😡 Why Sanjay (Symmetra 3.0) is Not Symmetra and Why You Should be Angry

xD I can see why that would seem to be a good comparison, but statistically she’s doing exactly the same, if not worse. :’(

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ugh? I dunno… you tell me!
What is up with “my picture”? Whatever that means!? :confused:

But she can be buffed a lot easier now with simple number tweaks, and if her low pickrate continues I’m sure they’ll come eventually.

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It… Appeared to be a custom image

Looking at how long it takes Blizzard to do any “tweaking” I would say we are looking at a 1 - 1.5 years before we really get anywhere.

A 63% winrate would mean she is absolutely OP, though, so I don’t know why you people are hanging onto this percentage. If we take the winrate at face value, it means that she is, by large, absolutely OP and needs to be balanced. A balanced hero would have roughly 50% winrate…

Emphasis on eventually.

There is a reason for the historic high Symmetra win rate, and that reason is also why many of her advocates doubt the current figures.

Oh… it’s one of the player Icon. I chose it a while ago.
Now it never change… It’s a bit strange…
It’s Diablo inspired btw! :wink: It’s in Overwatch “the dark wanderer”

Seems, in hindsight, that you were completely wrong here wouldn’t you say?


I’ve been saying since forever that Symmetra is actually closer to being OP than underpowered, which is the major reason why I’m baffled when people consider her a troll pick simply because she isn’t picked in pro matches.

I mean, when you add to the winrates the fact that every time you pick Symmetra, there is a random chance that someone in your team will tilt and/or throw before the match even starts, makes the number even more impressive, and makes you wonder how high it would be if the community were more accepting of her presence.

That’s also why I think Sym3 is still a strong hero, but also consider the rework a nerf.

And definitely, why I think the best approach to deal with Sym biggest problem (ie, community issues), is to first making official videos showcasing the strengths and weaknesses of each hero, including the situations you should use the hero and swap off the hero. Kinda like HotS Hero Spotlight, and second actually punishing false reports like they say they should be doing.


I think an easy way to fix the Symmetra perception is to give her a buff thay makes her silly-overpowered for a little while, like 250 hp as some suggest. Then, in a month when she’s meta, revert/scale it back.

It worked for Hanzo.

Also, just make everyone bind their interact key.


I like new Symm. The flow of Symm 2.0 and Symm 3.0 is very similar. My winrates never went down and now she’s not seen as a throw on attack so rework was a success

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Yep, I’ve said the same thing. I call it “The Hanzo Treatment”.

I guess it could be called “The Brigitte Treatment” as well…


No, I mean.

It was a cartoon head with sonic spikes or something? It’s really weird, but gone now.

Woa, strange indeed…

but symmetra is still symmetra

ok sorry for ruining it lol

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Symmetra as we can see after a couple months after her rework is… drum roll please… much much much worse. This hero that many of the old symmetra mains used to love and adore has been reworked into this unfun and even more “troll pick” than what she used to be. You get harassed even more now because of how bad of a hero she has become. The old loveable parts about her kit have been cast aside to cater to the “eSPorT REadY” pro gamers, who constantly whined about how “bad” she was.


Exactly, it sucks…

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She is NOT worse than before, are you kidding me? No.

I’d like more changes to make her better but her current state is better than before.