😡 Why Sanjay (Symmetra 3.0) is Not Symmetra and Why You Should be Angry

Her pick rate speaks otherwise: Sym v3 might be good in a well trained team occasionally, but solo she just now plainly sucks and most play solo.

And solo or not, her weapon is now just garbage.


Well her gameplay speaks otherwise.

I don’t need pick rate stats to know her energy balls shoot fast enough to get a kill. Or that her sentries are more convenient to place and deal more damage. Or that her ultimate isn’t destroyed instantly by a tracer.

Her teleporter needs work. I’d suggest either removing the timer or making it teleport from spawn again.

I don’t need gameplay to see that your orbs are slow enough for people to easily dodge, or that her sentries have been easily adapted to and get destroyed as easily as before, and to see how her wall does nothing in a team fight besides look pretty. Face it dude, symmetra 3.0 is a complete and utter trash pick that has lost all capabilities of being viable.


Adequate response. The kit’s a very good start. But a good start isn’t a finished product, that’s for sure!

She’s not at her best potential but she’s better than 2.0

I personally found 2.0 more fun but often times 2.0 was rendered useless.

In a perfect world, we’d get her old kit back and keep her gun changes but oh well.

And her pick rate fell because her gameplay changed and the people who came to play her old playstyle left her.

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It is a sad state of affairs, but like, I don’t think that the new kit can’t be made good. It just has to be made more supportive of solo play, since right now it’s utterly useless unless you’re the 1% of people who Six-Stack or you’re in GM or M on PC.

And even then the pickrate is so low, and the winrate isn’t nearly as high as it was with Sym2. But that’s because new Sym has no smothering potential. At all.

Her teleporter is the main issue. A lot of times I end up ignoring it.

The most realistic fix I can see is making tp not break based on a timer.

It’s very sad indeed. Symmetra as a character plays like a support now more than she ever did. Not only that but to do anything you need SUPPORT from your TEAM do anything whatsoever without instantly dying. (What’s also funny is that the first rework was trying to make her survive more as that was an issue, and now she can’t survive an attack from a dps mercy)

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What drug of choice are you on that you think the gun is the best change rather than the worst? Because I have news for you, the damage of 3.0 gun is abysmal. Even with 100% aimbot levels of aim the 3.0 gun does less damage to tanks than 2.0 did. Even with 67% aim it does less damage to 200 health heroes. And that is assuming you can even hit them since highly mobile heroes went from being easy hits to almost impossible.

Even if it meant losing the ability to counter mobile heroes I’d have been fine with the loss of old lock. The problem is the devs in charge removed the lock without removing the tier mechanic that was only in place because of it, then even worse they followed that failure with wrecking her charge up times, and gave terribly low numbers to the max damage values resulting in underwhelming actual dps for decent aim, then finished off ruining the weapon by splitting the weapon’s damage to 20 chunks instead of original 3 making it vulnerable to armor without adding any armor penetration.

Worst part of the kit change period.


Damn, you Symm mains are ungrateful. You go from BS lock on that can cause even the best genji mains to panic, to 180 DPS with the simple tradeoff of needing to aim, and you act like it’s the end of the world.

Maybe it feels so bad because all those hours of holding W with left-click taped down, dulled your brain. If you think Symm’s damage is bad, well then Zarya is a throw pick because unlike Symm, she can only stay at her max potential for less than a second whereas Symm can stay at a solid tank-melting state for as long as there are targets around.

I can track just fine and melt Tanks with ease, as well as 200 health DPS just as easily. But, then again, I didn’t main old Symm so I actually spent my time learning to track. Looks like you have some catching up to do.

Did you read anything I wrote before that nonsense “learn to aim” post of yours? Even with 100% accuracy versus tanks a Sym’s m1 can only do 90 dps. Even with 100% accuracy versus any other dps except Tracer you’re looking at having to track nonstop for over a second even after having to wait 4 seconds charging it to tier 3 first, meanwhile they all can kill Sym back in .1s using critical headshots and don’t even need to charge tiers up first.

Stop posting things you have no knowledge about.


Ah, I see the problem here. I misniterpereted what you were saying, sorry my bad.

The real issue here is that you aren’t using it right. You don’t go straight for a Tracer or Genji with your dumb gun. You group up with your tanks and supports and use them as cover to charge up your gun, then melt through anything in your path after that.

Like all DPS, you can’t just pick targets whenever you want all wily nily and expect to do well. Symmetra has been a character that has relied on her teammates throughout her entire lifespan as a hero, just because she was moved to the damage catagory doesn’t change that fact.

(And on top of her primary, you also have an alternate fire, 3 powerful turrets, and a teleporter to get into and out of the fight. Her rework didn’t just remove the lock-on, but I get the tunnel vision.)

Dude how in your own dumbass are you. You damn well know that symmetra sucks now. You only defend her because your plat level genji couldn’t comprehend not going 7m towards a Symmetra. Not to mention you only have 6 total hours on this hero which is no way to make an arguement over her. Also your arguing about her M1 when your M accuracy on her is a whopping 0… which means you must never use it at all…

You don’t need to be a GM to know how to play a hero. I’ve got good game sense and know what I’m doing with most heros. I just lack the mechanical skill to climb much higher. If you’re gonna say that just because I’m plat I can’t make an argument then this entire forum is pointless, because most of the community is in gold and plat, and very few make it any higher.

And don’t even bother with the forum stats. They are COMPLETLY outdated. I just checked in-game and I have 14 hours on Symm, and 48% primary fire accuraccy. But I tank my accuraccy by just idly shooting at the ground most of the time, so don’t waste your time.

And lastly, I’m a heavy flex. I play every role nowadays, and am really just here because I like the game, and every hero. Not to be the best. I can argue for any hero being good, I’m not some hardcore tryhard like you. You do you, and I’ll do me. Capiche?

Don’t make me put on my Hawaiian shirt, sandals with socks, and some running shorts and tell you guys to get off my lawn.

Keep it civil, or cease posting. Slinging each other through the mud serves 0 purpose in this, or any other thread.

Opinions are fine, direct attacks towards someones character is not. You have your own opinions, they differ, agree to disagree and move on.

In other words, behave like adults.

This has been a public service announcement. Please, be kind to one another. Join the Brigitte Spaghetti Movement and help the forums be a better place!


I am most definitely in support of your cause, but just for clarification…

I never meant being a hardcore tryhard was a bad thing, per say. I just meant it was a lifestyle choice that I don’t usually take part in. I just got out of a 5v6 offensive victory after all…


That is exactly what I did!

I’m mostly civil towards other people, but if they throw crap at me, I don’t back down. Especially calling me names out of the blue. BUT at the same time, if they want to reconcile, I’m almost always up for that too. Case by case.

The only time I ever start off with sass is if it’s the 100th time I’m teaching someone about why so and so isn’t broken/unbalanced/underpowered etc.

As far as I’m concerned, you can use your $30-$40 however you see fit, you did buy the game after all. If you want to one trick, do it. If you want to flex, do it. If you want to attempt to help people by hitting them upside the head with the common sense bat, by all means, educate away with the wooden stick of enlightenment.

Just do it in a respectful manner.

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with having a debate, in fact I advocate it. Once a conversation devolves into chest thumping and name calling however, progress is no longer being made, and it invites a forum moderator to completely shut the thread down. This causes a case of “a few ruining it for the many” and that, in my humble opinion, is unacceptable.


A team with Symmetra on it outside of OWL/Contenders is a team attemtping a 5v6 effectively.

The turrets contribute nothing as they are easily dispatched, and the orbs are less effective junkrat nades in many senses of the word “less”.

Last one, with pleasure. I’m not gonna start hitting random people on the street and start teaching them how to play Symm, but if someone complains about 180 max DPS being “Abysmal” then I’m gonna come down hard on them.

Heh heh heh… ha ha ha… HA HA HA HA HAAAAH!! :rofl:


Looks like you haven’t seen a Symm 3.0 main before. Cuz they will DISMANTLE any comp if you give them the chance.

5v6… ha ha! Good stuff… wipes away tears