Y'all hate roadhog so much?

Well in top level play there’s always been better counters for hog than reaper, but for metal ranks where hog is a major nuisance right now, buffing reaper could help a lot. And by buffing I just mean revert him to close range reaper.

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Y’all act like hook has a wind up. Y’all act like hook doesn’t travel a million miles a second. Y’all act like Reaper can shoot while in wraith. Y’all act like wraith lasts forever. Y’all act like Hog can’t just wait until wraith form is over.


Nah, just like Mei (another good hog counter because you can just trigger them into swapping) they’ll see him right at the bottom of the pick list and win list and then remember he isn’t Cree and just skip right past em.

Reaper is exactly where he needs to be. No buffs necessary.

and let him dominate low ranks? no

just nerf his hook placement back to 3.5 meters, it should’ve never been 3 meters

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They pretty much went through a phase a few years ago where Hog replaced Reaper, tbh.

I do think Hog is counterable, though. Biotic grenade and discord eat him up. The team just needs to make sure he’s not getting close to supports.


McCree and Hanzo were outclassing Reaper before his “change” to his range and now even more DPS outclass him since then

Will we be seeing any Reaper changes/buffs any time soon?

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I love when people switch to Reaper to counter when I play Roadhog, like they think he’s an actually counter lol.


20m (+1 or 2m due to favor the shooter) is not exactly close.


Just be honest and admit Hog is a DPS wrongly put in tank category because he’s fat


I prefer to think of him as chunky.


torb is a better hog counter than reaper thanks to armor and overload making him able to survive hook combo

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I don’t have that much of an issue with Hog because usually the absolute worst players are the ones who pick him.

ana exists, mei exists, sombra exists

you dont need reaper buffs to counter hog


Can confirm this guy was a hog player and had fun making his life miserable


Also should nerf his range down to 15m

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He’s indeed a very chonky lad

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Just some extra tips:
-The first thing to keep in mind the first thing a roadhog will try to do is use its hook. If it hasnt already used it, keep that in mind when you are in his line of sight and positionning yourself

-The Second thing to keep in mind is dont throw your everything at a roadhog that still hasn’t used or is using its breather unless he’s far below half health. Otherwise, he will be able to regain 50% of his health and while healing he has insane damage resistance. However you can use that at your advantage by giving him a hard blow and try to make him waste his healing so you (and your team) can overwhelm him right after you made him used it as a pre-emptive defensive measure.

-Lastly, Roadhog is insanely annoying to deal with, yes. But that’s if you do it alone. Roadhog is powerful but slow and he’s mostly designed around single target combat and isolation, his ult mostly serving as a last resort to get out of a pickle. Otherwise, roadhog struggles against more than 1 enemy fighting him at what would otherwise be his comfort zone. All of roadhog’s attacks are slow and built around single target so having to deal with multiple threats that overwhelms him with damage from different direction/angle will force him to retreat with his own team. Unless your hero is built to go against a hog in a 1 v 1 situation, its preferable you never engage it alone or stick with your team and do call outs when you see one. (like you would for a sniper or bastion)

Also barriers blocks roadhog’s hook without questions and roadhog’s gun aint too great against them. Keep that in mind when protecting yourself or team mates. But dont take them for granted otherwise hog is just gonna walk up to you and shoot you like it was no big deal.

20m is ‘‘close range’’ when its Hog’s hook but 15m is too much range for Symmetra to have, apparently.

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lol, indeed. Certainly an odd situation. I’d love to see it dropped to 10m.

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Also 15m takes up the entire map regarding D.va DM according to dps 0layers, which its so unfair to dps because the cant make pew pew pew