Will CTF stay as an arcade mode after the event?


It truly is the most fun game mode in arcade to date, after PvE…


It rotates around with the other arcade modes usually. I for one, am glad the Pharmercy game mode is gone. It was never ending.


Yeah it will stay but be rotated like almost all modes. The only thing going away is Comp CTF.

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Yes, along with the Ayutthaya map. We’ll also sometimes have an arcade mode that’s only the Ayutthaya map similar to how we handle Chateau.

Doomfist is a pain to play
Can We Have CTF Back Permanently?

Also you should be able to play CTF in custom games as before. :wink:


Hooray! Maybe I’ll actually try it out after this comp season.


Will Ayutthaya be used just for CTF or will it also be used as a 3v3 or deathmatch map?


Ok, but how often it will be available in the arcade rotation? Because in the last months it wasn’t ever available.


I wish Lucio wasn’t as good as he is in CTF now(even after removing wallride). If your team don’t have one, it’s most likely a loss.


I know it was in rotation before, though could it not be in rotation should’ve been the question…

I feel like CTF is the only arcade mode that doesn’t actually require you to kill to get something done.

Most arcade modes are all about kills: Eliminations 3v3 or 6v6, deathmatch, team deathmatch…

The Arcade doesn’t need a max of five game mode tiles to choose from does it?


Please, please retain Competitive CTF.


You can think to make 2 more point for Ayutthaya and can make it also a point conquest mode? I think it should be perfect for it!


Thank you for this info!


Yay! Will comp CTF stay? I feel like it is only worth playing the comp version unless you are playing with friends.


I believe that is because they were working on rebalancing the mode in that time.


We do not mention the pharmercy brawl. Ever.


Awesome. Can’t Wait :slight_smile:


I am REALLY enjoying competitive CTF. I really wish it would stay as well!


Unrelated to the main topic, but although I’m glad Jeff and the team give feedback on this sort of thing, I wish they would address more of the community’s issues with game balance.


Yeeeees! This is exactly what I wanted.