Wrecking Ball Live-Drawing & Art Discussion

i cant wait! :D…
but have to check those time zones XD

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So every Hero gets 2 legendary skins at launch with each having one more color variant making 4 launch skins. My question is, how many different designed skin ideas are scrapped and unseen by the players, how many skins get downvoted or unused other than the 4 (2 models with 2 colors) that we get to see?


Why did you decide to call him Wrecking Ball instead of Hammond on the hero select screen?

Can you pretty please give him an Indiana Jones like emote/highlight intro? (For example he gets out of his mech to grab a carrot or something, realizes he left it on, and runs away as the mech rolls towards him)

How do you guys decide on which animals are okay for Overwatch and which are not?

Does Hammond mark a tonal shift in terms of which heroes are too silly for Overwatch? Could there be hope for someone like Jetpack Cat?

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Wrecking Ball looks quite challenging to make skins for, with the mech always having to be able to form into a perfect ball. I think I would like to hear about the design challenges you discovered and haven’t encountered with another hero before!

during reveal of skins for Anniversary event i proposed that artists could talk to us a little bit about their choices, their thoughts while making a hero concept, so we players could understand their position on things like tracer/junkrat hairstyles etc.
COMMUNICATION dowds, communication :slight_smile:

OK, there was a bunch of us in Twitch chat alredy waiting XDXDXD we noticed its tomorrow only after stream didnt go live :smiley:


How is Hammond still alive when hamsters only live up to about 3-4 years?


look at origins story for him

Did you were hearing the Miley Cyrus’ song “Wrecking Ball” when you got the idea for the character??

You’re giving him a junker skin aren’t you? :slight_smile:

How did you decide the order of release of heroes(as in, why is Hammond being released now, intead of being hero 29 or why was he not released in Brigitte’s place) ? Does the meta have something to do with this or is it by something else?


Why are there heroes with tons of backstory(DF, Sombra, Reinhardt) and some with little to none(Zenyatta, Dva, Lucio)?

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Hammond with a black and white ped ora hat and a black and white kind of suit is my idea and it should be a purple worth skin

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What’s the atlantic time? I really wan’t to know

Btw really exited to see this since Overwatch is the best game ever :3

Was Hammond experimented on by moira or was it just the same scientists as winston? Why isn’t his name just Hammond?

its preety obvious or answered alredy

  • Hammond never met Moira
  • the same as Winston
  • he is just Hammond, but his mech pseudonym (from Junkertown ring) is ‘Wrecking Ball’, so the public could know him only by his pseudo
    other heroes are allso known by their alter-ego pseudonyms like ‘soldier76’ but in real life, in public sphere he was Jack Morrison

My questions are as follows:

  • Was Hammond originally intended to be a Hamster? Or was that decision made later during the character’s development?

  • How old is Hammond? 'Cause regular Hamsters only live to like 3 yrs old…

  • Are non-Gaming media endeavors, like future TV or Film adaptations, considered when making a character like Hammond? Hammond seems to push the boundaries of Overwatch’s science fiction into a more fantasy/cartoon realm than previous heroes, how might this affect the believe-ability of a live-action adaptation of Overwatch?

  • What came first: the lore concept of Hammond (genetically modified hamster from the moon) or the gameplay concept (hero that rolls and swings around in a transforming ball)?


What is their relationship between Hammond and Winston? Are they friend or foe?

i got few questions - some are not directly related to Wrecking Ball
(i am not a native speaker, so sorry for my English)
first of all, i am very happy with this kind of revealing Hammond/WBall skins and a little bit of communication with the community - i hope it will happen more often :slight_smile:

  • have OW dev-team considered a short AMAs or short communicates with/from artists that design things?
    (like: we designed few hats for McCree in this skin, but decided to go with a straw hat because of A,B and C)
    or you are afraid that it could cause a more negative reaction than an understanding of art team choices?

  • How reaction could look like if dev-team would learn about the existence of ancient culture shared by millions of people today, but completely unknown/unnoticed in USA and around the world (because of lack of sources), but worthy of considering because of a multitude of design styles, ideas, weaponry and things that could be useful in creative process for a new hero?

  • now with Attack and Defence heroes grouped up in one category, what is the philosophy about releasing next heroes - is team reacting on what is happening in meta? or its schedule/planned types of heroes (and reworks) in advance that have priority?

and now about Hammond:

  • Were Hammond and Winston good friends?
    or there was a kind of rivalry between them?

  • i suspect that it was Winston who opened from outside doors to Hammonds room and brought plans of his escape there with those tools… and we know that Hammond was disappearing often before

    did Hammond open his cage after Winston left his room informed about plans of escaping Lunaizor Horror Colony?
    Or Winston discovered empty cage already and Hammond started to plot his escape afterwards?
    How (and when) did Hammond learn about Winston plans and what was his reaction?

  • was Hammond responsible for pressure lock failure on the colony?
    i suspect that it was him who plotted whole rebellion

  • the most important question is… what is the source of power in Wrecking Ball?
    is it


we posted at the same time :smiley:

I’ve heard some time ago that when you first stated the design bases for the characters you established that the weirdest design you may have would be something similar to Winston. How is an intelligent genetically modified hamster with a mech not as weird as an intelligent genetically modified talking gorilla?