Achievements are too easy

Do them on brutal instead of normal. Some of them are extremely hard IMO. I have only done the Zerg ones, but even as a master Zerg player they were hard.

Also, don’t use the master archives. Play through again so you can’t make broodlords when you aren’t supposed to be able to. At least, I’m pretty sure I wasn’t supposed to have Kerrigan leveled to the level she was at on some missions, so I restarted the campaign.

Just started on Protoss and the first mission where you have to kill the Zerg base is insanely hard IMO on brutal. Some are easy, but some are downright hard.

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If u need something challenging why don’t u try to play againts real players and climb on ladder, probably winning againts Serral will be that challenging to you, or play WoW where u have to expend years to get something u wont get noticed for. People come here to play and have fun, not end frustrated by an achievement, all of them if not the vast majority should be obtainable by most of players.

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You know you are reacting to months old comment right?


A thread necro. Haven’t seen one of those for awhile.

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My favorite part is that it’s a first post of all things.

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Lol that’s true. Surprised I glossed over that.

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I think the 10th anniversary achievements are fine for this reason. It’s been out for 10 years and if you’re someone like me, you have already done the campaigns on brutal. There is no reason for me to go play the campaign again. Except these achievements are all in normal. I have never experienced the campaign on normal and it is fun to just play through it in normal where it’s not too difficult.

You should be trying to earn all achievements on brutal.