2v2 Bronze 1 with 3000 MMR

It show that I am 2v2 bronze with 3015 MMR! uh it’s a huge bug and some guy say in master with 2261 something MMR.

Before this season, I was between Platinum 2 and Diamond 3.

When this season started, after losing just 1 placement match, I was sent to Bronze 1.

I played some few games and got ~3100 MMR, and got placed on Silver 3. What?

Then, the matches I get are complete non-sense:

Example 1) 3 “bronzes” and 1 master. All bronzes claimed to be Platinum or Diamond last season.

Example 2) Me and a 5 APM guy that had zero exposure to the game, against a 2 “bronzes” that were at least gold or plat.

Matchmaking seems really broken. What is going on?

They put all bronze and silver player to Master, and all diamond and master player to Bronze… -_-

I like this new bronze distribution.


Hey Guy’s,

I was playing bronze league on 4v4 today and I noticed that my BattleCruisers got hit pretty fast than the other players in gameplay. I’ve did all upgrades too. Just to let Blizzard know. I’m in the bronze league Season 3. Thanks.

Walter Chow

It’s 2022 and I’m still having the same problem. 2v2 MMR is over 3000 but we’re in Bronze 1…oh and we filled up the progress bar only to stay in Bronze 1.

Blizzard, what gives?

Hey Gang,

Same problem for me for the last 3 years. Today the other team players seems they don’t wanted to play at all and forfit the matches all together.

Walter Chow

Hello Gang,

Is Blizzard broken or something. All of the teams are not working and lost all the points. What the heck is going on???. Never play teams again.

Walter Chow