Yes, the Support Changes were a Success

Right now some people think Brigitte is some sort of super powered monster but her pick rate is pretty bad, i guess this proves them wrong.

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So Mercy is boring and other heroes are even more boring? Then, why are you playing the game if it’s so boring, i don’t know it doesn’t make sense to me.

Every hero in the game is unique one way or another. Do you mean she is easy to play? or doesn’t require aim? Because a lot of other heroes are like that as well.

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Of course she’s playable. You can still select her in the hero selection screen.
However, her state is not okay.


It does actually make that claim rather suspect. Historically, in Overwatch, OP heroes have had rather average winrates but high pickrates. Brigitte is the converse of that, so it raises the question of why Brigitte would be the sudden exception to the rule among the cast of purportedly OP heroes. I haven’t seen a good answer to that yet.

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They did. Here are examples and there were many. Everyone puts more focus on their own heroes. But Mercy mains supported Ana mains and wanted her buffed when she was in bad shape. The same is not true the other way around.


It’s almost like they’re in denial. We need Gordon Ramsay.


All supports were playable before the changes, so I don’t see much of a success.

There’s about a billion heros that aren’t ‘‘typical fps genre hero’’ they can play those too

I think we know why it’s mercy that has a high pickrate.

Or do we consider reinhardt winston genji hammond for example typical fps heros now?

Mercy was the most popular in quickplay. Ana took over in comp, where people play to win more often, especially in the highest tiers.

But Quickplay is by far how the vast majority of people play this game, and she was the most popular there.

She’s incredibly popular no matter how weak or strong she is because she’s a draw for people who aren’t traditional fps players.

In addition, if you google “Ana Overwatch” and “Mercy Overwatch,” on you get about a million more results for Mercy than Ana.

She’s a beloved and popular hero irregardless of her relative strength or weakness.


Indeed. I too strongly believe that pick rates are what matters most as it shows what heroes are powerful. I’ve played a number of competitive games and that always seem to be the case, just in the OWL the most powerful heroes had extremely high pick rates but low win rates because of obvious reasons, on the other hand, usually, low pick rates mean more win rate because more often than not only one team will have that hero.

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As I said in the post that you quoted (but conveniently cut short): I am not playing the game and I have not been playing since January. Mercy became boring to play so I uninstalled the game.


I think they achieved something nice by making almost every support playable.
But I also think that doing so by making a dominant support barely playable, if not unplayable, will be costful at long-term.

As it stands, Mercy’s kit needs to be addressed in a way or another sometime - in my opinion - and when that happens, who’s to say that other supports won’t be power-crept again?

There’s always to possibility they’ll eventually rework her to play as a reliable main healer again without being so dominant and overpowered, but balanced - and I sure hope for this -, but I don’t know what they’re planning for her (if anything at all) at this point.

I think the main issue with Mercy right now is honestly how unfun she feels to most people, which is entirely subjective, but it is something that’s been coming up quite a lot lately.

(Then again, in my case, I find Moira super boring and even more unfun and many people don’t agree with that notion, so maybe it’s just me who wants Mercy to be funnier to play as. It’s also no secret that I’m craving for another super fun 3 stars main healer like Ana, but with an entirely different kit.)

Edit: Still haven’t got a flipping idea as to why my forum avatar is still Mei.

What is fun is subjective. As long as people still pick Mercy and she proves to be viable Blizzard will think she is fine because that is what matters and AFAIK both Mercy’s pick and win rate are still pretty good, even though is hard to say since numbers are not reliable due to private profiles now.

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Every support was playable before.

Whether or not they were balanced was another question.

Yes, Mercy was strong and yes, she needed balance changes, but the way they went/are going about it is completely wrong.

Yes, as I said, fun is very subjective to our biases. :blush:
And you do raise a good point with pick rates.
Still I believe she’ll have to be eventually addressed. Maybe I haven’t played her much lately, or adapted, but I don’t find her to be a reliable main healer anymore.

Looking at the numbers on overbuff, which like i said is not as reliable anymore but its better than nothing for now, Mercy still heals more than Ana and is very close to Moira and still heals a ton more than Zen and Lucio and obviously Brig is the worst healer for obvious reasons, so i don’t know, maybe people are overreacting, the fact that Mercy heals roughly the same as Moira says a lot wouldn’t you say?

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I think that each support should be playable in all ranks, but that’s not the case at all. Ana is the go-to support now because she has 3 midfight abilities, large healing output, AoE healing, and damage potential. Moira and Mercy have absolutely 0 utility to contribute to the midfight.

You found 1 example. Sure some people argued that Ana should be buffed. But most of them didn’t care, as long as their hero was fine nothing else mattered. Also, the top one still found a way to talk about Mercy. It has nothing to do with Ana, just to not nerf Mercy again. Proving my point.

I and many other Mercy players were going on every Ana related thread saying Ana needs buffs/fixes etc.

While most of the Ana playerbase went all in with the Nerf Mercy.

Now when Ana is almost a must pick even in Lower Ranks I don’t see a single Ana player saying “Yeah , Mercy really feels bad to play , let’s support our fellow Mercy players on their way to fixing their favorite hero like they helped us.”

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