Why is Symmetra always in the bottom, forgotten?

Please. Its not the Symm mains job to fight for Junkrat changes. Theres plenty of Junkrat posts, youre free to browse them.

Instead of saying “Don’t complain because Junkrat has it worse” perhaps you should show concern that multiple heroes are being ignored.


Because shes a builder. Builders will never become meta in an FPS when you can be way more effective as tracer. Thats the issue with builders. There is no middle ground. They are either niche picks, or out right broken.

she deserves to be love…

This thread hasn’t aged well. Someone was stupid enough to call the devs racist & sexist for not buffing Sym, and whatya know, they’re buffing Sym lmao.

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To be fair it took them what 8? months to correct the damage numbers stated in practically every Symmetra thread proving they don’t read them very often if at all.

People are frustrated that they feel ignored and as such they are trying to come up with reasons to explain why.

I am very happy they are buffing her but I would be even happier if I felt like they were listening more often than once every 8-9 months which also happens to be how long it took for Symmetra 2.0 to get an easily noticeable bug to get fixed from her 2.0 release.


Well, technically, she was a must pick back in beta.

Is it really what it takes for devs to do stuff?


Basically every PTR update.

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Hug my Sym mains when I see their cries. She does deserve better. I miss 1.0 and 2.0 gameplay when it was challenging for me just getting so up close and personal hoping to survive the ordeal of auto beam. My turret trap and sneak teleport ult. Back then a good Sym meant something more than 3.0.

3.0 is just a bandwagon version.


i would really love it so much if they increased tp speed and the radius and let it always spawn in front of ur feet. i feel like sym 3.0 is more of a flanker hero that tries to assassinate squishy heros with her turrent tp combo but other then that she feels too sluggish… mby some day they’ll buff tp with sym 4.0 :frowning:

She does deserve better. Buff today was a start tho

You won’t get far arguing with the Sym mains here tbh. I had one the other day say that they could feel a difference in the level 3 nerf because they couldnt kill a Rein at level 3 while Rein was being pocketed by Ana.

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You don’t always have to TP bomb. Just teleporting turrets is her bread and butter in general. 1 makes her level 1 beam 115dps, her orbs 170dps. Two turns her orb into a oneshot with squishies, and exactly two can be throw at TP’s base while it’s building that will be immediately active once they teleport much like a turret bomb, so the motion is quicker and less risky.

I believe her bots skill is now in its rightful place thanks to Blizzard.

Her ultimate is really useful in team fights too, force enemies to either pass the line and risk close-quarters or retreat.

But her teleportation ability is mostly useless and has no use.
What, like skipping some meters while getting back to point for 2 seconds quicker and can only be used outside of combat ?

Her changes regarding main weapon also intrigue me, it doesnt do her any good if any much. Especially to her light ball (alternative one), passing through barriers was a powerful property of it, now its basically a giant Pharah rocket with extremely long charge time.

Relevant or not, it still disproves your point of her never being meta.

Not an excuse for leaving her current state just as it is.

At least Sym has a great winrate at basically every rank.

Symmetra has great synergy with Baptiste, and he is highly likely going to be an integral part of the next meta, so we’ll just have to wait and see if Symm will be a part of that too.

Im gonna tell u a little secret.
Baptiste is gonna be good with everybody cause of his E so not the case.
Also saying that is just as dumb as saying that Ashe is a buff to Mercy.

Brigitte was not a nerf to Tracer.