Why Mercy Should be Reverted

I think Titanium was trying to say they played her at higher ranks before the revert too in their original response.

Also, they were trying to put through a balance suggestion that may work to buff her into balance if she was reverted.

Maybe this clears things up?

I think if she gets reverted an E could help but what would it be than?

I’m well aware.

Actually, I don’t even think that was the case. The meta, as I recall, was Lucio/Zenyatta prior to Ana’s introduction.


Are you asking for a single solidified idea, or are you asking for a multitude of varying ideas?

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Well more options never hurt anyone but what what do you think would be best from those options if you have multiple and why? EDIT: will read it later found out its almost 4 and have to work in 4 hours :stuck_out_tongue:

You’ll need to do some reading then. :sweat_smile:

The “solidified” idea I was referring to is the one I posted in this thread. I refer to it as the “most solidified one” because it was the most-approved choice among the people who participated in The Drawing Board; a Google Document created and shared among about 40 Mercy mains to come up with and discuss ideas to create our ideal Mercy rework. After about a two-month period of adding and criticizing ideas, we brought it down to a vote, and in the basic ability section, this idea was the one that we collectively decided was the best.

To post it here…

"New Basic Ability - Pacify:

  • After a .5 second wind-up, Mercy launches a single hitscan attack from her left hand.
  • The projectile’s hitbox size resembles that of Symmetra’s secondary fire.
  • The projectile deals no damage upon impact with an enemy. Instead, it applies a debuff that reduces the base damage dealt by the target by 33%. 100 damage is reduced to 67 damage before other damage amplifiers/reductions are factored in.
  • This debuff lasts for 4 seconds.
  • The projectile does not persist once it hits an enemy. It is only able to affect one enemy for each use.
  • The projectile is blocked by barriers, Defense Matrix, and Particle Barriers. It can be deflected by Genji’s Deflect ability.
  • 10 second cooldown. The cooldown begins after the ability is cast.
  • There is a .25 second wind-down time after Pacify is launched.
  • During the wind-up and wind-down times, Mercy is not able to use her staff, her pistol, or Resurrect. She may use Guardian Angel, however.
  • Does not affect non-player entities and constructs (turrets, Rip-Tire, Supercharger, etc).

This ability came with some concept art:

This ability functions similarly to Ana’s Sleep Dart in its cast, but the projectiles and effects are very different. Because Mercy is supposed to have a low skill floor, the hitscan weapon type and large hitbox make the ability mechanically forgiving. As a result, Pacify’s 33% damage decrease for 4 seconds is less effective than Sleep Dart’s disable for up to 5.5 seconds.

That said, Pacify still has a lot of playmaking potential when mastered. For example, when used on a target that has been Nano-Boosted or Supercharged, the damage increase that Nano-Boost/Supercharger has on that target is completely negated for the next 4 seconds (100 DPS -%33 = 67 DPS + 50% = 100 DPS).

Pacify also drops Widowmaker, Hanzo, and Pharah’s weapon damage below the 2-shot (body shot) range for 200 HP heroes. If used at the right time, it can potentially save an ally’s life."

While I fully support the above ability proposal (which wasn’t my idea, I should note), I personally would like to see a cleanse ability or a form of anti-CC added to Mercy’s kit as a basic ability. We have an abundance of CC in the game right now, and only 3 abilities total (two of which can only be cast on themselves) that can reliably protect against CC. A cleanse or anti-CC would fit Mercy well, and it could provide some relief from some of the abilities that players hate being affected by.

Personally, I would like the cleanse/anti-CC to have either a mechanical skill requirement to it, even if small, or I would like it to require a level of prediction to use it effectively. I don’t want it to be simply a reactive auto-target ability.

Some other ideas I’ve seen thrown around that I could get behind are a single-target burst heal, a fire-and-forget heal over time, a modification to the functionality of Mercy’s beams and pistol (would require pros and cons for each version to prevent one from being better in nearly all situations), and a reduction to the damage taken by an ally. Some of these ideas can be crossed to create hybrids.


I dont think so, as a big Zen player in the beginning i remember how not meta he was :stuck_out_tongue: everyone called him useless back in the days. It was 100 percent Lucio/Mercy.

Because people love the characters. If your favorite character became not impactful or boring, would you not try to suggest changes too? Sure, you can play other heros, but why should people abandon their favorite character when their favorite character became not impactful and boring.

I see where you are going with the “play other hero”. Like personally, I don’t find playing main tank impactful or enjoyable, so I play other characters, like you suggested. But main tanks are not my favorite heros.

On the contrary, I like playing Ana, and when she got nerfed to the ground, she was quite useless especially during the mercy meta. I played other heros during that many months, but I still wanted blizzard to change/buff Ana so that she is playable again.

I 100% back you on this decision. I use to have a HUGE list of friends on this game. They were ALL mercy players. After the Mass rez removal. That list is TINY now. regardless of whether it was “balance” or not. I am for the revert.

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its not effective anyway, plus it’s YOUR fault DPS for not killing the mercy during or even before the fight broke out. also YOUR fault if you used every single ult instead of saving one to undo mercy’s actions

Does the ability do some damage too or is simply a debuff?

Very much just your opinion. The ‘we’ in there doesn’t include me and other people who play Mercy as a hero not a self insert. So while you’re allowed to voice your opinions, I am also entitled to disagree with your ‘opinions’.

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Nice. I really like how it’s always the DPS fault for not ‘just killing’ stuff. Having no idea that killing someone intentionally avoiding death is hard, and that killing a backline isn’t just the DPS’s responsibility but also the tank’s job to open up space to do so. But yeah, of course you wouldn’t care about specifics when its much easier to just think about yourself pressing Q for the false illusion of being impactful the easy way.

Every single Mercy one trick supporting Mass Ress has zero freaking idea how the game actually works; how to make space and how DPS can operate as a result. It’s just ‘stick together so I can heal you’, ‘die so I can ress you’, and ‘just kill, if you fail to do you suck’. Meanwhile becoming a total paperweight when forced on other positions. And then they dare to talk about gamesense. Ironic.

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I know you disagree with facts – like the devs outright, explicitly saying mass res isn’t coming back-- but it’s time to accept reality: “Mass Res is never coming back. STOP.”

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I understand and sympathize with that position, however ultimately, if you don’t enjoy a hero’s kit because you don’t feel impactful – even when you are – then stop playing her. Stop with the stupid signatures and movements and actually talk about constructive ideas on how to fix the heroes in a way the devs would agree with thus being viable.

Also, the mercy community is constantly shooting themselves in the foot by how they interact with others in the community – especially their persistent “this buff sucks” IMMEDIATELY whenever a balance change buff is introduced. That’s why Blizzard made that mercy parody video and Papa Jeff said, in a word, the mercy community is very “passionate.”

It’s really hard to take mercy mains seriously when they go out of their way to make their entire community look bad. Have you ever read /r/mercymains? That’s the quintessential example of why it’s difficult to take any mercy complaints seriously.

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Which is completely irrelevant. Also, I can’t for the life of me understand why Mercy would not be appreciated by her team mates, unless the person playing Mercy was garbage, but that has nothing to do with either the hero, or its design.

Erm, no? You fighting an enemy does not have to be fun. In fact, it’s almost guaranteed to not be fun.

The problem with this statement, is that this has little to do with the problem Mercy had, which is that people didn’t like having to think ahead and strategize in a team-based shooter.

McCree with 200 headshot damage would be stupidly OP (just like Mercy 2.0). Whereas Mass Rez was never OP, and never made Mercy any better than D-tier. This is a pretty bad comparison.

Again, this is irrelevant.


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I’m not a Mercy main and I liked Mass Rez far more than what we’ve got now.


I wouldn’t say so…
(R.I.P. Moira Eating Popcorn)

Nope. these brig nerfs got the forums in full on meltdown mode.

Oh, riiight… These
(Moira shall live on!)