Your opinion on 1-3-2

This could go 50/50, if blizzard release this patch they need to buff barriers and reduce the ultimate cost rate by ALOT.

Having 3 dps can reduce the times for dps queue, but will make games much more chaotic. Having 1 tank/one barrier instead of two means that ultimates will be faster as it’s easier to hit people. And having 3 dps doing their ultimates would honestly just wreck havoc on the enemy team.

I think 1-3-2 is a very good way to go, but I’m scared the community will be sick of dps and ask for unneeded nerfs to the dps.

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I think they need to optimize overwatch 2 to be 7v7 and go 232. I dont think they will though because it would probably break the switch, ps4, xbox one. However on PC and the new consoles it could be fine. So its just a dream


would be nice to try it

Its being parroted by people with ZERO foresight on the severe repercussions it will have. All because, as per usual with selfish players on damage, they can’t see past their own wants.

“screw game balance and structure! I want my short queue times for playing damage!”


It won’t reduce queue times if tanking sucks.

Blizzard rarely puts effort into improving tank and support gameplay, and they have no qualms about revamping and sledgehammering those heroes fast and switfly. Let’s start fixing that.

If you want better queues, start giving the least desirable roles priority instead of the opposite.


It has its positives and negatives, as all design changes do. It puts a lot more pressure on the solo tank, but some people thrive off that. Jeff made a huge detailed post yesterday with a lot of the complicated repercussions for switching to 132 and it really changed my opinion. I was super against it as I main tanks and thought it would ruin my experience and basically get rid of tanking as I know and love it, but from what he said it may actually reinforce what I love about tanking. It would take a lot of rebalancing that I don’t know if we could wait for. I am open to the idea now, but I still think there are more negatives as of right now.

Jeff says they are not likely too

Saw that post. Just think there is a chance they could use ow2 as an opportunity to enhance the game for 7v7

It would require huge amounts of reworks for both tanks and supports (and possibly dps?) and I just don’t trust blizzard with getting that right anymore - well they maybe could do it but it would take years to properly balance around this change

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I think 2-3-2 would require a lot fewer reworks than 1-3-2


I am glad they thought of it and in turn tested it, but (not that DPS care at all) but half the tank players will flat out quit tanking and go DPS (meaning the queue time will drop some, but not quite what people expect) and some support. The remainder will be hounded by their teams to “go main tank” whatever that happens to mean at the time and it will be a miserable experience for tank players. Under open 6-stack we often had 1 tank, 2 if you were lucky and it sucked mightily for tank players. Few tank players think this is a good idea naturally, and another problem is the “best” tank will then determine the “best meta” and everyone will have to fold around it. Two tanks gives variety… if they do it, and they might, be prepared for tanks to get a lot stronger… are you really prepared for every tank feeling more like taking down Roadhog? Ask yourself if that is really what you want…

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Terrible idea to cater to impatient idiots who refuse to properly learn other roles. No thank you.


I personally hate the idea. I’ve always had the most fun playing in a 222 setup going all the way back to 2016.

I also like the dynamic between main tank and off tank and don’t want to see the off tanks butcher reworked into fat DPS.

No thanks.


Depending on how it shakes out I’d probably move to DPS. Especially if they moved the fun tanks to that role.

But DPS affected by delusions of grandeur thinking they are so special only they can carry a game “But I WaNTZ To MakE PlAYZ to CarRY Da GAmEZ”… right. If you can’t do it with 2 tanks, you sure as hell can’t do it with one since you had all this freedom in open 6-stack… it didn’t work. How quickly we forget…

Well yes, funny how people actually want to be able to play the game they paid $40 for. Having a 10 minute queue time for a match that is 15 minutes long is completely unacceptable. Even Paladins has queue times of less than a minute.


Something that is a non-issue for anyone that decides to play more than just damage. Why should we have our whole game experience changed because you refuse to play more than 1/3 of it?


I think 1-3-2 is crazy. :roll_eyes:

If it passed they would buff tanks to be juggernauts. :mountain:

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Statistically, it’s not that bad. When I was recording the winrates of it from games I played (over 200 games recorded) it usually stayed around a 50% winrate. 2-2-2 more consistently stayed around 60%.

The only problem is it shelves a lot of tanks (off-tanks) in its current form.

To make it work, Hog, Zarya, and would really need something that can allow them to contend with the other tanks (not impossible though, a lot of which could arguably be done in workshop even now).

off-tanks being reformatted as DPS, could work? It would likely still create the 2-2-2 scenario if players chose.

No. It makes off tanks useless troll picks.

This :point_up:

Not only would the identity of the off tanks be ruined, they’d basically have to do a ton of reworks and rebalancing. Whose prepared for 2 years of playing a complete train wreck?