Wrecking Ball Live-Drawing & Art Discussion

I’m pretty sure Brigitte only started with one skin in PTR, as well. Given that tomorrow’s Thursday, they’ll probably put the revealed skins on PTR tomorrow.

Why a hamster, just why?

I am a big sucker for how stuff is made. I hope there will be a video on YT as well?

Is hammond actually a villian or is he not, did he cause the uprising???

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Will there be more animal playable characters ?

Is Hammond by any means a reference to Jurassic Park? Did that affect how you designed his look?

PS - In the Artwork of Overwatch book, I saw some of your early sketches of what Pharah would become. There seem to be two fighter pilots who resemble Porco Rosso / Donald Curtis… was this intentional or a happy coincidence?

While we’re at it, let’s just compare Wrecking Ball to every character with a round shape. Who’s the original spherical character?

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Will Jetpack Kitty be a counter to Hammond?

:memo: More questions:

  • at the beginning of the creative process was hammond a monkey as everyone believed?
  • What determined to choose for a hamster?
  • Was there any gameplay inspiration from other videogames titles? (for example the Citron of PvZ Garden Warfare 2)
  • the concept of the wrecking ball was in the pipeline for a junker at the beginning?
  • what does hammond fight for?
  • what was his relationship with the Horizon colony scientists?
  • does it recognize winston or is it able to relate to junkrat or roadhog in the pre-match voiceline?
  • in the video of the origins, among the acclaiming public there is Junkrat. is he his fan? will he be disappointed by the discovery of a hamster?
  • is he interested in measuring himself with d.va with his mech?

tis a nice idea famalam

Giant Fireball skin or Bowling ball skin

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Were there any mech designs that you and the team had in mind before settling on a round design, or was the roundness something decided early on to match the Wrecking Ball-style of gameplay.


I’ve noticed some of Hammond’s idle animation in hero select are yawning and sneezing which cause him to pull some pretty weird faces.
What inspired these and what is the development team’s favourite Hammond face?


What inspired Wrecking Balls design? Did any of the following classics from mecha history feed into his design?

  • Wheatley from Portal 2

  • The Gundam RB-79 mobile pod ball grounded version:

  • Tron Bonne in mech from Megaman Legends:

  • Dimensional Crusader Bolon & Pollin from Tech Romancer (Kikaioh):

  • The Technodrome:

  • Bowser Junior in Klown Kar:

  • Hoover from Captain Commando:

  • Magitek Armor from Final Fantasy 6:

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I’m mostly curious if Wrecking Ball’s design was based, in part, by the droidekas from Star Wars: Episode 1.

Excepting Fareeha Amari puts on a suit and we call her Pharah.

Gabriel Reyes turns into smokeman and we call him Reaper.

Jack Morrison puts on a snazzy jacket and we call him Soldier: 76.

Aleksandra Zaryanova grabs her particle cannon and goes by Zarya.

Hana Song gets in her MEKA and goes by D.Va.

Lena Oxton grabs her pistols and goes by Tracer.

Olivia Colomar grabs her cyberdeck and goes by Sombra.

Akande Ogundimu straps on a giant gauntlet and goes by Doomfist.

Hammond jumps into his mech and fights under the name Wrecking Ball.

Dwayne Johnson jumps into the ring and goes by The Rock.

Fighting under a different name is nooooot new.


I still prefer Hammond but the Rock always gets a like

Why genetically modify a hamster to be so much bigger, when you could have made him so many things that are already about that size?
Even an armadillo or chinchilla lives longer, is closer to that size, and also rolls in balls.

There are so many creatures that are close to that size. Why force a hamster to be so large, just because it is a ball mech…
Raccoon, capybara, cat, dog, guinea pig, rabbit, badger, tasmanian devil, echidna, red panda, fox, otter, A MONKEY, and the list goes on and on and on…

Does Blizzard refer to him as Wrecking Ball internally or y’all call him Hammond, too?

Can you pls design a football Skin for Hammond? :smiley:

Is Hammond so swole because he mastered Primal Rage and now it’s his base form? In the Uprising event, OR-14’s we present and acted as prototypes for Orisa, was the Talon Heavy Assault the same for Hammond or are their designs independent of each other?