100% proof protoss is overpowered

fact: protoss is the f2 A-move race and has mechanics such as warp ins and recall to ensure the protoss army does not need to be split up or use control groups.
fact: protoss has the highest amount of over powered units in the game such as dark templars and zealots and disruptors
fact: protoss has been over 40% of gm in all 3 servers for the last years.

not sure how much more evidence you need or how much longer protoss players can keep up the act.


The evidence is all around. But apes cannot understand it, just give them a :banana:


Remember when Protoss essentially didn’t have recall and people would literally just run across the map and kill the Protoss because their armies were too immobile?

I do. That’s why Protoss have Recall; because 60% of Protoss units are as slow as Thors and are niche in design, which means that single Immortal that was made isn’t going to do much without the support of other units.

Now, while you can F2 A-move with Protoss it’s not very effective to do so - or strictly rely on it anyhow.

For me, I use F2 A-move just to get all my troops moving at once, then I micro them with shift clicks into A-move or manual targeting. Point being, while it might look like Protoss is just F2 A-moving, there’s probably a lot more going on than just that.

Protoss has like…one overpowered unit lol. And that’s the Disruptor, which is Protoss’s only counter to mech and Lurker deathballs. High Templar are slow, squishy, don’t start with enough energy to use Storm and are pretty high up the tech tree. Colossus are a joke now days, Carriers are just not that great unless you manage to get 10 of them - and even then they can be played around as they’re so immobile and squishy. Everything else they have isn’t even worth a mention…

There are two things I do think are overpowered with Protoss though.

  1. Chrono boost. It promotes ‘macro cheese’ because the faster you expand the more chrono boosts you get which means more probes which means more bases. It’s a gameplay loop that imo isn’t exactly healthy for the game and impedes Terran’s ability to go head to head with Protoss outside of all-ins.

  2. Shield Battery Overcharge. Does it’s job way too well and makes it difficult to punish the greed which happens due to 1.

Overall I feel like Protoss macro is overpowered because unless you’re a Zerg player doing a cheese build, there’s not much you can do to beat it - try and keep up? Then chargelots are going to WRECK you. Try to allin? The Shield Battery Overcharge is probably going to stall out your pressure until your timing window has expired.


Fact: you are a stalker
Fact: you have terrible build orders, F2 a move just like Protoss with Terran, and are somehow in M1



Overtook terran in master league too, protoss training regimen is really paying off!

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my protoss is diamond 2 and i managed to defeat a terran at my mmr with a charge all in.

nope its so protoss players have no reason to think or split up their army.

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idk what hes talking about he says weird things sometimes.

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The base argument that zealots or DTs are overpowered is to be proven. Same for warpgate, it’s been there since 10 years, and some of those have seen Protoss terribly in trouble vs Z.

So IMO, if Protoss is doing so well lately, the reasons are at least partly linked to the very last buffs issued (the skytoss in particular has been buffed quite heavily).

Chronoboost is powerful (and IMO, underrated in terms of power, due to the speed-up it can induce in timings, particularly cheesy ones) ; but so are MULES/Scans and hatcheries/injects/creep. So I don’t think it’s overpowered.

Now, about battery overcharge… the thing is it’s designed to help a protoss player hold its B3 against a 2 bases push. So… it’s extremely powerful against mid ranged units in the context of 1 base play. I mean you can have a mini squad ganging up on one stalker, and if there’s overcharge they won’t kill it. Dunno if it’s broken, but it sure is good. XD

That makes sense in early game. But once charge is out, or blink, or phoenixes… well it’s only the heavy duty T3 units that are “slow”, and that’s compared to boosted medivacs, not to the base speed of terran units, which is often a tad slower.

In fact, each time I read a protoss answering that, I can’t help but think to mech players. I mean, most of their units are even slower… and there’s no button to save them from out of positions issues…

These Protoss is OP posts are seriously getting old. Play protoss, get ripped apart by Terran early game MMM or just flat out dominated by Zerg then come and post about how OP they are.


It’s true that MMM is the most annoying and unfun thing to defend against in the entire game. But if you just turtle with mass Blink Stalkers+a battery near each mineral line+a few Sentries, you should be able to defend most of the time and minimize the damage, sometimes even killing the Medivacs before they can drop. Then when you’re high in supply with 3 or more Thermal Lance Colossi, you can start attacking to finish the bio Terran off just as if it was Heart of the Swarm.

ah yes, that’s why everyone is going VR - carrier - templar…

are we even playing the same game?

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There are exactly three Protoss units that are about as slow as the Thor: the Carrier, the High Templar, and the non-upgraded Observer. I reckon that 3 out of 19 units comes to a percentage much less than ‘60%’.

as has been proven many times protoss players cannot do math.

possible cause:low iq although there could be also other reasons.

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Immortal, Disruptor, Colossus. Basically if it comes from the Robo, it’s slow, niche, immobile and useless on it’s own. Stargate play vs Terran imo is a mistake unless you’re cheesing.

I have several replays proving that this does not work whatsoever. Protoss get dominated by this. The upgrades to the marines are usually always 2-2 before you are even 1-1-1. If you manage to survive then just get ready for the EMP blasts that start to accompany the mass MMM’s with siege tanks. Protoss will NOT have the resources or the army to effectively stop this.

Terran are completely overpowered as is their design by blizzard which is why the TvZ matchup is balanced leaving the over-nerfed Protoss to struggle.

If you say otherwise then play Protoss at Plat1 or higher and see how well you do without cheese.

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So if T = OP , and TvZ is balanced, then Z = OP, which just leaves P = UP, which could mean both fo the other races are balanced

I did and immediately won a game vs a zerg 100 mmr less than my main. Here’s the replay

If toss posters are idiots and ur an idiot thus you are protoss poster. See u can’t make intercourse with logic like that

This topic is underpowered. It’s the equivalent to a zergling that costs 10 supply and 1000 minerals. That’s how bad this discussion is.

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