😡 Why Sanjay (Symmetra 3.0) is Not Symmetra and Why You Should be Angry

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I actually mained lucio in comp back when that rework came in. And it still “felt” like lucio to me you just had to stay a lot closer. Same with mercy altho I still say huge rez is better then valk any day. Same for hog he just felt weaker till they figured it out. Only one I can’t really speak on is d.va because they couldn’t figure out how they wanted her to play so I gave up trying to learn her properly. And the dva changes are a far cry from this sym rework. Thus is the first rework where they out right deleted everything about a characters playstyle. And no sir I don’t like it.

P.s. not saying this kit is inherently bad it’s just not sym at all to me.


Um no. by my logic mccree and soldier are different because one has a pistol and one has a machine gun. like did you read this or knee jerk? also in what way is Symmetra’s secondary fire anything like zaryas. Linear vs arc, ability to charge vs charged by other ability (aka actual damage choice is stagnant), ability to rapid fire vs always slow. Like the only thing they have in common is they both do explosion damage. Like literally junkrats primary is closer to zaryas alt than Symmetra’s alt. Are you saying that mercy didnt have to relearn how to use res from when it was an ult. you clearly didnt play her much then. And again i will refer to other mobas (if you dont think ow is a first person moba, you’re lying). In lol, this is childs play for a rework. Characters have had more drastic changes to them than this, but if everyone that played those characters whined and started calling them by different names to fill a deep seated desire to not swallow the pill “If she has the same assets, and the same general abilities, its the same character no matter how much you don’t like it.”, you would probably have the forums crash.

It’s the fact that Symmetra had a drastic change that is the issue. I’m sure there are people doing okay or fine with the changes. Maybe even great. Though to be honest I’m seeing Symmetra being played a lot less than when she was first in the game, which was less than when they changed her slightly.
Those of us that played Symmertra from the start are having a sever problem with these changes. Things you could do, you can not do any more. So for those that mained Symmetra or one tricked her, no longer have a character to play now.
This applies to anyone that mains or one tricks anyone. Take that character and give them a whole new kit, firing, and damage mechanics. It’s a new character now regardless. You have to relearn the character from the ground up or find some other character. This is a total blow for anyone that has placed lots of hours into them and hardly any in others. It is unfair to expect people to have people deal with no longer being able to play a character. If changes were made little by little, than perhaps people could have the ability to adapt over time, but this was and is ludicrous. Even if changes were done slowly you’d still have people finding her unplayable. Again, lots of things you could do as needed, you can’t do now.


Idk. Symmetra is less frustrating now…

That depends on the player. There was another person on the forums who created an account on the forums specifically to complain about the new turrets, stating that they are overpowered, kill them every single time one is in range, and that they have potato reflexes.

Okay, maybe they didn’t put it exactly that way, but my ability to discern the particular brand of sodium in his tears, tells me it’s true.

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I’m not certain on OP with the sentries. I find 1 - 2 of them weak against enemies. I’ve been zapped by 1 and 2 of them and didn’t really feel phased. 3… omg now that is brutal if 3 hit one target.

Personally I’ve always laughed at the sentries causing issues. They do cause a nuisance for sure since you do have to stop and deal with them. Always had to. The split second look away from what is going on can be an issue by itself, but I thought that was the purpose of the sentries. Plus that the more hit you the more damage you take.

I can’t say these new sentries are op or not, but I can say I strongly miss the lack of map control that these three give me vs the old six.

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I didn’t main or one trick sym but she was my favorite to play on the few maps I used her.
I hate this rework it feels like they deleted her. So it is not just mains and one tricks who dislike it. Just some of the people who fell in love with her.


I loved the old Symmetra on Defense. Her rework has turned her into a generic pile of trash. Very unhappy with the changes. Give players some variety and screw the cry babies.

Idea: Give people the option of ‘Support’ Sym or ‘Defense’ Sym. Then we can have our cake and eat it too


What I can tell you about these new turrets is. You can’t ignore one because they do enough damage. If Sym can plant one right behind a Bastion for example and she’s going for him (like I do since he has the power to kill just about anyone), Bastion will go down. They are a nuisance yes, but they will pick off anyone at 100 or lower health. Especially under constant fire.

For this thread.

I agree, but I’m also curious how people are going to react to Sym 3.0 in comp. I don’t see her being much of a threat, but unlike before she now has to heavily rely on teammates more than before. She’s no threat to flankers anymore. Simply because of her beam and she can’t throw shields anymore (which I miss completely). Her new teleporter is practically useless IMO. It’s gimmicky, and gets destroyed really fast.

If I had to change anything about her, I’d get rid of the teleporter and bring back her photon barriers and make her giant wall give shield to allies and/or cause minor damage to enemies from touching it (I’d be okay with 10 damage a second from standing in it).


New Symmetra is dead hero…

Dead? New Symmetra is amazing. I actually don’t get flamed for choosing her now.

Most likely that has nothing to do with them liking her, and everything to do with endorsements being in the game now.

Instead of flaming people, now the toxic OW community false reports more than ever before.

you are wrong. lolol

Symm isn’t the best - she’s outperformed by most every other DPS, including current Torbjorn - nothing incorrect about that

Symmetra is the best - she outperforms most every other DPS, including Torbjorn - nothing incorrect about that.

:joy: I appreciate a (probably fellow) Symm main’s sense of humor.

Obviously in the perfect scenarios, Symm is hard to deal with.

But that was true before! And it was a lot more fun, despite being significantly more clunky to pilot.

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Looking back at it now. I’m not sure if she’s even better now…

Wait, what the hell is up with your picture?

So is this basically the Overwatch version of #notmypresident ?

Because I’m fairly sure Sym is better now than she was. Despite pickrates. There’s actually scenarios in which my team uses her now.

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