Wrecking Ball Live-Drawing & Art Discussion

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Hey, everyone!

Tomorrow (Thursday July 12th, 1:00 PM – 3:00 PM PT) two of our artists, Arnold Tsang and Ben Zhang, will sit down on the PlayOverwatch Twitch channel to share some artistic insights on Overwatch’s 28th Hero, Wrecking Ball. They’ll also debut one of Wrecking Ball’s skins live during the stream!

If you have any questions about the creative process behind Wrecking Ball, please reply to this thread. Additionally, please remember to Favorite/Like your favorite questions.

Thank you.

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Hammond seems really, really large for a hamster. I know they stated the genetic modifications made him larger, but are we really sure he’s not just a ground hog pretending to be a hamster?


Wrecking Ball? Who’s that?

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You mean Hamtaro?


Wrecking Ball is the suit of armor that Hammond is wearing.

That’s why when you’re driving your car, I call you Audi.


I so wish I could watch this!!

It’s official! I’m skipping work! Lol


Be honest, you wanted to build a Droideka.

Coincedence? I dont think so.


General Grievous: “Army or not you must realize, YOU. ARE. DOOMED!”

Obi-Wan: “Oh, I don’t think so!”


Yeah, I’m surprised they haven’t been called out on it, to be honest. They do share quite a few similarities.


While playing Hammond on the PTR I immediately noticed that he has the best gun sounds in the game, and on Seagull’s stream later that day one of the devs mentioned working with infinity ward on sound design, and it appears to have worked well. Exactly how did they get around to making it so much better than everything else, and will there be any effort to go back and work on the gun sounds of the other characters?


What’s more difficult to create, the mechanical parts or possible stuff for Hammond himself?


Has Hammond always been meant to be a hamster back when he was hinted at during Horizon’s release, or was he chosen to be a hamster when you started designing the hero?


If you can make a Halloween skin for Hammond can it be something like a spider?


Looking forward to it. Also, i just got to say that it would be pretty cool to see a Hammond the hedgehog skin in a big blue ball! Maybe with mines that look like gold coins? Halloween is only 3 months away.



Portal 2, Wheatly.

The little robot that follows you around. I know that you could never have it in the game, because of copy right and all, but I would love to see it!


I imagine that it is more difficult to imagine skins for some heroes, while it’s easier for others. I feel Hammond is one of the more difficult ones, but i’d like to hear what you think.


I’ve seen in interviews and in the artbook that in the case of some heroes, the art came before the skillset and function.
Was Hammond in this category or did you guys have a clear idea of what he shoul play like and THEN imagined how he should look?


Alola Hammond skin?

Were any other test animals (rats, guinea pigs, etc) considered during concept or was Hammond a hamster start to finish?

Any specific difficulties when trying to design a hamster in the Overwatch style?

Favorite detail about his design?

Edit: Thanks for answering! Was awesome seeing the live drawing and concept art!


Disco hammond or we riot.