Zen's discord orb at 30% adds too much burst



Orb of Discord

  • Damage amplification increased from 25% to 30%

Zen’s discord orb was nerfed in the past because it was too strong and his primary attack was increased to compensate.

At the moment the problem is because of all the burst damage in the game, Zen’s healing is not enough to keep up and he, himself is an easy target to kill.

So please do not add more burst damage to the game, instead focus on improving zen’s healing output or survivability.

Targets with big hitboxes such as tanks already melt with all the burst damage in the game, do not make it even more frustrating to play.


I’d have liked a teeny movement speed increase over 5% discord, but I don’t main Zen anymore, so…

Zen’s fine with the buff if you can’t play him don’t.


This is the opposite direction Blizzard likes to balance heroes. These are intended weaknesses of the character, not some overlooked aspects of his kit. He was designed to have low healing output and for his survivability to be tied to his lethality. These weaknesses make him engaging to the game, buffing them to be on par with other supports just makes for a very boring support roster.

I’m quite happy to see 30% discord come back. It’s only real reason for being lowered was because of its strength in goats meta, but since that’s been gone, Zen has been quite lacking. This puts him back up to speed where he was, feels like just a normal change when looking at the supports’ performances.


was his primary attack increased? when?
i only remember how they nerfed his volley.
(edit, looked it up, yes it’s true, it went from 46 to 48 per shot which means volley damage goes from 230dmg to 240dmg.)

that’s why he got so much damage.

zens survivability is tied to his damage.


5% discord seems really small to me. A healing buff would be good IMO.

Point is, they’re not gonna do major reworks or additional abilities, so they’re just… adjusting discord again in hopes that it’s enough. :woman_shrugging:

When in doubt, adjust discord for zenyatta. It’s gonna become a meme.

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I mean he was a staple/god tier support pick for almost 3 years until they nerfed his Discord bc he was a must pick in GOATS so…

Kind of logical to revert back to that and see how it helps his viability. He didn’t need a lot, he’s already back in the meta in OWL.

I’m just glad they didn’t do this:


5% for each player on your team is not insignificant.
5*6=30% just off of that increase.

180% extra damage to a single target is better than 150%.

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Ah, that’s true. I have to admit my zenyatta knowledge is very lacking… I kind of forget he exists a lot, because of how redundant he is now

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Like Blizzard/ Overwatch cares about roles.
Best examples are Road and Zen:

Road > not even close to the definitation of an off-tank + a troll pick in Diamond and above games (A dps hero with lots of HP).

Zen > not even close to the definitation of an off-healer + an usefull pick on high- elo games.

Owl is different from ladder though, zen is just awful in ladder cuz he needs teammates to help him deal with multiple hardcounters that delete him with a mean look. The ease of countering zen, his lack of healing with the tons of damage spam and his ultimate doesn’t help him any.

well that’s because it’s tricky to play him when there’s so much stuff that can take advantage of his immobility and self sustain.
but it is doable.
the other hurdle is just landing your shots so you can actually farm your transcendences fast enough to be worth the pick.

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I generally find lack of survivability to be a huge issue… his healing is bad, his damage is normally negated by shields/heals, and farming trans is the only way I can find value. Unless they have a burst hero/ana who can cut through trans.

What are you getting this from? Source please.

Burst damage has little to no part into Discord.
Do the math, its a 5% increase. The “breakpoints” or plateaus are not affected like in 99% of the cases, Tracer is the exception but then again, out of ALL combinations of damage, she would die anyway with or without that 5% from 99% of the damage sources from the game.

What you say would be true if the change was from 30 to 40, but not in this case.

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Yeah, but OWL often represents what the meta is going to shift to and trickle down towards, and OWL has been straight dive the past 2 weekends with Echo in the game and multiple nerfs to Mei/etc.

These experimental changes also push dive to be more viable.

Dive being more viable = Zen is more viable.
The OWL games also show how strong Brig + Zen is and how she can make him immortal. It’s almost like OW is a team game where supports have to work together. Supports aren’t supposed to be entirely immortal and self sufficient like Moira or Brig 1.0, and Moira needs to be changed IMO to be less risk-free.

Mostly just Doom, who is now going to have a 30% discord orb on him everytime he jumps on Zen which is going to be a lot more effective than a 25% discord in the grand scheme of things w multiple teammates shooting the Doom.

Zen has never had high healing and never needed it. He brings pure offensive power and utility. You pressure the enemy so hard that it relieves pressure off of your own team and reduces the need for tons of heals. Offense is the best defense, as they say.

Not to mention he’s often ran with Bap or Mercy or Brig who all output a TON of sustain, idk why people try running him with Ana they’re not meant to be played together and neither have effective peel. The Mercy buff and Ana nerf will help his viability a ton.

One of the strongest in the game, which will now be charging even faster. Imagine listing Zen’s ult as a reason that he’s bad LOL

Maybe we can wait for the changes to hit live and see 2 weeks from now how he’s doing :slight_smile:

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He is correct, the same patch that nerfed Discord buffed his m1 damage.

its not about how he feels and not being able to play him , OP is talking about how this buff adds more damage creep to the game when everything already dies too quick and that the buff on itself don’t even help with zen biggest issues

Owl =/= ladder, trickle down ladder is still ladder and not owl and doesn’t always happen. New characters mean new hardcounters he has to deal with. Character dmg being adjusted higher means his healing is left to the dust. Zen’s trans nowdays usually doesn’t cut it as a healing ultimate anymore and unlike lucio’s sound barrier, was never adjusted.

Zenyatta is in short, powercrept.

His biggest issues are meant to be there he does a lot of damage with low survivability as a consequence. This idea is awful and anyone who agrees doesn’t know the basic fundamentals of this hero.

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