to control something), I can suggest you one mobile, there are many such - mobile players are terrible… they actually are like idiots who cant do one thing on their own. Probably because they do not play games that require challenge and just play in cheats and purchases.

So before you claim how people who tell you big NO are childish, maybe think how ridiculous these ideas are, just are you thinking clearly or like someone who has no clue . And you cannot change how the game was made in the first place - to be competitive, it is not a game like a story mode game to allow you different paces against other players, that is why Campaign has difficulties because it is story mode.

Also dont you feel ret*rded when everyone is playing the way the game is and you want to play slower than them?

It is pointless to even explain. What you suggest does not exist with any strategy game, player base is one not split in gazillion dimensions. so BAAD BAD IDEA basically ur trolling.

“But why do they attack me they are horrible my ideas are so great devs should bow before and hire me asap”

Ahh you need to look more in the mirror, n00b

Yeah, right. People will fight like crazy to be a “Slow Grandmaster”. XD Maybe also create a separate ladder for people with disabilities and a separate one for non-white LBTQ+. XD

Idea of a noob. Get rekt.