2v2 unplayable due to quitter

I have been trying to play 2v2 for the last 2 days and EVERY time i join a match i get paired up with or have to fight some guy with the name lllllllllllllllll. everytime the match starts he quits immediately. i have tried reporting him but i still keep getting paired up with him. Every match. for 2 days. And i have reported him each and every time. still getting matched with him.

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blizzard should forbid such names.

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I do report also player if they exit the game on ladder. I have create a separate post “leaving the game is cheating”.

That’s really a problem and i have the feeling that the number of people is increasing, who exit many games on purpose.

i exit from maps i can not complete like part and parcel and cradle of death.

Hello Andreas,
This are coop maps. :slight_smile: I would suggest to choose manually a map instead of “Shuffle”. Or choose for them e.g. “easy” instead of “Normal”.

Because its never nice for the other if you just leave.

i do not play random these days because it is bugged. the last few times i tried random i only got part and parcel or cradle of death, no other maps showed up.

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The only player keeps on quitting last week for 2v2 and 4v4. Also my game seems to be slow producing units out from buildings. The other players seems to build so fast and they beat us everytime. Thx.

Walter Chow

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