Your opinion on 1-3-2

I personally hate the idea of 321. I’ve always had the most fun playing in a 222 setup going all the way back to 2016.

I also like the dynamic between main tank and off tank and don’t want to see the off tanks butcher reworked into fat DPS.

No thanks.

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I don’t play role q anyway but I can’t see it going well. I love tanks but from what i’ve seen of competetive play off tanks suck. Like sure you’ll get the occasional hamster that makes so much space his team can push uncontested or something but barriers seem to be king. With there only being one tank, that barrier will be really important.

This coming off the back of heavy barrier nerfs and during a time when healing and damage are at absurd levels really doesn’t seem like the right direction for the game to go. If 2-2-2 is going i’d prefer no role lock or 2 tanks, 1 support, 3 damage.

But like I said in the beginning, it won’t affect me anyway.

If they were to go the one tank route, the current tank roster and how they are now would not work.
The only viable tanks would be the ones with shields or strong point presence. Which means off tanks are really not good. I could see it working if they reworked the tank lineup, but I’m not sure if that would be feasible currently.

I think 7v7 would be better. 2-3-2. Makes it so there needs to be less reworks/changes, you wont need to relearn x heroes, less stress on a player (being the only tank) and it would still lower queue times and add to that FPS feel. With the extra player being a DPS I also dont think it would prolong fights too much as thats extra damage and also the hero chosen would be a squishy.

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I’m just

Why would they put the resources in to scrapping the off-tanks and ruining them for DPS queue times that will still suck because now the off tank players are in the DPS pool? It’s the most superficial issue in this game and not worth nuking the balance. People just hate tank players–there’s no other justification for thinking 321 is workable. I mean, or it’s from a place of ignorance.


Tanks need to create space. 1-3-2 means Rein will be mandatory in every single match. Tanks that play only as dps are basically bronzers.
I prefer 2-3-2 with dps damage nerfed by 20-25%.

I am cool with it if they do a proper balancing.

I just want role queue so I know what I am doing and play roles i choose instead of the standard, imma dps you do something else bs.

That would be much better. Tanks don’t create space the same anymore, burst damage is kinda crazy and burst healers are favored. With extra flankers in game mercy and brig are going to feel really bad to play as, and there’ll probably be half roster throw tanks, 1 meta tank, 2 workable.

Likewise for supports.

I don’t wanna play a support against two snipers and a doomfist.

Dps have the highest carry potential in the game. A good sniper can wipe out entire backline and get some dps to boot. “Two snipers and a flanker” sure sounds fun to play as a damage player, but an absolute nightmare as a tank and same as a healer.

If this is what it’s come to, just keep role sr and remove the limits. Randomize the matchmaking maybe, or select which comps you’re willing for matchmaking to put you in. Bc it that goes through i won’t be playing support or tank at all

It seems really short sighted to me. The more I think about it the more frustrating it becomes. If it happens then it’s basically the death of the off tanks. Heck, we should hold a mock funeral.

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I’m all for 1-3-2. And I’m support/tank main. Yet I want dps queues shorter too, so I could finally feel comfortable playing this role.
I actually enjoyed solo-tanking on Orisa before 2-2-2. To the point I preferred having 3 dps instead of having Roadhog in my team.
The problem is that only two tanks fit for solo-tanking role. Hammond and Orisa (before recent rework). Others will need some smart rework, maybe even will need to be placed to dps role. I actually can see Zarya viable in solo-tanking in some comps as long as she got additional bubbles and shorter cooldowns.

As for playing as a support against 3 dps - I don’t see a problem here. Before 2-2-2 we did not always have 2 tanks in our team, yet I played Zen a lot. Remember that you’ll have 3 dps on your team too to deny ones from enemy team.

The worst thing they could do is implement 1-3-2 when they have shown no ability to balance the game for 222. Could you imagine a rein with a 1600 HP shield against soldier, mcree and hanzo firing from distance. Tank would need like 5k shields to do anything.
We all need to take a step back and so do the Devs…and balance the game we have before jumping into another change.

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I think it’s awful. One tank is just going to make the role less desirable imo. I’m sure there will be SOME players who want that kind of solo role, but I think they will be far and few between.

Instead they need to make better tank heroes. I still believe that Doomfist should have been a tank. A Doomfist with less damage (no OHKO) and more health/shielding would have brought an incredibly fun playstyle to the tank role while also being far less frustrating to play against. Instead, they decided to give this fun and unique playstyle to DPS. Why? There is already SO MUCH variety in the dps role, why take a concept for a hero that gains shields by doing damage and make them dps?

Ball was a good start, but it’s not enough. The role needs more, we need new tanks that are more independent and less static.

Ultimately, I would never queue for a solo tank role. It sounds like hell.

It’s immensely frustrating. For DPS queue times. What a riot. Make tanks fun and usable (cough D.Va) and introduce more options for the love of god. Rebuilding D.Va’s kit into some scuffed dps because you KNOW she won’t be allowed to be a peel tank and forcing an entire class of tank main (the bigger class at that) into DPS queues… I don’t see it. Ridiculous. I sit in queues for over 20 minutes to do battlegrounds in WoW as horde. I want a shorter queue? I queue as Alliance. I’m still mourning the loss of my spontaneous oasis Symmetra games but man. I hated solo tanking pre 222; I’m gonna hate solo tanking in this hypothetical 132.

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I think that 132 is karmatic justice coming back on those who forced their will on others by championing 222 and forcing it upon everyone, when they already had the tools to do it on their own.

now they are thinking of changing it to 132 to solve the problem they brought and laughed at dps players for bringing to light

“you deserve long que times because youre a selfish dps”

“dps deserve to wait, they are scum”

now the shoes on the other foot.

Ah yes. I locked solo tank and asked nicely for another tank. Then our backfill went Widow to our comp 141. I definitely had many a tool to change this.



LFG was good for five seconds and then I’m waiting for a group for longer than the dps wait to queue now. Then mid game someone leaves and our backfill goes Widow.

It annoys me that every time I see you post, you make valid points

YeT iOn SeE nO tHrEaDs M8?!

you still had the tools.

but because youre impatient, youd rather force everyone right?

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Personally if there is only one tank they have to pump up shield Regen and push ability cool downs down on tanks that are without shields to compensate. Otherwise it will be a very dead role in the game.