Zen's discord orb at 30% adds too much burst



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Period! People wanna buff the healing or survivability of one of the most balanced supports…so yikes.


Zenyatta being balanced is yet another meme as it’s no longer true, but everyone seems to stand by it.

when is disc was nerfed they also buffed his primary fire , so like that good zen who can land shots could get more value compare to bad zen who would just put disc on people and do nothing

and its not enough for him to be warranted as useful, with all the healing and barrier nerfs zen damage at best is like useless overkill , its like taking moira in goat its just overkill healing wise and it isnt truly needed

everything dies fast enough anyway without zen , people don’t want a supp who help them kill stuff even faster but survive

and thats a bad concept that never worked

zen was never a good or godlike supp him being part of a meta or metas doenst mean he was good , just that he fited this meta at that time

in dive zen was only taken because no other supp at the time were useful at healing/helping dive and still 80 % of the time all he did was dying on cooldown

in grav dragon he was only taken for trans not because he was good

in goat only because the comp had enough survival options so didnt need more healing and just needed better focus damage what disc provided

you know what ? you don’t wanna bother reading what me or OP say as too why zen doenst need this damage buff and why its bad for the game in general , don’t expect us to read the none sense you say

idk, i find myself pretty useful if i’m playing with low damage output dps who struggle to kill tanks or other tanky characters.
it’s a bit of struggle to survive but idk if that’s because i’m playing QP/ QPC so i can’t tell for sure if i’m getting a harder time to stay alive or easier.

i wouldn’t say zens concept don’t work, i mean we have lucio who is pretty much a utility support assassin and he’s doing fine.

Like not really, because the reason wasnt that. It was because Discord is a unique mechanic that made him irreplaceable, not because it was “too much”.

Developer Comments: Zenyatta’s Orb of Discord makes him a nearly irreplaceable support hero on your team. We’re reducing its impact for Zenyatta’s team, but increasing the potency of the Orb of Destruction to compensate for its lesser effect.

It never was. Not for 3 years so yeah, wrong reason.


1 year equals 3 now?

Zen does not need more healing output or survivability. You do not need to buff the weaknesses of heroes only to make them more viable.

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How does +5% (which translates to +4% additional damage in reality) add “too much burst”? if anything, the change is only changing some people’s perception of him, and not doing that much in actual damage. It’s letting people try him out and letting others get more used to playing with him. He’s actually NOT that bad, but this helps perception a lot.

You realise that i literally copied the “Developer’s comment” from there right?
Never says “It was too strong”, you made that up. The change was because the ability was unique and made him a “must pick”. Nothing about “strong”.

One year? again, where are you getting this from?

1 Sept 2016 The amount of damage amplified by a target with Orb of Discord has been decreased from 50% to 30%
19 March 2019 Effect reduced from 30% to 25%

Yeah my bad, it wasnt 3 years, it was 2 years and 6 months- :roll_eyes:

Do you even read your own posts? I even link you to the exact patch notes.
The dev comments you posted yourself, are from 19 March 2019.

What part of " Zenyatta’s Orb of Discord makes him a nearly irreplaceable support hero on your team" and toning it down, don’t you understand as being strong?

What? Discord was why Zen was meta in Dive, with heroes that directly countered him. It was also why he was meta in GOATs, because discord let tanks deal more damage. From the start of Dive to the end of GOATs, Zen has been meta and usually it was because of discord.

Actually Zen’s discord or along with Brig healing/stun and a Lucio speed nerf was introduced to try and slow down GOATS composition as it was the dominant meta for the better part of a year.

Uhh hello?

He was a meta hero less than 5 months ago?

Do people literally already forget Double Barrier or what?

Flat out, I don’t want to hear it.

The problem in this game is people want overly huge amounts of survivability. Zen was fine in the past. Mercy/Zen duo was one of the strongest comps and Mercy is only going to have -5HPS less than she did at that height.

Stop trying to stuff the game full of healing .

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Absolutely , but do you actually understand the words posted? Because it seems you dont pal. Unique doesnt equal strong.
You are extrapolating a judgement from words that dont infer that.

Anti heal is also a STRONG mechanic and pretty much makes Ana irreplaceable in high tiers, but that doesnt mean it has to be nerfed or even was nerfed.

You are again, correlating 2 things that are somewhat related and equating them like they mean the same. They do not.

Did you actually read the comment you quoted?

Also the main “thing” in Dive, was using fast heroes that can bypass shields and DM to burst down a target fast. Thats why they used Winston, Dva, Genji, Tracer AND at last Zen for the Discord utility and Lucio because of his speed.

With the low damage of Goats is 100% obvious that without Zen, you just focus Zarya and the enemy can do pretty much nothing.

Again, TLDR:
The Devs nerfed discord back there because it was a unique mechanic and wanted to make the other damage boosts more “appealing” passively. Not because it was “So strong that people were exploding” or anything like that.

Also, Again: Its a F I V E P E R C E N T. Please learn about breakpoints and plateaus before claiming this revert is going to “break” the hero or whatever.

People just want to cry about Zen’s healing so they can get another low aim requirement healing support that makes tanks raid bosses.

Tanks need to die so objectives can be captured, position better and don’t expect Ana/Moira to just let you stand naked on an objective forever.

Dude it’s a revert. He’s has to 30% longer than the 25%.

Also it was nerfed due to GOATS, which is no longer a possibility.

Heck we see he struggles in 2-2-2 and right now really works in Dive-like comps so long as the other healer can help peel for him.

He’s pretty balanced, giving him more heals or mobility can really fudge up his balance.

zen isn’t that kind of support. you keep him alive by bonking the threats to his well-being. more discord means more bonking means more zen.