Achievements are too easy

I am 5k, but i expected since this is 10 years aniversary they give some hardcore achievements, they are probably easier to do , than original ones…

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I think you may be confusing yourself because you are not living in the Blizzard era, we are in the Activision era. There is no such thing as more hardcore / more difficult. Their main focus is to make everything as mainstream and accessible as possible. A more obvious example would be raiding in WoW where over time, people get a a raid wide buff that increases so that it allows them to gain access to more content. And the same thing will be applied to SC2 as well. The achievements are intended to be more accessible, not more exclusive… which well, decreases the satisfaction of owning the achievements.


Since when was blizzard ever “hardcore exclusive”? Everybody could complete Diablo 2 on hell with found gear and enough time to actually get there. Everybody could complete all the campaigns in SC1 and BW with time and some thought. Ditto Warcrafts 2 and 3, and their expansions.


You should do Contract Saviors 10th anniversary achievement right now before gamedevs patch it up. Hardest achievement of all time.


Many of the achievements are harder than the existing ones, especially if you do them on brutal.
For example

  • Arachnophile Destroy 30 enemy forces with Spider Mines in the “Sudden Strike” mission.
    Curiosity Killed the Zergling Destroy 200 enemy forces with Spider Mines in the “Sudden Strike” mission on Normal difficulty.
  • 28 Minutes Later Complete the “Outbreak” mission on Normal difficulty before the 5th night.
    23 Minutes Later Complete the “Outbreak” mission on Normal difficulty before the 4th night.

Not all are harder, but why should they?
If you want hardcore mode, make it for yourself … like finishing campaign without losing a single unit or similar …


And actually the achievement Contract Saviors is currently pretty hard (because of a bug). There are some topics about people being able to do it, on Normal difficulty / Slower speed. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I have really enjoyed most of the 10th anniversary achievements so far. Yes they are not the most challenging out there, but still good fun.

I feel like SC2 has enough achievements that are very rare / very hard.

Shame it does not have a counter for how rare an achievement actually is in-game. (like Steam or PSN)

One simple thing they absolutely should have done is to make the achievements tiered like some of the others. 10 points for normal, another 10 for hard, and another 10 for brutal. Instant increase in difficulty for very little work and people that complete them on brutal actually have something to show for it. I don’t know why they didn’t do it like that given that they themselves claim to know all of them are possible on brutal. I’m not sure if it’s lack of imagination or not wanting to distress the poor babies that would cry if they couldn’t easily complete them on brutal.

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“the poor babies” … and this is why you wont get much support.

I think they nailed these achievements. The vast majority where a lot of fun to do. Even if not the most challenging.
As I said before though, I think this game is filled with more than enough challenging and rare achievements.
Also has enough grinds if you want to go down that route.

There is always going to be a set of people for who campaign is going to be too easy no matter what the achievement.
I am glad these 10th anniversary are not aimed at them.

Also making them tiered is hardly “great imagination”

You moan about “cry babies” while in the same breath moaning that you dont get any bragging rights for doing it on brutal.

So how about cry less yourself?


And the solution to this problem is to make tiered achievements. You talk as if it’s an unsolvable problem. Complete lack of imagination.

We don’t need to aim the achievements at anyone. Making them tiered will give everyone something to work with.

And yet, too great for Blizzard.

Not “moaning” but rather frustratingly pointing out the idiocy and cowardice of not doing it that way.

And what do you mean “bragging rights”? We’re talking about freaking ACHIEVEMENTS. That is their purpose. If you’re going to disparage their very purpose then this isn’t a topic that you should comment on at all.

This is like creating a weight lifting competition with categories for under 50 kg, 50-100 kg, 100-150 kg, and 150+ kg and then at the end giving everyone that completed the lift the same medal that says “succeeded in lifting 50 kg”. After all, they all lifted at least 50 kg. And when the top athletes complain at the end, deriding them for wanting “bragging rights”. Preposterous and ridiculous. Absurd reasoning.

Why is it a problem? Why should they put forth extra effort to please this .5% of the playerbase who are apparently incapable of enjoying the game without doing difficult things for fairly trivial shinies?


How much effort do you imagine it would require to do it that way?

And again, if you’re going to deride the very purpose of achievements by calling them “trivial shinies” then you shouldn’t comment on this topic at all.

More than 0, which is too much for the miniscule crowd it would be appealing to.

Im sorry, i will refrain from ever posting disagreement with anybody ever again. I didnt realize it wasnt allowed on these forums.

Oh wait. It is. Dont tell me what topics i can and cannot post my opinion in.

I have a strong suspicion that it’s not as minuscule as you think.

And you’re not merely “disagreeing” with me. You’re dismissing the topic entirely while suggesting that I’m not mature or sophisticated enough because I care about such “trivial” things.

The 10th anniversary achievements are more of a celebration of the game and to get players to return after LOTV. Regardless of what achievements are offered, all dedicated achievement hunters are going back. If you make the achievements challenging but still obtainable, you might attract new players to the franchise. Make them too hard and you’ll scare them off.

There’s also the fact that there’s nothing stopping you from creating your own self-imposed challenges that you can still show off. e.g., making Youtube playthroughs of getting achievements with Brutal difficulty, or Brutal without losing a single unit, or Brutal with only melee units


That’s how I took it as well. They are part of Hurrah! for SC2. Much in the same way the various rewards were simple to obtain for the previous anniversaries/events.

That’s what popped into my mind as I was reading. One can simply do all the achievements on Brutal if they wish.


Just do as LilArrin does. Self-imposed challenges, beating Amon in “In Utter Darkness” and so on.

Just LoL, “cowardice” ? For not putting very challenging achievements in for the 0.5% of players that might be bothered by this.

The game is full of hard achievements, grind achievements and rare achievements.

Fill your boots earning those.
Or as has been suggested… nothing stopping you doing all the 10th ones on brutal. (and streaming / youtubing it if you want bragging rights…)


i also found the achievements really easy to make for most of them…
i did all of wings of liberty in 6hour in a single run, only 2 i had to restart the missions because i wasn’t sure what to do :smiley:

I enjoy the achievements they did. A lot of them are forcing playstyles I never used before, like restricting units used, or putting timers on things that didn’t used to be timed. Most of them are easy. A few, particularly in LotV seem unusually difficult though, even for normal. Who really cares, though? This is just a celebration, meant to get people to play through the campaigns again and have some fun with the nearly-forgotten content.